OftenType: Create Custom Keys To Enter Email, Phone Number, & Names [Paid]

As phones evolved, the generic keypad that we used to type texts was soon replaced. First by physical QWERTY keyboards, and then by on-screen keyboards that, as our phone screens grow bigger, make typing more comfortable. With the advent of on-screen keyboards and open systems like Android, newer ways to make typing easier were invented signaling the start of third-party keyboards. Developers created keyboards that had added features to make typing easier and OftenType is one excellent attempt at creating a keyboard that makes it easier to enter redundant information like your phone number or an address. It is a $1.99 iOS app (requires iOS 8.1 or above) that lets you can create custom keys for phone numbers, addresses, names, and more. A simple tap on the key will allow you to enter an email address or a street address without having to type it all out. Read More

3 Free GIF Keyboards For iOS 8

The GIFV project by Imgur and the introduction of a GIF maker to YouTube are both indicative of the growing popularity of GIFs. GIFs have also made an entry in a far more unlikley place; keyboards in iOS 8. Following the announcement that third-party keyboards would be allowed in iOS 8, developers set to creating something truly awesome for the platform; GIF keyboards. For those who are unfamiliar with what a GIF keyboard is, it is a collection of GIFs that you can insert in messages without leaving your texting app or messenger. Instead of letter keys, you have GIF thumbnails featuring both popular and obscure ones GIFs from the app's library. Here are three free GIF keyboards that you can download for iOS 8 now. Read More

How To Add/Remove Third-Party Keyboards In iOS 8

I should just use the same introductory sentence for these posts, since they are all just some variants of "iOS 8 is out, it has new features". So, iOS 8 is out, it has new features, like widgets and third-party keyboards. Not that there is anything wrong with the native keyboard, but sometimes one has to experiment with what else is out there, perhaps you might like a third-party over your cherished iOS 8 keyboard. Only one way to find out, install it (like SwiftKey) and see for yourself. Allow us to walk you through how to install third-party keyboards on iOS 8. Read More

Swiftkey Now Available In The App Store For iOS 8, Here’s Our Take [Review]

iOS 8 is here! Wait, we already said that in our last article. Okay, so let's start talking more and more about it. One of the biggest advances in iOS 8 are not at the cosmetic level, it is at the developer's end, which come back on a cosmetic level. Now the environment is a little more open and to that end, there will be support for custom keyboards (amongst other things, check out our review). Predictive text is the weapon of choice for the legend of Android SwiftKey which steps foot into the battleground of iOS, armed with swipe-to-type functionality. Read on to find out how it fared. Read More

SwipeExpander Assigns A Shortcut To Each Key On The Keyboard [Jailbreak]

Back in May, a Cydia tweak called SlideCut was released allowing you to add keyboard shortcuts to the on-screen keyboard on your iOS device. These shortcuts mimicked the ones we've all become accustomed to using on our desktop. The tweak itself is pretty good if you want just the usual keyboard shortcuts. If you want something more, then try  SwipeExpander. It's available in the BigBoss and Insanelyi repositories and it lets you assign a long list of actions to any key. It's also a great text expander; you can assign text to any key and when you swipe it, the text is entered. Swiping a key is how all shortcuts are triggered. Read More

KeyCuts: Erase Words, Letters, Add Full Stops & More With Swipe Gestures [Jailbreak]

iOS 8 will allow third party keyboards to be installed on your device which is great news and something people with jailbroken devices know the importance of. KeyCuts is yet another Cydia tweak that aims to make typing on iOS better but instead of changing what the keyboard does, it adds gestures that make typing easier. The tweak is available in the BigBoss repository and costs $0.99. By default, it lets you erase one letter by swiping up, jump to a new line by swiping down, delete the last word you just wrote by swiping left, and add a space and period by swiping right. In effect, it renders the backspace, enter, and space bar useless. It supports other functions that can be assigned to these four gestures. Read More

Set The iOS Keyboard To Change Color Based On The App You’re Using

A jailbroken iPhone always trumps its jailed counterparts, or at least that’s what I firmly believe in. You see, it’s never about piracy – it never was, in fact – and the sheer volume of modifications that you can make once you’ve shed the restrictions imposed by Apple makes the whole process worth it. Take AdaptiveKeyboard, for example, which is a recently-released jailbreak tweak that changes the iOS keyboard color to match the dominant color in the respective app’s icon, giving a cool aesthetic overhaul to the typing experience on the whole. Intrigued? Let’s see what you get with this package right after the jump. Read More

SwiftKey Comes To iOS In A Notes App That Syncs With Evernote

While Google is open to letting users replace even some core chunks of Android - the launcher, lock-screen, app switcher, phone app etc. - Apple is the complete opposite, believing its own rendition of these 'near'-core components to be simply the best for users, and assuming they do not even need to look for alternatives. For a long time, this has indeed remained true. From the year it was introduced up till a few months ago, the iOS' keyboard was widely accepted to be better than its Android and Windows Phone counterparts. More recently, however, things have changed. Android's stock keyboard has matured significantly, and third-party alternatives from SwiftKey, Nuance, and GO have really started to pick up their game. iOS does auto-correction, yes, but these latest Android keyboard comes with better auto-prediction, support for different typing styles, and integration with Facebook, Twitter, and your email for quickly looking at the words you regularly type and their sequence of input, and a whole lot more! Now after seeing so much success on Android, SwiftKey is interested in bringing their keyboard to iOS. They could not replace the stock keyboard throughout the OS, so they made their own notes app dubbed SwiftKey Note. Read More

Fleksy Keyboard For Android & iOS – An In-Depth Review

There has hardly ever been a mobile operating system that offered customization options as extensive as those supported by Android, with even the default keyboard being replaceable by simply installing a new one just like any other app. And over time, the ability to install and use third-party keyboard has also made its way to iOS. We have seen plenty of great third-party keyboard alternatives for both these operating systems in the past, ranging from famous names like Swype and SwiftKey to relatively lesser known ones such as the recently covered Q4 floating keyboard. Though if you aren't too big on Swype-like gesture-based typing, yet want to try something different from the stock keyboard that came with your phone, give Fleksy a go. At times misspelt as Flesky, it’s a keyboard that stands out with an eye-catching design, a powerful auto-correction engine, different layouts and themes, decent language support, handy gestures for quickly performing common actions, and even an invisible mode. In what follows, we will be going hands-on with this new keyboard that everyone has been talking about lately. Read More

Q4 Is A Resizable, Floating Android Keyboard With Tons Of Great Features

There’s no shortage of third-party alternative keyboards for Android, with Swype and SwiftKey being the first names that come to mind. In addition, there are other options like WORDWAVE and the gesture-based MyScript Stylus handwriting keyboard. However, as with any other genre, there’s still room for innovation considering we’re talking about a platform used by hundreds of millions of users. What makes Q4 Keyboard stand out from the rest is its resizable, floating layout that can be dragged to anywhere on the screen. The transparent background means you can easily see parts of what lies underneath the keys, and in addition, you can switch the layout to an intuitive four-key option, or even make it invisible altogether. The keyboard also supports an really handy prediction system that works quite well, thanks to the developer’s intelligent SHORT’ND technology behind it. Let’s take a closer look after the jump. Read More

MyScript Stylus Is An Intuitive, Gesture-Based Handwriting Keyboard For Android

If you thought handwriting recognition on mobile devices had rightly been extinct a year after it was initially introduced, well, I’m right there with you on that. Thing is, the concept of the technology was pure brilliance, but chalked up against the hardware from that period, all it really did was slow you down. However, mobile devices have evolved a lot since Android and iOS hit the market, and unlike before, it’s the software that has to keep up with the swiftly evolving and improving hardware to squeeze out every ounce of processing power on offer. Developed by the team behind previously reviewed MyScript CalculatorMyScript Stylus attempts to bring back the handwriting experience to all Android devices and tablets running Android 3.0 and above. Currently in beta, the app is a keyboard replacement that recognizes handwriting input and converts it into text in real-time. After the break, we take a closer look at the app and its features. Read More

A Look At The New SwiftKey Beta For Android With Cloud Support & Trending Phrases

SwiftKey, the makers of one of the most popular Android keyboard apps, has today unveiled a major update to their application dubbed SwiftKey Cloud. Available as a Beta release, the new version boasts a few new exciting features to make your touchscreen typing streamlined across all of your devices. The cloud option basically enables you to backup all your personalized data such as words, phrases, typing style, and other customizations straight to SwiftKey’s cloud server, which now makes it possible to import your language data should you upgrade to a new phone or tablet, and keep it synced across devices in case you own multiple ones. SwiftKey cites that the feature was added upon numerous requests from the app's user base, who were facing problems in situations of lost devices or upgrades. Another new feature by the name of Trending Phrases now makes predictions based on what's trending on social media worldwide. Read More

Oxynger KeyShield Is A Virtual Keyboard Immune To Keyloggers & Spyware

Keyloggers are one of the most feared security threats on computers. They are basically hardware devices or software programs that can record all your keystrokes and are used by cybercriminals to steal personal credentials of people such as usernames, password, credit card details, bank account information and other confidential data of users. Keyloggers are quite sneaky in nature, and are often installed silently on your PC without your consent. On the positive side though, there are a few protection measures that you can employ to protect yourself from them. If you don't want your private information to be transmitted to hackers without your awareness, Oxynger KeySheild provides a robust solution. It’s a virtual keyboard designed to protect your private information from keystroke logging. Read More

Get An Android-Like Row Of Word Suggestions Above iOS Keyboard

For a few years since the original’s launch, the iPhone had the best virtual keyboard in the smartphone market. That time is well past us now, as third-party offerings on Android like SwiftKey, as well as the stock Android and Windows Phone keyboards offer arguably better ‘touch’ typing. One of the reasons behind this is how the iOS keyboard only offers one prediction for the next word. With keyboards not officially supported by the system (such as Urdu), it becomes a cause for real frustration because iOS just doesn't learn your personal library of words as fast as it should. PredictiveKeyboard – a new jailbreak tweak – aims to allay that sore point. Check it out after the jump. Read More

WORDWAVE Is An Easily & Extensively Customizable SwiftKey-Like Keyboard For Android

Typing on a smartphone keyboard can sometimes end up feeling like a nightmare. If you miss out by just a small distance when hitting a key, you'll end up typing a neighboring one. And good luck texting your buddies should you be blessed with unusually large thumb and finger sizes. Fortunately, predictive keyboard apps like SwiftKey and Google keyboard are quite handy to quickly correct your typos and enter the suggested words, making your typing experience more intuitive. If you're looking for another option in this genre, try the recently released WORDWAVE Keyboard. The core functionality of the app is its capability to learn words as you type - something that reminds me of SwiftKey. The app provides three suggestion as you type, and you can quickly choose the most relevant one from the lot. In addition, the application comes with a handful of themes that look pretty classy. Read past the jump for more details. Read More

myControl Offers Remote PC Control From Android With Script Support

So the battery of your wireless mouse battery has died and you don't have any charged ones handy? Need to free up a USB port but don’t have a wireless mouse to replace your regular one with? Want to watch a movie on your computer's screen from a distance but your mouse cord is acting as a shackle? If you have an Android device, myControl is the answer to all these problems. The app works with a desktop client available for Windows and Linux that connects your phone and your computer, and provides you control over the latter from the former with right and left mouse buttons, a scroll bar, a trackpad area, a keyboard, voice input, special keys, and the option to run scripts for launching services like Google Search, Hulu, Netflix, etc. The app can run in the background on both your device and your system, and a connection is maintained between the two even if you switch to a different app on your phone. Read More

Install Stock Google Keyboard On Any Android Device From Play Store

If you thought Google has a habit of just chopping off their useful services and apps, think again. One of the best and most intuitive element of Android is apparently its Google-designed stock Android keyboard, which has all the features you’d want from an optimum text input method accompanied by a simple yet decent layout. Google has packed it with the best features cherry-picked from other awesomely designed keyboard apps including Swiftkey and Swype. But unfortunately, this vanilla keyboard is usually absent on third party OEM devices such as Galaxy S4 or HTC One, because they ship their own OEM solutions. Finally, good news for folks who want to download standard Android keyboard on their devices, as Google released Google Keyboard on the Play Store. That’s right, the official Android keyboard that ships with Nexus devices can now be used on non-Nexus ones by simply installing it like any other app. Lets take a closer look. Read More

AltKeyboard Adds Quick Gestures For Symbols & Caps To Stock iPhone Keyboard

Keyboard alternatives like Swype and TouchPal have always been popular among the smartphone community. These replacements are associated with Android most of the time, but they have maintained a presence in some form on iOS over the past few years as well. While Apple hasn't provided an official way to replace or make changes to iPhone’s stock keyboard, the Cydia store often comes up with ways to achieve the seemingly impossible. We have already seen other tweaks that deal with the iPhone keyboard, but it might not be too much of a bold statement to say that AltKeyboard is among the most useful keyboard-related tweaks to be released in the jailbreak store for a long time. The tweak does not change the overall method of input used by the stock keyboard in iOS. This means that AltKeyboard is not another Swype-like keyboard for the iPhone. Instead, this tweak makes a very subtle change, which is the addition of gestures to the keys. You just have to flick a key to input the corresponding symbol mapped against it, eliminating the need for repeatedly changing the keyboard view, and resulting in faster typing. Read More

Use Your Computer’s Keyboard To Type On Android Over WiFi Or USB

Ever wondered if you could use a full computer keyboard to type messages and emails, and jot down those notes on your Android device? There are those Bluetooth keyboards that you can pair with your smartphone but if you’re looking for a free solution, there’s a very simple method that works like a charm, thanks to free Android app Remote Keyboard. The app allows you to connect your desktop keyboard to your Android phone or tablet via Wi-Fi. And the best thing is that the app is fairly simple to configure, requiring no complicated connection methods, and we’re gonna tell you exactly how. Read on for details. Read More

Use The Gesture-Based TouchPal Keyboard As Default Input Method On iOS

A discussion on gesture-based keyboards for any platform has got to be incomplete without mentioning the famed Swype. The app is massively popular on Android, and even enjoyed a brief period of iOS presence via Cydia. Now, however, it is not easy for iPhone owners to get a keyboard that is based on this type of slider input method. You can get your hands on third-party apps like TouchPal and Path Input, but having to type everything in a standalone app before copying it to the actual destination is never convenient. Every time an app like TouchPal is released in the App Store, users always wonder if they will ever get a tweak that integrates the gesture-based keyboard with iOS. If you have ever wanted to compose texts, notes, emails and just about anything on your iPhone using TouchPal as the default keyboard, there is now a tweak in the Cydia store that lets you do just that. In fact, this TouchPal tweak has been around in the jailbreak store for some time now, but has just shed its beta tag and works perfectly on both iOS 5 and iOS 6. Read More