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Friendsheet: View Facebook Photos With Comments & Captions In A Panel-Like Interface [Web]

Friendsheet, a brand new web application, displays Facebook photos in compact panels, just like popular social bookmarking site Pinterest. According to the developer, Friendsheet was inspired by the Facebook Timeline. The app works by retrieving all Facebook photos and displaying them in a visually appealing interface. The site works smoothly with speed and great performance. Each photo is displayed with captions and comments, so you can easily view details for each album and photo. Moreover, Friendsheet settings allow you to hide photo captions and comments for a more visual experience. Furthermore, users can comment, like, and search friend’s photos, and upload their own right from within Friendsheet.

In order to start using Friendsheet, you will have to login using Facebook and then grant permissions to the app. Once done, you will be able to browse all your friends’ photos in slick and neat interface. On the homepage, you will find five basic options at the top of the page, including Home, Albums, Add, Settings and Help. You will also find a Search Friends bar at the top of the page, which you can use to search photos and albums of particular friends. Users can conveniently like, share and comment on photos and albums. In addition to that, the service allows endless scrolling, so you load new photos on the homepage by scrolling to the bottom of the page.


friendsheet Home

The Albums category allows you to view the entire collection of your albums on Facebook, along with all the photos in each one. Photos are displayed in a panel-like interface, with each photo having comments, likes and captions.


The Settings category allows you to enable the Hide Captions, Hide Comments and Hide Fan Pages options, but users should note that the captions and comments will still show when the photos are zoomed in.


Friendsheet allows you to view Facebook photos in a very unique and interesting way, and the web app definitely deserves a try. Visit the link below and let us know what you think about it.

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