Firefox 9 Available For Download, JavaScript Performance Increased By 20-30%

Firefox 9 is now available for download, with some huge performance improvements. One of the features Firefox 9 has introduced, is the Type Inference, which basically improves the JavaScript performance. This new feature can speed up the browser’s JavaScript performance by up to 30%, and comes with better integration with OS X and lots of stability enhancements. Also, many other stability enhancements and bug fixes have been added to the new version. Firefox 9 is not yet available through the official update channel, but you can easily download it from official Mozilla website. Read More

Pros And Cons Of Using The New Firefox 4, Chrome 11, IE9 And Opera 11

The recent browser wars between internet titans like Microsoft, Google and Mozilla has left users out in the cold. While these giant companies compete to upgrade their browsers to meet the latest technology requirements, they seem to be leaving their end users in a mess with lots of browser compatibility problems. If the Firefox 4 beta was not frustrating enough, the so called stable version has its own set of issues. Likewise, despite the fact that Internet Explorer 9 has received more than 10 million downloads, yet it requires being fast tracked to meet the user habits changed by Firefox and Chrome extensions. Even the light weight Opera seems to be following the Beta disaster of Firefox 4 by alienating its market niche of legacy hardware users. In this post, we will take a look at the pros and cons of using these browsers and provide you with a comparison of the advantages and possible issues you may face by using them. Read More

Firefox: Refresh Web Page Directly From Server Without Clearing Cache

Have you ever tried refreshing you webpage in Firefox and you experienced it displayed the cached version instead of downloading the page from the server? Mozilla Firefox is the most loved browser in the world and its not just the hatred towards Microsoft rather its the support of thousands of little add-ons and tweaks that make it the most customizable and secure browser. To further customize the way your browser behaves you can tweak Firefox to refresh the web page without clearing cache.

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Access All Your Email Accounts From Gmail

Do you want to manage all your email accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc from Gmail? Instead of checking different email accounts on their websites respectively,  you can now manage all your email accounts from Gmail. All you need is to enable POP3 from your Yahoo, Hotmail, or any other account, POP 3 is a protocol that enables your emails to be accessed through any email client like MS Outlook, Outlook Express, or Mozilla Thunderbird etc.

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Upload, Move, Or Import Emails From Microsoft Outlook And Mozilla Thunderbird To Gmail

Do you want to move all your emails and contacts from MS Outlook, Outlook Express, or Mozilla Thunderbird to your Gmail account? You can move all your emails quickly to Google Apps Gmail account, but moving them to vanilla Gmail Account is tricky. This tutorial is about moving emails and contacts from desktop email clients to your vanilla Gmail account.
Note: To clear the confusion, Google Apps Gmail Account is an email address that ends with a custom domain name(e.g and vanilla Gmail Account is an email address that ends with Gmail domain(e.g
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5 Useful Firefox 3 Hacks And Tweaks You Shouldn’t Miss

You may have installed countless add-on in Firefox to enhance the user experience, but if you want to get the most out of Firefox, you really have to hack your way into the about:config. The about:config page contains most of Firefox configuration options. It is the most effective, and the most powerful way to tweak and enhance your Firefox performance. Here are 5 the most useful tweaks you should know about.

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