Pneumatic Tubes File Router: Move Files To Different Locations Using Keyboard Shortcuts

File management is very important in order to easily find what you are looking for whenever you need it. Most people have this bad habit of placing files randomly. Moreover, if you download a lot of files off the internet such as music, videos, ebooks and other stuff, then your download folder must be asking for mercy now. However, maybe you're thinking to organize the things now, but if you are performing file and folder management after a long time, most probably there are dozens of files and folders stacked up that need to be sorted. Doing it manually would obviously take up a lot of time and effort, as it involves opening each folder individually and moving files into them one by one. The era we're going through now is filled with hectic routine and no body has got the time to waste on such tasks. Worry not though, as Pneumatic Tubes File Router might help you out. It is a file management application that allows you to quickly move files and folders to the required locations without having to open each folder individually. How? Well, Users can simply define folder paths represented by icons. They can also use the default icons or choose custom icons for each folder containing particular types of files. More on Pneumatic Tubes File Router after the break. Read More

All About Windows 8 FileName Collisions And Copy/Move Dialog Box

Along with Desktop, Start Search and Start Menu, Windows 8 Copy/Move dialog box has also been revamped with more dynamic user interface elements. The new Copy/Move dialog box includes file copy/move progress graph which helps user visually check the copying/moving speed, along with pause/resume button to instantly pause the copy/move operation and then resume it back. The most notable improvement that you will see in Windows 8 is the new file copy/move conflict resolution, aka filename collision, dialog box. For those who are not familiar with this dialog, it appears when you copy or move files to location where either one or more than one similar files with same titles are already present. In this post, we will discuss some major improvements in both Windows copy/move dialog box and file copy/move conflict resolution window. Read More

FileClipper – Easily Move, Copy Files, & Create Hard & Symbolic Links [Mac]

We all know that when it comes to file specific operations, Finder of Mac OS X has only the ability to make aliases and copy files from one place to another. Many users rely on small scripts which can deal with such downsides to make Finder seamlessly make aliases, create hard & symbolic links, and to move files without having to drag & drop them from one window to another. If you’re not using any of the contrived scripts for each purpose, try FileClipper. It is an ingeniously useful application-bundle for Mac which offers 5 tools to perform file-specific operations, such as, move and copy files, make aliases to current location, and to create hard & symbolic links. The working of all the provided applications revolve around Mac clipboard which contains text in case you copied text off the webpage or word processor, and file links in case of copying file from right-click context menu. These tools play a middleman role in achieving the said functionality. For instance, it acts as a clipboard handler for moving file from one place to another, making aliases to specified location, creating symbolic and hard link of selected file and finally, copying the file from selected location to current opened location. All the mentioned functions are performed by respective applications, having names, Copy to Here, Make Alias File to Here, Make Hard Link to Here, Make Symbolic Link to Here, and Move to Here. Read More

Batch Copy Or Move Files At Scheduled Time Intervals

If you want to copy or move files from one destination to another, it is quite an easy task. But to copy or move files on a specific time of the day seems impossible. You must be wondering what is the use of moving the files on a specific time of the day? Well it is sometimes useful where one has to move files for backup purpose on a specific time or move some files to the server on specific intervals.

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