How To Prevent Windows 8 Account Users From Changing Internet Settings [Tip]

Like previous versions of Windows, Windows 8 allows user account holders to customize their Personalzation settings according to their requirements. Although these settings are locally saved in each user profile's folder, there are some system-wide level settings, such as Internet Settings, which can be changed by any user who belongs to the 'Administrators' or 'Users' account groups. This means that if one users changes the default DHCP settings (including primary & alternate DNS server address), default gateway or Local IP of the PC, it will be changed for other user account holders as well. If you are the computer administrator, you can easily prevent other users from modifying the Internet Settings using the Local Group Policy Editor. In what follows, we will guide you through the process of restricting users from accessing Internet Settings in Windows 8.Read More

InternetOff Automatically Disables Internet On Your PC After A Defined Time

Using the internet can be distracting sometimes. While doing offline work, you open the browser for one link, and the next thing you know, an hour has been wasted on YouTube videos. If you are writing a paper or trying to finish up a project for work, going to the internet for just one minute can cause you to lose concentration and waste a lot of time. Constant updates and feed alerts from social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter can add to the distraction, and make you miss the deadline for finishing your work. In such a case, some kind of external stimulus is required to remind us to stop wasting time on the internet and get back to work. Today, we have a utility for Windows that provides you with just that. InternetOff is an application that allows you to turn internet access on for a limited interval of time, after which it is automatically disabled. Read on to find out more about InternetOff.Read More

Hulbee Desktop: Hard Drive & Internet Search With Word Cloud Support

Being able to quickly get to what you need saves a lot of time and allows you to concentrate more on the work at hand. Previously, we have covered some very useful tools to quickly search through files and folders by defining certain criteria and specifying parameters, such as UltraFileSearch, LookDisk and SearchMyFiles. Today, we have another searching utility, called Hulbee Desktop, that indexes your hard drive items, automatically generates a word cloud related to your searches and provides you with options to search for type-specific files, along with location, data and size parameters. The application allows you to search for items within your hard drive and on the internet from the same interface.Read More

Cyber-D’s AutoReboot: Reboot System When Internet Connection Is Lost

Most servers require an internet connection, and some are heavily reliant on a stable internet connection, such as internet hotspots, Kiosk computers and the like. When the drivers of a network adapter crash, or the DHCP may fail to provide an IP address, a computer may require some manual configurations, such as releasing an APIPA, or resetting the network adapter. This can be quite an issue when managing several kiosk (public) computers or servers. Since many systems are present in data centers, which can be located in remote locations or are difficult to move around, it is more convenient to remotely work on them.In order to check network related issues, some network administrators use applications like Ping Plotter to see if a system is online on the network. However, despite being connected to the network, a system can loose internet connectivity. A simple alternative to manual monitoring can be to simply reboot a computer, so that all settings are refreshed, and the system remains connected to the internet. Cyber-D’s AutoReboot is a simple application that allows you to automatically restart a computer when it is no longer connected to the internet, or when the internet connection gets disabled.Read More

How To Prevent Windows 7 Local Account Users From Changing Internet Settings

You may know that Windows 7 comes with an enhanced UAC (User Account Control) feature that regulates the access to user account profile folders, allowing local account holders to seperately save their application settings, files and library folders, including Music, Documents, Videos, Pictures, etc. It doesn’t provide a convenient option to prevent local account holders from enforcing Windows 7 system-wide settings. For example, local user accounts, including standard account, can change the default screen resolution, modify DHCP settings (including primary & alternate DNS server address), default gateway and PC local IP. Many times, it happens that local account users change the DHCP settings while diagnosing internet connectivity issues, and modify the correct gateway, IP address and DNS server address. If you hold an administrator account on your home PC, you can prevent others from changing these settings. This post shows a simple way to prevent others from accessing internet/network configuration settings.Read More

Boost Your Internet Connection Speed With Auslogics Internet Optimizer

Many users find it hard to understand the necessary settings to optimize their internet connection speed. This is particularly true for novice users and people with little knowledge of networking concepts. Auslogics Internet Optimizer is a comprehensive internet connection optimization tweak, which makes it easy to optimize your internet connection. It works in two modes, i.e., the Auto Optimization and the Manual Optimization mode, the latter of which has been designed to give a chance to advanced users for manually tweaking their internet connection. The Auto Optimization feature, however, is meant for novice users.Read More

Pulse: Discover And Listen To Electronic, Techno & House Music [Web]

Addicted to electronic, techno or house music, and bored of listening to the same old tracks? Pulse, an online radio, offers users with endless hours of electronic, dance, techno and house music mixes. This web app has a massive collection of mix tapes, channels, reviews, galleries and more. Interested in finding out more about your favorite DJs? Pulse offers you their biographies, too, along with other interesting information. You can go back and forth from one genre to the other, and skip through unlimited mixtapes. Pulse does not have the usual songs on its list; it offers some thing unique, featuring artists and songs that you may never even have heard of before. Pulse brings music from all over the world, from different people and cultures.Read More

FindTheBest: Compare Products & Services, Make Better Decisions [Web]

Informed decisions are usually the best ones. When shopping, comparing multiple items of the same category can help a lot in buying the right product for the best price. The caveat is, using the internet to compare products and services can be real tiresome, as most sources of right information are scattered, and sometimes, this much information might be overwhelming. FindThebest is a web app offering a comparison engine that gathers data from different sources, and lets you browse or search products in various categories, ranging from electronics and health care to the best cities to live in, or almost anything.Read More

Limit What Your Kids Can Access Online & Monitor Their Activity

The internet can be a dangerous place; you have your phishing scams, your credit card theft, big name services that get hacked, and more. If you look at it from a minor's perspective, the internet becomes all the more dangerous with a need to monitor what content kids have access to becoming all the more apparent. Qustodio is a parental control application to easily block and keep track of your kids' online activities. It lets you create separate profile for each kid, define different web surfing categories and time usage limitations for different profiles. With Qustodio, you can monitor your child’s social networking activities as well as control their online access, receive notifications about suspicious websites visits and lock internet or computer usage once they reach set time limits.Read More

DirecTransFile – Transfer Files From Desktop Between PCs Over Internet

What would be the best way to transfer files from one PC to another over internet? You’d probably say by using numerous cloud based services which allow one to save and share data online with others, by using P2P file sharing services to directly transfer the file, or by attaching files with email and send it to recipient. But how about transferring files from one system to another directly from desktop? DirecTransFile is a miniscule yet extremely handy portable application which enables user to upload and download files directly from their desktops. As far as security is concerned, it doesn’t involve any encryption operations but provides a small downloading code to secure data from prying eye. You just have to share that generated code with the recipient. After entering it, the recipient can start downloading files.Read More

Automatically Change Proxy Settings With Proxy Switcher

Most offices are secured by firewalls which require elaborate proxy settings to use the corporate internet connection. This creates a problem for many users who take their laptops to office and later find it hard to undo the proxy settings to use the internet when they come back home. Proxy Switcher is an effective application to undo or apply such proxy settings  over all the browsers from the system tray via a simple click.Read More

Complete Internet Repair Resolves Common Connection Issues

There are many instances when your internet connection stops responding or simply does not work due to some unidentifiable reasons. Finding out problems with internet connection is tedious and rather a nuisance, as you have to look up for IP conflicts, DHCP settings, ping supplied DNS servers, manually flush DNS, check hosts file for any sort of in-discrepancies. Wouldn’t it be great if you have a tool which is capable to lookup for problems and resolve all of them with single click? Rizone Complete Internet Repair does exactly that. As the name implies, it claims to be a solution for all possible internet connection related problems. It comes with an error-logging feature, which will greatly help you in restoring the connection back with normal settings.Read More

How To Setup Your Own Wireless Internet At Home

In the last few years wireless internet has become a necessity for most users rather than a luxury. Although there are many wireless internet packages and devices available from numerous ISPs, yet due to signal constraints it can be difficult to acquire a decent wireless connection in some areas. Users in such scenarios have no option but to rely on ADSL connections for using the internet. In such a case an ISP may or may not provide a package for getting a wireless router installed at your premises. Many a times such packages can be more expensive than simply buying your own wireless router. In this post I will tell you how to configure your own wireless internet in order to make your ADSL connection available for wireless usage.Read More

Tron Legacy, Science Fiction Becoming Scientific Fact! [Discuss]

It has been nearly three decades since Jeff Bridges played the protagonist hacker Kevin Flynn who attempts to hack into the ENCOM mainframe only to end up being transported into the digital world itself. As the sequel to this cult classic hits the cinemas, we look into the possibility of the science involved behind the idea of Tron and Tron Legacy in the wake of modern technology. We shall discuss the efforts of  scientists who are working to explore the opportunity to export human consciousness and how this science fiction is fast becoming a scientific fact.Read More

Monitor And Troubleshoot Faulty Cable Modem Internet Connection

If your cable modem connection is causing problems for you, or you’re facing regular disconnections, packet losses or any other abnormal activity, then CMWatcher is what you need to troubleshoot the problem. It is a lightweight tool that runs in your PC’s system tray (Windows only) and allows you to quickly and easily monitor your cable modem and take screenshot records of any irregularity or abnormal activity. This can prove really helpful in diagnosing intermittent connection failure that may otherwise go unnoticed.Read More

Save Files From Browser’s Cache In Firefox

We know how internet browsers cache information from the internet to improve and speed up our browsing experience. The browser cache temporarily stores images, audio, video, text, JavaScript and various other parts of the webpage. This helps loading the page faster on revisit. Sometimes, it can be beneficial to have a look at this cache for some interesting stuff.Read More

POP Peeper Brings Easy Desktop Notifications, Handling For Webmail And POP/IMAP

Last week I reviewed an email notification tool, EmailTray, which has come a long way in its development, with now a sleek interface, well customization options and wide-ranged support for email providers. One of our readers, Ron, pointed to us another useful utility called POP Peeper, which is essentially an email notifier, running from the system tray, that keeps tabs on various IMAP and POP email and other services, including the likes of Yahoo!, AOL, Reddit etc. Let’s have a look at what this tool is all about.Read More

Improve Collaboration With Your Co-workers To Increase Productivity

With the advent of internet the world has indeed become a global village, and hence the importance of collaborative working tools has increased manifold. Development and implementation of technologies like cloud computing, instant file sharing, and tools like Google Docs are a clear example of how much importance is now being paid to tools that can allow users to work on the same tasks simultaneously. Similarly, advances in VoIP, free video conferencing, IM etc have also shown that communication channels need to kept open for being more productive.The SSuite Office applications have a plethora of useful applications, and their Communication Sidebar is no exception. This application basically adds a sidebar to your Windows desktop with two basic functions: video/audio conferencing and file sharing, both over internet and local area networks (LAN), although the tool is more optimized towards LAN operation.Read More

EmailTray Brings Desktop Notifications For Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, And More

A while back we reviewed a useful Outlook and WebMail plug-in, SenderOK. At that time the program merely worked as an extension and also did not support Outlook 2010. The developers have decided to take a leap further by changing the name to EmailTray and making it independent software that runs in the system tray. It’s main purposes is that of an email notifier, where it checks multiple accounts at the same time and notifies the user of new emails. However, now it does even more, sorting emails and having its own user interface.Read More