Could Interface Get In The Way Of An App Submission Being Approved By Apple? [Case Study]

When it comes to what apps make their way into the iTunes App Store, Apple’s policies are rather ambiguous, at best. Developer forums across the internet are riddled with complaints of app rejections, despite a lot of otherwise-similar submissions making it past the Cupertino giant’s scrutiny. There have been fiascos like the infamous I Am Rich app, an insanely-expensive and ridiculous app that just splashed a fancy icon on your device’s screen, telling the world that you’re rich (the app was priced at a mind-boggling $1,000!), and had no other function or use whatsoever. Then, a simply Google search for App Store rejections would provide you enough tips on what to do and what not, to get your app past Apple’s strict and inconsistent regulations. This article, however, is neither aimed at making you an app submission champion, nor will it point out the flaws in Apple’s policies. This here is a case study into a certain variety of apps that got approved after several rejections, which our friends over at Sparkling Apps were kind enough to share with us, and anyone who’d benefit from this knowledge. Read More

Enjoy Clutter-Free Reading On The Web With InstaRead [Chrome, Firefox]

For someone who regularly reads online, be it articles, blogs, news websites, or even Wikipedia, chances are slim that Instapaper would be an unfamiliar name. The remarkable service goes a great distance to make your online reading experience enjoyable and smooth, removing all the clutter (ads, buttons, sidebars et all) and giving a customizable text and image view that goes easy on the reader's eyes. Instapaper offers a bookmarklet to achieve said purpose with ease, but if you are a user of Chrome or Firefox, InstaRead is perhaps a more convenient option. It's a browser extension/add-on that is built around the Instapaper bookmarklet, and enables its reading mode with just a click, making online reading much easier than it would've been otherwise. Furthermore, you may also customize the background color, font size and other attributes to your liking. Read More

Friendsheet: View Facebook Photos With Comments & Captions In A Panel-Like Interface [Web]

Friendsheet, a brand new web application, displays Facebook photos in compact panels, just like popular social bookmarking site Pinterest. According to the developer, Friendsheet was inspired by the Facebook Timeline. The app works by retrieving all Facebook photos and displaying them in a visually appealing interface. The site works smoothly with speed and great performance. Each photo is displayed with captions and comments, so you can easily view details for each album and photo. Moreover, Friendsheet settings allow you to hide photo captions and comments for a more visual experience. Furthermore, users can comment, like, and search friend’s photos, and upload their own right from within Friendsheet. Read More

Zwiggo: A Collaboration Platform That Allows Easy Sharing [Web]

Want to collaborate with your friends, or want their opinion about a specific topic? Brand new Zwiggo, a web app, is an online sharing and collaborating platform that makes sharing all kinds of content extremely easy. It only requires a quick and easy sign up and is completely free. Just add a space, give it a name and invite friends to your space. Furthermore, you can make the space visible to public or only to some members. Apps are added to each space based on the functionality users want, such as an app for images will be added if your space is all about photo sharing. You can also use Zwiggo to plan trips, and ask for opinions on books and other topics. It has a whole lot to offer, and provides users with a very interactive experience. Read More

Asana Allows Free Project Management And Collaboration [Web]

Are you looking for a service that can help you organize and track your projects? Or do you need a service that can help you stay connected with your team members at all times? Asana is a brand new web app for project management that lets you assign tasks to team members, set due dates and check comments on each task. It features a slick interface that allows easy navigation on the website. You can also set tags so you may find information about tasks easily. Furthermore, you can add details to each task, such as due dates, notes, attachments and assignees. Read More

ReaderSharer Restores Sharing Options For New Google Reader [Chrome]

The revamped design of Google Reader is now considerably different compared to the classic look, and does not allow you to share like before. Anything that you share is now going to happen via a +1 to Google+. Yesterday, we covered a stylesheet fix for Google Reader that addressed the spacing issue, but if you want the old sharing options back, check out ReaderSharer. It is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to view your shared items and those from the people you follow. It will also display whether an item has been shared or not. Additionally, it, too, reverts the new fonts and spacing of feeds, providing a more all-in-one-package of sorts. Read More

UnitedStyles: Design Stunning Outfits & Get Doorstep Delivery [Web]

Are you tired of searching stores for a stunning outfit with the perfect fit? You no longer need to make those unending shopping trips to different stores, trying to find the right dress. UnitedStyles is here to help you follow the latest trends and look beautiful. This web app, with its amazing interface, lets you customize your clothes, allowing you to become your very own fashion designer and tailor. UnitedStyles will make you look and feel great, without having to spend exorbitant amounts on expensive outfits that you aren't even sure how they'll look on you. Using this app, you create and buy your own, totally unique, clothing, all at a very attractive price. You can create clothes with different styles, necklines, sleeves and prints, preview them in 3D, and have them delivered to your doorstep. Read More

Preme For Windows 7 Brings Awesome Enhancements

Windows 7 is beyond question a great operating system, and the ease of use it brings over the previous Microsoft offerings is far superior to its competitors. Still, what if life with Windows 7 could be made even easier? What if mouse gestures could be used to bring more fluidity to how you perform your tasks with the OS? Read More