WinSchedular: Automate Routine Windows Tasks By Recording Macros

Macros provide an easy way to quickly perform routine tasks without having to manually follow the required steps involved. It's basically a set of actions, steps or tasks to perform a particular operation, such as opening a form, printing a report, applying effects & formatting etc. WinScheduler is an application for Windows that enables you to automate repetitive tasks by letting you create macros. The macros can be initiated at a specific time or when a specific event occurs. The application contains both a macro recorder and a macro editor to let you easily record keyboard strokes, mouse clicks, and edit recorded commands, respectively.Read More

Do It Again: Windows Automation Tool To Repeat Actions

Do It Again is an efficient automation tool which lets user automate a set of actions or tasks to perform them quickly without having to follow the lengthy procedure over and over again. For those who are not familiar with automation tools, think it as a Macro recorder that allows you to record set of actions to perform them later with a single click.Read More

Apis Ceratina: Automate Your Repetitive Tasks With Macros [Windows]

Applications which offers macros support are always highly preferred as it is one of the best way to repeat a set of performed actions to complete a task. MS Office suite applications are exemplary in this regard, where it is widely used to quickly repeat the set of actions for performing required task with an ease and in quick succession. Considering the importance, wouldn’t it be great if you can use the same functionality in Windows to perform monotonous tasks with an equivalent pace?Read More

VBA In Office Excel 2010

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Application. As you know that VB (Visual Basic) is one of the great programming languages. If you need to do repeated tasks in excel every day, then it is always recommend to automate such tasks so that you can save time and energy. Macros are a great way of automating tasks in Excel, we have already covered a basic tip on recording and using Macros. Macros basically add VB code to your excel sheet.Read More