ClipboardFusion Is A Windows Clipboard Manager With Text Replacement, Scrubbing & Macros

Windows’ native clipboard feature gets the job done when it comes to basic copy-paste operations, but third-party clipboard managers like ArsClip, Clippy, or go way beyond the operating system’s limitations. Where the default clipboard copies data from the host application to the memory temporarily and one item at a time, clipboard managers can handle multiple items, store this data and/or modify it based on certain rules. A similar app dubbed ClipboardFusion offers additional features that you may not find in most other apps from this genre, such as ability to scrub clipboard text, replace text with pre-defined strings, and create custom macros using C#. Read More

YNote Classic Is A Text & Code Editor With Macros, Multiple Tabs & Panels

We’ve covered quite a few really good text editors in the past. ModernNote, for example, is a feature-rich Windows 8 modern UI app with quite a minimal design, and NeechPad is a great a overhaul of Windows’ native Notepad app. Continuing this lineage of worthy text editors is YNote Classic, a Windows app with tabbed and multiple documents view, intelligent syntax editing, auto-indent, auto-completion and code-folding – features that aren't found in many minimal text editors. The app has the potential to become your next go-to text editor, especially since it can highlight any language using Regular Expressions, as well as handle files with hundreds of thousands of lines of code quite adeptly, thanks to its File Binding Mode. Read More

Record, Save & Automatically Execute Recurring Tasks With WinParrot

We all requires performing repetitive computer tasks on a periodic basis. This includes anything from the browser to access our favorite website to initiating a synchronization or system backup process. While many individual applications allow automating some of these tasks, it may not be possible to always let the scheduled tasks to be performed at the designated time. For example, if you have scheduled system backup for 8pm Monday, you might require completing some important work at that time because of which the backup process may have to be cancelled to conserve system resources for other applications. In such a case one might require going back and re-configuring the entire backup process. This hassle can be avoided if one can simply launch certain applications or tasks at a convenient time from a pre-recorded set of commands. Read More

Search, Create Macros And Automate Actions With KeyBreeze App Launcher

Application launchers are used to quickly perform lengthy and monotonous computer tasks quickly without having to manually launch applications, open folders, run commands and so on. If you’re looking for an application launcher which can quickly index most frequently visited locations, applications data, recently used commands, whilst offering a facility to index user-defined locations, KeyBreeze is one such tool which not only lets you index frequently used applications, commands, locations, but allows performing other computer tasks as well. KeyBreeze offers a long list of computer tasks and commands to help users enhance their overall work productivity. Being an efficient app launcher, it takes nothing more then a few minutes to index Windows special folders along with defined locations to compile file, folders, shortcuts, and app data list. The Commands section contains a slew of commands for opening Windows Explorer, performing web search , including Google, YouTube, Dictionary, Google Images, eBay search, and to launch installed applications. Read More