Monitor Hard Drives, RAM, CPU Usage In System Tray With DriveGLEAM

DriveGLEAM is a portable application to monitor hard disk(s), physical memory, virtual memory, and CPU activity. Primarily it is out to facilitate users who access system on remote locations where the systems are not tangibly available, so they can keep an eye on all the local drives read/write activities. Another usage scenario is that when the computer is hidden under the table and you can’t see the hard drive activity indicator. In such situations, DriveGLEAM offers an system tray indicator to let you monitor each local drive activity along with RAM and CPU usage. Read More

Mount FTP Server As Local Drive In Windows 7

Many of you will be frustrated to find out that there is hardly any way to mount an FTP server as local drive in Windows 7. Yes, Microsoft has always provided an option to map a network location but this is not helpful for many users. The benefit of mounting an FTP or WebDav server as local drive is that many backup and 3rd party tools are easily able to recognize the drive and allow operations to be performed on them just like a local drive. Read More

How To Turn Off Indexing Of Your Local Drive In Windows 7 / Vista /XP

If you are sick of slow loading speed or want to increase the performance of your Windows further, then turning off Indexing of your local drive is another simple way of boosting the performance. This option is automatically set in Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Indexing is enabled because it helps Windows index your files and folder for  faster search. Read More