How To Root LG Optimus 2X With SuperOneClick

Earlier it was reported that Z4Root app was able to acquire rooting privileges on LG Optimus 2X. But according to some users, the hack only applies on certain variants of Optimus 2X and largely the newer handsets aren’t rootable with Z4Root. According to Domi007, Senior member at XDA forums, you can now permanently root your LG Optimus 2X with SuperOneClick rooting application.

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CyanogenMod 7.1 RC Android Gingerbread ROM Available For Download

CyanogenMod is one of the most favored 3rd party Androuid custom firmware that allows users to optimize their experience on Android devices. The latest CyanogenMod Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread 7.1 is now in Release Candidate state which means that it’s no longer in experimental stage and is pretty stable. With this release, CyanogenMod team now officially supports Samsung Galaxy S, Captivate, Vibrant, LG Optimus 2X, T-Mobile G2X, HTC Incredible S and CLIQ / CLIQ XT from Motorola.

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How To Overclock T-Mobile LG G2X To 1.5 GHz

T-Mobile LG G2x Android phone has been overclocked to a whooping 1.5 GHz with all credits going to faux123 at XDA Developers. The overclocking kernel is based on LGE Stock Froyo source code with FakeShmoo Undervolt and Overclocking hack by Cpasjuste. The current version of this custom kernel is compatible with LG G2x running stock builds with root along with EaglesBlood, Ultimate G2x and Sinister custom Android 2.2 Froyo ROMs.

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How To Root LG Revolution With SuperOneClick

In case you opted for LG Revolution on Verizon, then there is some great news for you! Apparently there weren’t any bootloader hiccups and folks were able to root this device within some hours of release. For those of you who don’t know, LG Revolution is a 4.3 Inch high-end Android phone with dual-band EV-DO Rev A complete with 5 Mega Pixel primary camera and Optimus UI Android 2.2 Froyo on board. Although XDA folks have posted a complete ADB method to root LG Revolution, we believe that you can also do it with comfort of SuperOneClick rooting application that comes integrated with PSNeuter, RageAgainstTheCage and GingerBreak exploits.Read More

How to Root LG Optimus 2X With Z4root

Ever wonder what can be achieved with a dual core Tegra2 powered phone using custom ROMs. Well now it’s a reality as anyone can successfully root the LG Optimus 2X using Z4root. Z4root is a powerful app capable of rooting your phone with a single click.Read More

LG E900 Specifications And Price [Image/Video Included]

Just a few days back, we reported about specs of LG's upcoming Windows Phone 7 device, the LG C900. It appears that the C900 isn't the only WP7 phone LG is going to bring to the market in the near future, as reports and BlurryCam™ pictures of another Windows Phone device by LG have recently started surfacing on the internet. Dubbed the E900, it seems to be a variant of the E900 without the QWERTY keyboard. For more information and the rumoured specs, read on after the break.Read More

LG C900 Windows 7 Phone Specs And Price [Images Included]

As the Holiday season draws near, more leaked images, specs and features of mobile phones are getting released every day. The buzz today is regarding the Windows 7 OS geared Samsung Cetus mobile phone of which we just posted before any official announcements. LG is also in the Smartphone race and right after their first Windows Phone 7, the LG C900 Windows 7 Phone (also called LG Optimus Quantum 7Q) has also made it to the surface. Engadget has some exclusive imagery of the device along with a little insight into the phone’s specs and features.Read More