Record iTunes Radio On Android With doubleTwist AirPlay Recorder

iTunes Radio is pretty fantastic for listening to an endless stream of free music. The service carries countless radio stations that provide users with non-stop music access to a wide variety of genres, albums, artists etc. You cannot, however, stream on-demand music in a manner similar to Spotify, nor does iTunes allows recording the music on your PC, iPhone or iPad. doubleTwist AirPlay Recorder is a new app for Android that lets you record any music being played on iTunes via AirPlay . All it requires is a a device with iTunes (such as a PC, Mac or even a smartphone or tablet with AirPlay streaming capabilities) and an Android device, both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The app is fairly easy to configure and use. Continue reading to learn more about how it works. Read More

Stop Or Silence Any Audio App After A Set Time In Android With Super Simple Sleep Timer

It often happens that you are listening to your favorite song on your phone or tablet at night, and you unknowingly fall asleep with the music still playing and headphones still in your ears. You wouldn't like that to happen at all, of course, as it would not only drain your device's battery, but even worse, can also disturb your night’s sleep with the constant music noise. If you wish your device could pause music playback automatically during such situations but your music player app of choice doesn't support an auto stop or sleep functionality, then give Super Simple Sleep Timer a shot. It’s a super-simple and user-friendly Android app created by XDA-Developers member crazyfool_1 that allows you to lower the volume of your music player after a specified interval. You can also use it to automatically close your music player via a predefined timer. Details right after the jump. Read More

8 Best Music Players For Android

With the current size that the Google Play Store has grown to in sheer number of apps available, it’s more than just a tough call to pick a definitive best in any category. Still, there are always contenders that outshine all others. This especially holds true for those app genres that are more sought after, and that have a higher user base. One classic example is music players, which, although by definition, should serve only one purpose, but have so much more to offer that one could easily get puzzled as to what would suit their needs best. A few days back, I went on a crusade to hunt down the best music player alternatives that Google Play Store carries for Android devices. Without declaring a decisive winner (which is almost impossible, to be honest), the following is the list of the top contenders that might suffice for all your music playback and library management needs, while getting extra info/lyrics on your favorite artists, tracks and albums. Enjoy! Read More

SidePlayer Offers Edge-Activated, Global Music Playback Controls On Android

One of the benefits of having multitasking support on smartphones is the ability to listen to music while browsing the web or using pretty much any other app. While most music players available for Android come with playback controls in the notification shade for pausing or resuming playback and skipping songs quickly without having to open the music player app itself, you still have to swipe down from the top edge, which can get a bit inconvenient when using a large device with a single hand. Also, you don't just get to see the controls this way, but also the clutter of any other notifications that may be there. Another issue with these controls is that the notification bar isn't available when you're running a full-screen app. With SidePlayer, this problem will be a thing of the past. It's is an Android app that brings up a minuscule side panel for music playback control, which you can reveal via simple edge gestures over any running app. The app carries a ton of features (although most of them are part of the paid version) and supports many popular music players. It’s also quite customizable, letting you select among different skins that fits your needs. Details after the jump! Read More

Remotely Stream Music Between PC, Mac, Mobile & TV With OnAir Player

Not many years ago, listening to music was an expensive hobby. You’d have to buy an expensive CD or DVD player, and then keep your music collection on tape cassettes or optical discs at hand in order to play your favorite tunes. Then came the iPod era, and changed the scenario forever. Apple's popular portable music player and other similar devices allowed you to store a lot of songs and carry them around on the internal storage of the device for listening on the go. And now with the cloud and high-speed mobile internet access, anyone can stream music for free directly from the cloud using services like Spotify, Pandora, Google Music and many, many more. However, if you don’t like to rely on the cloud, yet want to stream your entire music library between mobile and PC, then OnAir Player is your best shot. It’s a music player that gives you remote streaming access to all the music files on your PC, Mac, tablet and phone. Read More

Streamus Is A YouTube Music Player For Chrome With Quick Playlist Creation & A Radio Mode

Many of us simply turn to YouTube when it comes to streaming free music from the internet, because the world's number one video streaming service is the definite place to find all kinds of music, no matter what genre, artist or album you like. But those who stream music from YouTube channels would be aware how tedious it is to first go to YouTube and then always keep that tab open while streaming your desired content. So, how about keeping YouTube at your disposal without any browser tab? Try Streamus, a brilliant Chrome extension aimed at audiophiles who want to keep YouTube always accessible to them without even opening the site. It acts as a companion music player for YouTube that lets you create and stream playlists from a popup. Read More

Noozy Is An Android Music Player With An Impressive Set Of Audio Effects & Filters

When Apple released its first iPod, listening to music became an entirely different proposition than it was when Sony’s Walkmans were around. But even those days are long gone now, and listening to music has evolved within that time. We've now moved to the cloud and streaming services like Spotify, Rdio and Pandora, bringing many of us closer to the end of offline music playback. However, people who still enjoy listening to their local music library are spoilt for choice when it comes to music players. Previously we've covered a bunch of such apps for Android, and today, we bring you another one labeled Noozy. It is a great music player jam-packed with impressive features that a music lover would definitely find useful. Read More

Control Grooveshark Playback From A Floating Panel In Chrome

Grooveshark is a household name when it comes to streaming online music. And although it doesn't carry many advantages over Spotify and Pandora – the other two major music streaming services - if you live in a country where these two services haven’t reached yet, Grooveshark will be immensely useful. It’s free, provides unlimited ad-supported music, is available everywhere, and sports a huge library of songs. One major shortcoming with Grooveshark. however, is that it’s available only as a web app, which means no stylish Spotify-esque desktop and mobile versions (unless your'e on a jailbroken iPhone). This can make controlling Grooveshark a pain when you want to listen to it while doing other stuff on your computer. To address this, we now have Grooveplayer. This handy Google Chrome extension allows controlling Grooveshark via a popup window using Chrome’s experimental Panels feature. Read More

Mood-Based Music Streaming App Songza Comes To Windows Phone 8

With Xbox Music slowly gaining momentum (at least on Microsoft’s own platforms), a lot of third-party music streaming services are bound to feel a bit threatened. Although Songza is essentially a music streaming app, one can't help but feel that it is unique enough to always deserve a place on most people’s devices. For those not familiar with it, Songza automatically creates playlists depending upon the time of the day, and your current mood. You don’t have to painstakingly look for good songs that you feel like listening to; just choose an occasion, and the service does the rest. Songza has been around on iOS and Android for quite some time, and was released on Windows 8 a few months ago. The app is now available on WP8 as well, complete with all of the features that have made it popular on the other platforms. Read More

Hands-On With iTunes Radio & Its Unlimited, Free Music Streaming On iOS 7

The days when the big players of the tech industry could prosper by specializing in just one business are long gone. Apple might have started as a computer company, but with the passage of time, it has grown into something much more universal. The iPhone revolutionized smartphone technology, and now it looks like the company is looking to reach out even further. iTunes Radio is not strictly a hardware or mobile venture, but it has the potential to beat Pandora and become the next big online radio service. Of course, there is stiff competition from the likes of Microsoft and Google in form of Xbox Music and Google Play Music All Access, but anyone who is already in the iOS fold is sure to prefer Apple's offering. iTunes Radio doesn't have many flaws to speak of, and its seamless integration with the iPhone makes the service close to perfect. It offers unlimited song skipping, custom radio stations, intelligent suggestions, and playback control via Siri. Read More

AudioStreamer Allows Remote Streaming Of Music From Your Windows PC

Sometimes you want to access your music library during office hours, but taking your entire song collection with you on a portable music player or thumb drive doesn't sound all that convenient. Although you could upload it to one of the many cloud storage services out there, what if you could rather stream your music from your own computer remotely over the internet? A while back, we published a great article on how to stream iTunes music to any web browser via pulpTunes. Today, we've got another great local music streaming app at your disposal called AudioStreamer. It’s an open-source Windows app that acts as a streaming server, allowing you to stream your music collection over LAN or the internet, making it accessible from any computer, phone or tablet, anywhere. What’s even better is that unlike pulpTunes, AudioStreamer works without iTunes. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

Hands-On With The Official Xbox Music Apps For Android & iOS

With the release of iTunes Radio just around the corner, Microsoft has decided to takes its music streaming service to the next level. Xbox Music got a major overhaul back in June with the release of Windows 8.1’s developer preview, but now there is even bigger news regarding the service. Xbox Music has finally become available on the web for free, at least for the next six months, supported with ads. Even more importantly, we now also have official Xbox Music apps for iOS and Android. One can certainly understand Microsoft's logic behind initially launching Xbox Music as a Windows 8 & Windows Phone-exclusive, but the time has been ripe for the jump to other platforms for quite a while now. Thanks to the Xbox Music app, you can maintain and expand your song collection, manage playlists, or simply listen to any song you want. The service’s radio feature is also a part of Xbox Music for Android and iOS. Read More

Create Awesome Looping Tunes On Android With Music Maker Jam

Whether you're waiting at the subway for the next train, riding to work, jogging in the morning or chilling at home, music is one of the most entertaining ways to keep yourself relaxed. But where many of us simply like to listen music, some people want to actually get involved in its very creation. Fortunately, Google Play Store is full of apps that let you play around with beats and basses of your choice, and compose your favorite tunes from scratch without requiring any considerable digital composition knowledge or skill set. One such app that has recently landed on Android is Music Maker Jam. We reviewed the app back in 2012 when it was released for Windows 8, and it look equally promising on Google’s OS as well. Read on for our full review. Read More

How To Stream Songs To Any UPnP/DLNA Receiver Device From Google Music

Ever since Google revealed its $35 Chromecast dongle that lets users stream content from Netflix, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV, and YouTube to their TV by simply plugging their device into it, many third-party developers have taken on the task of making it possible to stream content from many more sources to it. That said, some developers have also looked into hacking the Chromecast software support in the aforementioned apps to make them stream their media to devices other than the Chromecast itself. Cast To UPnP/DLNA for GMusic is one such free app that lets you stream music from Google Play Music to any UPnP/DLNA device by simply using its Chromecast streaming feature. Read More

SoundSeeder Brings Galaxy S4’s ‘Group Play’ Music Sharing To All Android Devices

Galaxy S4 caused quite a hullabaloo when it was unveiled back in March. Despite still being made chiefly from plastic and sporting a design not too different from its predecessor,  the phone’s primary reason for success lies in its powerful innards intertwined with some exciting software implementations. One of those features is dubbed Group Play that allows multiple S4 devices to connect together to play the same music track simultaneously on all of them. TuneMob brings the same Group Play feature to iOS, and works over Bluetooth. If you’re looking for something similar on Android that works on all devices rather than just the S4, SoundSeeder Music Player and SoundSeeder Speaker are worth giving a shot. The former of these acts as a server on the device that has the music, with the other acting as the client for the rest of the phones in the group. More details after the break. Read More

Tunester Is A Dead-Simple, Gesture-Based Music Player For Android

Even though Google supplies a barebones music player as part of vanilla, Play Store offers a lot more choices to satisfy your inner audiophile. Though, let’s just face it - finding the right music player in such variety can prove to be quite time-consuming. Tunester is a new music player for Android that sells itself as one with a fast and minimalistic, gesture-based UI. It’s a perfect choice for those who want fast and simple music player for the road. Details after the jump. Read More

Get Samsung Galaxy S4’s Group Play Feature On iPhone With TuneMob

Very few ideas are wholly original. Nine out of ten times, you take someone else’s idea, improve upon it, and add your own special flavor to it to make it an original creation. Even giants like Facebook, Google and Apple, and games like Call of Duty and Angry Birds etc. were inspired by other products. With that in mind, the developers of the app we are covering today – TuneMob – appear to have taken inspiration from Samsung Galaxy S 4’s Group Play feature, and that’s not a bad thing at all. Check it out after the jump. Read More

Torch Music For Android Is A Social Song Discovery App From The Torch Browser Team

Music discovery apps like Spotify, Grooveshark and Soundcloud are awesome for listening to latest music for free, but not any of them offer an option to stream music videos. If you’re looking for an app that fills the void, try Torch Music – the latest effort from the team behind the well-known Torch Browser. This web and Android app lets you stream your favorite music videos and curate personal playlists of your choice. It’s a social network in itself as well, that allows you to connect your Facebook account with it and once connected, you can easily share your music with your friends and follow other Torch Music users. That said, you can also search for tracks and artists directly, or listen to what’s popular right now. Read More

My Mixtapez Reimagines Music Playlists On Android

Mixtapes were the predecessors of today’s playlists back when audio cassettes were still relevant and you could use a pencil for something other than writing. Mixtapes died with the cassette tape itself, and we've taken to listening to or watching playlists online, on services like Spotify, YouTube and more. My Mixtapez is an Android app that lets you browse for these modern mixtapes i.e. playlists. You can listen to them online, or download them to your device for offline playback. The app also lets you watch trending videos. However, it does not have a built-in video player, and you get to watch them in your browser. Read More

rithm Brings The Concept Of Personalized Song Messaging To iPhone

iOS already has a lot of apps that can be used for sharing music and telling your social circle what you are currently listening to. There are some full-blown social networks aimed just at music lovers, while apps like MusicBunk do a similar job across multiple platforms. The new rithm app, however, is anything but a social network. Sure, the app is aimed at letting users share music with their friends, but rather than providing you with a public forum for scrobbling, this app acts more like a messenger that can be used to send snippets of your favorite songs to your friends. To make the whole experience even more interesting, rithm lets you associate photos, short videos and animations with tracks before you send them to someone. Read More