Where To Watch Finds Where You Can Legally Watch Movies & TV Shows [Web]

Movie piracy (and all other forms of piracy) are wrong and we often see public service messages that impress on us the gravity of the crime that is piracy. No doubt you've heard claims that piracy harms the entertainment industry and there has been quite the crack down recently with innocent videos being removed from YouTube, and some search results being removed from Google on account of copyright infringement. We're not going to argue whether piracy is harmful or not, instead we feel introducing Where To Watch to our readers is a much better way to fight rampant movie and TV show piracy. This simple little web app lets you search for any movie and/or TV (any season) and find where you can pay to legally watch it. Read More

Suggest Movie Searches For Movie By Year, Genre, & Rating [Android]

We have talked about a lot of movie discovery services; Netflix Roulette and Moveinr are just two of them. What both these services have in common are that they web services meant to be used from a desktop browser, ideally. I don't doubt you could probably use Netflix Roulette on a mobile browser too but it leaves you wanting a simple app that does what these services do. Meet Suggest Movie, an a-supported free Android app that has basic year range, genre, and rating filters for finding a movie to watch. Read More

A Better Queue: Use Rotten Tomatoes Ratings To Find Movies On Netflix

It's Friday, the weekend is here and that means it's time to kick back and relax. And what better way to relax than to watch a movie? Except, you have to first find a movie to watch and that alone can take time. If you use Netflix, the service itself will offer suggestions but there are always other ways to narrow down or pick movies. Netflix Roulette is one web app we reviewed a while back that picks movies or TV series at random. Movienr is another service for finding movies though it doesn't check movie availability on Netflix but offers a better way to narrow down the suggestions. And now there is A Better Queue, a web app that lets you find movies by genre and filter them by the Tomato meter courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes. Read More

That Movie With: Find Movies By Searching For Any Two Actors In It [iOS]

A long time ago when our phones couldn't even tell time, a lot of people used to watch TV. TV channels aired shows, soaps, cartoons, and movies. Watching movies has since changed with many people using services like Hulu and Netflix to get their entertainment fix. People today don't know the agony of catching a movie in the middle or at the end and having no way to find out what it was called. A vague Google search and maybe IMDb can now solve those problems but what if the only thing you remember about a movie you once watched are the two most, or relatively most famous actors in it? That Movie With is a free iOS app that lets you search movies by any two actors in them. You can search for an actor and the app will then list all movies that they worked in together. Read More

straight 8 Makes It A Breeze To Create Short Movies On Your iPhone

Mixing video clips with music can instantly turn your lazy shooting efforts into proper movies that appear to be made by someone who really knows what they are doing. There are plenty of movie making tools available for desktop platforms, but in recent years, the genre has developed pretty nicely on smartphones as well. iOS offers apps like VideoBite and vjay, which can be used for some pretty serious video editing, but in a somewhat simplified manner. straight 8 is a new iPhone app that is in the same ballpark as vjay, albeit with a style and comprehensiveness of its own. This app allows you to apply effects and other adjustments to your videos in real-time, right during an ongoing shoot. There are plenty of music clips, filters, and templates on offer that make using straight 8 a real pleasure. Read More

MoviePile Is A Great Movie Manager With Support For Extracting Animated GIFs & Short Video Clips

When it comes to movie management and video playback software, there are way too many choices available, some of which are simply great, while others, not quite so. That said, it also comes down to personal taste and preference. We've covered some very fantastic movie managers in the past, such as the excellent jMovieManager and today, we bring you yet another one. MoviePile is a Java-based desktop movie manager for Windows, Mac and Linux that looks great and brings a host of interesting features to the table, the most terrific of which is dubbed Tagmark that allows you to tag specific parts in a video and play them directly with a single click later, or just turn them to an animated GIF. Pretty impressive, right? Read on! Read More

Convert Videos To High-Res Cinema & Broadcast Formats With Cinec

Cinec is a powerful Windows application that allows you to encode or convert video files to high-resolution cinema and broadcast formats such as ProRes, DNxHD, XDCAM and H.264. It can accept a multitude of video files as input including AVI, MPEG, MTS, M2TS,M2V, 3GP, MP4, M4A, 3G2, MJ2, MOV, WMV and more. The app's aforementioned output formats are basically designed to work with high bandwidth and bitrates during post-production processing as well as broadcasting of videos. For instance, Apple’s ProRes codec can easily output videos at up to 4k resolutions. Likewise, Digital Nonlinear Extensible High Definition (simply referred to as DNxHD) is also be used in high-quality video editing. Cinec takes full advantage of today’s multicore processors for fast and optimum conversion of video files. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

Learn Languages Via Subtitles While Watching Movies With LaMP

A really great way to get good at a foreign language is to watch films that have subtitles in the language you’re learning; this allows you to correlate what you hear with definite, discrete words, and thus enhance your pronunciation. LaMP or Lingual Media Player is a Windows program that can play any film you load into it while reading its SRT (subtitles) file that you have stored on your computer. You can, in fact, have LaMP read two subtitles files simultaneously; one of the language you’re learning, and the other of your native tongue, so you always know what’s going on. What’s more, if you’re suspicious of a potential translating mistake, you can confirm it instantly, using the onboard translation service that’s hooked up with Microsoft Bing and Google Translate. Fascinating! Or should I say 迷人 instead? Read More

On-Demand Movie Streaming Service Blockbuster Comes To iPhone & iPad

Netflix has been pretty active in the App Store lately, and the service’s iOS client got some decent new features in an update a few days back. On Android, Google Videos is pretty good for watching entire movies on your handheld devices. For the competitors of these giants wish to keep up, having a mobile presence has become essential. Blockbuster On Demand started out as a chain of rental stores for DVDs, but has since evolved to offer a great streaming service, making it more like a mixture of MAX GO and Trulia. The only thing missing from the Blockbuster repertoire was an iOS app, but the company has just rectified this issue by releasing a brand new universal app that lets you rent any movie you want to watch on your iDevice via streaming. It is also possible to use Blockbuster On Demand to manage your account on the service, view free movie trailers and bookmark movies you intend to watch later. Read More

MovieBase Is A Holo-Themed Movie Discovery Android App With Play Movies Support

In the past couple of months, we have seen quite a few highly attractive, informative and customizable movie discovery apps for Android arrive in the Play Store. First it was Movie Twist, then came Movie App HD, and today we have come across yet another promising movie exploration tool in the form of MovieBase, which seems as gorgeous and information-rich as its counterparts, to say the least. Retrieving all its movie-related details from the widely acknowledged services of themoviedb.org, MovieBase offers a wealth of information on your favorite, past, upcoming and top films as well as famous celebrities from all across the globe. Through a simply designed Holo UI, the app lets you browse movies by genre, rating, popularity, currently playing and release time. For each movie, you get to see relevant information about the actors, crew members, production companies, involved locations, budgets, revenues, move websites, status, genre, release dates, taglines, movie plots, full descriptions and what not. More to follow. Read More

Media Companion Is An Extremely Feature-Laden Movie Manager App

We have covered a truckload of movie and TV series managers for our readers, including DVD Chief, Movie Explorer, and the recently reviewed jMovieManager, just to name a few. The good thing about these offline media applications is that in addition to keeping your media collection neatly organized, they can fetch relevant data for your media from the internet and save it locally to make it available when you don’t have access to an active internet connection. Media Companion is another such application that doesn't just manage your movies and TV shows. but also allows you to organize your casually shot home videos that you captured from your camera. Read More

jMovieManager Offers All You Need From A Film & TV Series Organizer

If you have a large collection of movies and TV series on your computer, keeping it all organized manually can be a hassle. Previously, we have covered some very fascinating movie and TV series managers for Windows, both in standard and Modern-UI flavors, including DVD Chief, Coollector Movie Database or TrackSeries, just to name a few. Today, I came across another one such app called jMovieManager and was impressed by its interface and features. It is a Java-based application that lets you access your entire offline movie and TV show collection complete with all metadata, from its intuitive UI. This way, you don’t have to rely on websites such as IMDb all the time to manually look up information, and will be able to play any of these videos right from the app at any time, without having to find them individually on your disk. Moreover, the app is portable, thus saving you the hassle of going through any installation process while allowing you to take your movie collection on the go in organized format on a portable disk! Read More

Find Great Movies To Watch With MovieNight For Windows 8 And RT

Whenever someone else suggests a new movie, a lot of us check out its rating, cast and plot on the Internet before buying or renting it. You must be familiar with IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes as two of the most famous online databases used by people to look up information on movies, celebrities, TV shows etc. Based on your experience, you might have your own preferences among these sources; however, there is no doubt that both these services provide great analysis. Today, we have an app for Windows 8 called MovieNight that allows you to view movie ratings, look it up on Netflix, and buy it on Amazon, all from its Modern UI interface. In addition, you can see lists and details of the overall top movies, latest DVD releases, top rentals and movies up in theaters right now. Read More

Similar Movies For iPhone Recommends Films That Match Your Favorites

There are a lot of services that help you discover music based on your preferences and personal collection, but getting a good movie recommendation is tougher than coming across a nice song. It is possible to browse through IMDb to find a title that has excellent reviews and ratings, but even a highly acclaimed movie might not turn out to be according to your taste. A sure way of avoiding this situation is to get suggestions from your friends who know your preferences and likes, or to ask around if a movie is similar to one you absolutely love. Another way is to use a movie recommendation app like Movie Twist for Android that we recently reviewed. Similar Movies for iPhone is a similar app but with a different way of execution - it acts like a friend that knows everything about all the movies that have ever been released; just tell the app the name of a movie you like, and it'll generate a list of movies similar to it in several ways. Read More

Done Not Done Is A Smart iPhone To-Do App For Books, Movies & Music

A lot of my friends recommend movies and books to me that are really interesting but most of the time, I forget these suggestions pretty quickly. You can always note such suggestions down, but a proper list is always easier to manage than a drab snippet of text. However, it seems a little counter-intuitive to add such recommendations to your reminders. What you need is an app like Done Not Done. Designed for the iPhone, this app acts like a manageable wishlist that keeps track of all the activities you plan to pursue in your free time. In addition to manually entering names of books, movies, songs, audiobooks and other items, you also get recommendations from the app itself based on the activities of your Twitter and Facebook friends. Read More

Check Which Movies Have Post-Credits Scenes With ‘Anything After’ For iOS & Android

Until I visited the download page of the newly released Anything After app, I had no idea what a stinger is. Apparently, the scene (or scenes) that appear after and during movie credits have a name, and that is what they're called. Many movie-goers have a love-hate relationship with stingers. They are surely worth waiting for if you get to see the epilogue of the plot or some bloopers interspersed with the credits. On the other hand, you are likely to be disappointed in most cases since not many movies have stingers, and you are just going to waste your time if you wait for the credits to roll by while everyone else rushes to the parking lot. That’s where Anything After can help you. This app lists stinger alerts for all the movies that are in theaters presently, without throwing any spoilers. You are just informed whether there is anything after the credits, and if it is worth the wait. The app's content is based on user feedback, and you can contribute to the Anything After community simply by linking your Facebook account with it. Read More

RecThing Is A Social Network For Personalized Entertainment Recommendations [Web]

Have you already seen more than your share of films and TV series? Can’t find any thing good you haven’t watched yet? Try using the RecThing entertainment recommendation engine. RecThing asks you to like, dislike or recommend a few books, films, games, music and TV series, and then, depending on the gathered data, it finds other users with similar tastes for you to follow. Later, you see recommendations from these users in your feeds. Read More

Stream Free Movies & TV Shows On Your Windows Phone With Crackle

If you don’t have access to Hulu because you live outside the US, then there are very few good and legal options available for streaming TV shows and movies. Even for people living in the US, Hulu and other similar services don’t offer a solution that is cheap, and you have to pay per view in most cases. That’s why Crackle is so special. Admittedly, the service does not offer all the popular movies and TV shows, but if you aren’t really choosy and just want to spend some quality time watching some good content, then you are sure to fall in love with this free service. Crackle doesn’t work everywhere, but it isn’t restricted to just the US, either. You can watch some really awesome movies and shows if you live in UK, Canada, Australia or US (the app might work in other locations too, specially if your WP7 ID is registered in any of the supported countries). Read More

Path For iOS Updated With Book/Movie Sharing & More Photo Editing Options

Love it or hate it, Path is one of those iOS apps that has been in the news ever since it was released. Everyone adored it at first, until it was discovered that the app uploads the address books of all users to its servers, and that, too, without properly asking for permission. While that issue was quickly resolved, and the CEO of Path Inc. apologized to everyone, the fan-base of the app surely took a hit. Fortunately, the app is still more popular than most of the others of its genre, and looking at Path’s latest update, we can’t help but imagine the number of its admirers increasing dramatically. While Path was initially a social network just for sharing photos and music, apart from having check-in options, it has now been revamped to include books and movies in the share list as well. This means that users can write their own reviews for things they are reading or watching, and then share those entries with their Path network! The update has also made it possible to manage notifications more thoroughly, and brings major improvements to the app’s camera. Read More