Take & Sync Notes Across Windows, Mac & iOS via Dropbox With Notebooks

Every once in a while, a new service comes forth and claims to be unique, productive or an improvement over what’s already available in the market. And when this service or product is being offered for free, it instantly becomes a lot more appealing. Notebooks - available for Windows, Mac and iOS - opts for an understandably similar approach. It basically allows you to create and synchronize notes via Dropbox and WebDAV. Why would anyone use Notebooks over Evernote or OneNote, you might ask? Well firstly, OneNote is a paid application and secondly, the native Dropbox integration gives Notebooks an edge over the former (and Evernote, for that matter) by virtually freeing you from any limitations on the maximum number of notes you can have. Read on for the full review!Read More

Fetchnotes: Note-Taking With Twitter-Like Inline Hashtags; Now On Android, iOS & Web

Despite not being an avid Twitter user, I love a few things about the micro-blogging service. For instance, the way in which Twitter utilizes the concept of inline hashtags is something quite commendable. While composing a tweet, all you need to do is put a hash symbol (#) before the desired subject, place, person or topic in order to get your tweet organized, and easily discoverable within the extensive pool of hashtags that exist on the network. Wouldn't it be great if you could employ the same concept to routine note taking? Say hello to Fetchnotes – a cross-platform note-taking app for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS-powered devices that lets you add inline hashtags to your notes for easier organizing and searching purposes. Sporting a neatly designed UI, Fetchnotes makes your task of creating notes extremely convenient via simple swipe gestures. Each user-defined hashtag represents a specific category/topic under which you can assign all your relevant notes. This simplifies searching for all notes falling under a specific hashtag, as all you need to do is tap a tag to view all the posts under it.Read More

Extensive Notes – Most Feature-Rich Note-Taking App Around? [Android]

Say hello to one of the most comprehensive and option-rich Android apps known to date. Apparently just another note-taking app, Extensive Notes carries numerous other useful features that cannot be availed otherwise unless you install as many different apps on your device. The app uses almost all the frequently used hardware/software resources of your device including camera, voice recorder, browser, video player, stock calendar, TTS and device directories to create, store, modify and view notes. The app comes from XDA Developers member plbelanger who has left no stone unturned in incorporating as many features in a single app as imaginable.Read More

Growley Notes Brings OneNote 2010 Type Notebooks To Mac

There are many note taking applications available for Mac, but ones which offer a huge array of features and customizations with all tiny note taking variations involved are mostly paid. Growley Notes is a free application which takes an offbeat approach to provide users with all the essential note taking features.The main concept behind Growley Notes is to, as developer likes to put it, let users capture everything they are interested in. You can throw any type of data and it will handle your clippings smartly without cluttering the note taking environment. The feature set and main UI is quite similar to Microsoft OneNote 2010. So, users who’ve been hanging around OneNote for quite a while will love using Growley Notes on Mac.Read More

CintaNotes Can Sync Notes In Real-Time via Dropbox

There are plenty of desktop note taking apps to choose from but the lack of syncing support in them is a major setback for many. NoteSync bought syncing of notes via Google Docs but the application is developed on Adobe Air and is not portable. Today we came across a notes management app called CintaNotes, which has somehow stayed out of AddictiveTips radar for a long time.Read More

PNotes – Pin Notes To Your Windows Desktop

When there are loads of appointments and different schedules, the best way to keep track of them is when they are in front of us. Ofcourse there are simple to-do list managers out there, but I have never felt comfortable with them. Personally most people(including me) are used to sticky notes which are quite easy-to-use. All you have to do is write and paste them on your monitor.

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