Whitespace Is A Neat Note-Taking iPhone App With A Powerful Text Editor

Last month we covered an app named Grid that offered users a nice way of maintaining a scrapbook as well as a to-do list in one place. It is always nice to see such multipurpose apps, especially if they come with a clean UI and are easy to use. Whitespace is not quite similar to Grid, but you can place it in the same genre. The app is basically a text editor, but has the distinction of striking the perfect balance between being a simple note-taking app and having the features of a proper word processor. Whitespace lets you quickly jot down notes, but also has the option of attaching media files to each entry. This means that the app can also be used for purposes such as creating galleries out of the photos you already have on your iPhone. To make the app really great, there is a comprehensive tagging system that can be used to easily search through notes and arrange them into neat folders.Read More

Collect & Share Important Memories & Notes From Anywhere With Memrify

Memories are among our most precious assets. The day you completed your graduation, the day you got your driver’s license or the day you lost a loved one - all good and bad memories are saved in our minds and remain there forever for us to cherish or despise the moments that we once experienced. With the power of social media sites like Facebook or Google+, it has become even easier to store our memories as photos or videos, if not just mere status updates. But almost all the social media sites we've come across so far aren't designed solely to store our memories as their core feature. Well, not until we recently discovered Memrify – a cloud-based social web app that allows you to store your memories online and share them with the people you want.Read More

Collaborative Multimedia Note-Taking Service Moxtra Comes To Android

Earlier this year, an ambitious group of former employees from WebEx – an on-demand collaboration, online meeting, video and web conferencing company by Cisco – launched their Evernote-esque project by the name of Moxtra. It is basically a cloud-based virtual binder for sharing and collaborating on all sorts of content. It allows groups to collect and collaboratively work on videos, pictures, documents, notes etc. – something that a lot of services have already been offering for a while now. Back in January (the time when Moxtra was initially launched), it was only rolled out as iPad and web apps but after almost six months since it inception, the service has finally expanded to other platforms as well, including desktop and Android. Akin to its iPad counterpart, Moxtra for Android not just works great, but also looks fairly elegant and intuitive.Read More

Create Evernote Templates To Organize Notes Your Way With KustomNote

Everyone recommends Evernote so much these days that it gets hard to imagine at times what the world was like before the little catch-all app came along. While Evernote works great for generic notes in all the supported formats, there are scenarios where you need to frequently note down information that is in a specific format, and you want to be able to save all that information while keeping the structural separation of the format intact. There may be a few such services out there, but many want to avoid the hassle of using multiple note-taking apps and would want to stick with their tried-and-tested Evernote. Fortunately, we've come across a service that takes care of all of this. Meet KustomNote - a web app that works as a companion to Evernote and lets you create templates to quickly and easily collect your ideas, appointments, research data etc. in a format of your choice. Your notes are still saved in Evernote itself, but everything looks neat and clean, on top of being very well organized.Read More

Create Image & Voice Notes On Android & Export To PDF With ArcNote

Note taking apps are common but most are limited to saving simple text notes. ArcNote is an audio and image note-taking app for Android from the developers of the famous Perfect365 image editing app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows. It’s a break from the normal text-based notes apps that you usually come across; you can directly take a camera shot or use one of the images already saved on your device for image notes. A single note can contain multiple images and audio recordings. Images can be edited so that only a particular user-defined area is highlighted. ArcNote isn't for jotting down a quick address, nor is it useful when you want to make a quick grocery list. It’s more suitable when you can take a picture of whatever information you need to save, like a business card, a poster or sign, or even a whiteboard, or quickly capture audio, for example an important part of a lecture, interview, presentation or just some instructions from your significant other before you go out shopping. While notes themselves aren't text based, you can add comments to any image in a note. Images can be edited individually, or even in batch.Read More

Watch Video Lessons & Take Time-Synced Notes Side By Side Using VideoNot.es

A great way to learn online is through Coursera, an award-winning site that collects video lectures from some of the best university professors and academics out there and makes them available to people around the globe, for free. All you need to do is sign up and try to follow the study guidelines, week-to-week. VideoNet.es is an online, paperless solution to video note-taking, that saves you the trouble of overusing notepad or Evernote while watching Coursera, Khan Academy, Udacity, edx or educational YouTube videos. Not having to first pause the video, restore notepad, and then write your thoughts can make learning even Computational Neuroscience a bit more breezy.Read More

Get ‘Add To Home Screen’, Dropbox & Sorting Options In iOS Notes App

One might think that most Cydia developers deem the stock Notes app in iOS perfect as it is, because there are very few tweaks in the jailbreak store that deal with Notes. There are a few exceptions like AddNote and MultiNoteDelete, but even these tweaks don’t make any drastic changes to the app. This is why NotesTweak might be among the best tweaks ever released for the Notes app. Although your notes are synced across all your iDevices thanks to iCloud, but not everyone is a fan of Apple’s cloud service, specially since there are a lot of alternatives available for the same purpose that work on multiple platforms, not just Apple's closed ecosystem. If you are a Dropbox user, NotesTweak is likely to become a permanent resident of your iPhone, since its adds Dropbox integration to Notes. You can also save individual notes to your device’s Home screen, which is quite similar to adding webpages to SpringBoard. The ability to let users sort notes in the app just the way they want completes the tweak’s impressive feature list. Read More

Save Selected Text To OS X Notes App From Right-Click Context Menu

Browser extensions and add-ons that allow you to save selected text as notes are one of the easiest ways to save useful text snippets for easily retrieving them later. However, these notes are mostly confined to your browser. Outside the browser, there are apps that can run in the background and collect text from your clipboard. In OS X, you will notice that there is a system wide-option to select and search for text in Safari from any app. With the help of Automator, you can create a similar service that can be used to select text in any app and create a note in the default Notes app with it.Read More

Got-IT For Android: Beautiful To-Do & Notes App With Google Tasks Sync

Got-IT might seem like just other task management + note-taking app, but with its intuitive and Holo-themed UI coupled with features like unlimited lists, swipe navigation, widgets and DashClock support, it could very well become the choice for many users for taking notes and managing tasks in a quick and simple manner. Developed by XDA-Developers forum member ‘Mikro ddd’, the app was built with inspiration from Google Now and Google Keep while adding drop-down menus and swipe navigation to the mix. We take a closer look at the app and see how well it fares, after the jump!Read More

Access Google Keep In An Always-On-Top Chrome Panel Or A Simple Popup

It was only a matter of time until an extension for Google Keep made it to the Chrome Web Store. Google Keep Extension is an unofficial extension for Google’s note taking service Keep, which was launched only last month. Like it was with Google Drive, developers have beaten Google to the extension race for Keep. Google Keep Extension makes use of an experimental feature in Chrome called panels, which you will have to enable before you can use the extension. It launches Keep in a separate stand-alone panel that remains on top of all other windows. You can add notes to it, view all previous notes that you've added, and delete any one of them. If you aren't too enthusiastic about using Keep in a panel, you can go to the extension’s options and have it open in a popup or just a new tab. Google Keep Extension also adds an option to the right-click context menu that will allow you to open the panel/popup/tab from any web page.Read More

Save Notes & Login Credentials In An Encrypted Vault With Datum Locker

In this digital age, safeguarding your sensitive information isn't something to be neglected, as any breaches can lead to leaking of your account details such as login information for web services, credit card information, bank account details, and so on. If you have documents or other information that you want to securely lock away from prying eyes, Datum Locker may have an answer for you. It’s a free Windows app designed for keeping a record of notes and login details in its integrated folders database called datum. The application is backed by Linearistic Distance Cryptographic (LDC) algorithm engineered by Nulluox – the developer behind Datum Locker – and aids in securely storing your data with a single lock key. This robust method can protect all your details with one password only.Read More

Writeapp Offers Distraction-Free Note Taking With Optional Public Sharing

If you search for a good note taking service, you will find that Evernote is what most people recommend, and perhaps rightly so. Evernote is a very powerful and feature rich - so rich that it can be overwhelming for some due to all its note types, tags and all. Besides, its focus is on taking and saving all sorts of notes, and the rich formats that it supports can become distracting if all you want to do is jot down plain text. For a relatively simpler option, you can go for Keep - a note taking service from Google, or you can take Writeapp for a spin. It's a simple web app for jotting down and saving plain text notes in a distraction-free interface You can sort notes into notebooks and manage them easily. You can also use it to keep a private journal, or selectively make notes public to publish them in what could be considered as a plain-text blog. The note editor is quite simple and supports plain text with no rich formatting options. Each note is saved with a title and can be edited any time.Read More

Tiny Apps For Android Combines Five Handy Floating Tools In One Package

There are quite a few computer users out there who have sticky notes stuck across their monitor’s border - and why not, since that information is always available at a glance. These notes made their way to computer users in form of note widgets for their desktops as well as apps for their smartphones and tablets. However, why stop at merely taking notes? Enter Tiny Apps – a package that contains five floating apps that act like omnipresent widgets. This reminds me of Small Apps for the newer Sony Xperia devices, but Tiny Apps has quite a few extra tricks up its sleeve. You get quick access to a sound recorder, music player, painting canvas, calculator, and of course, notes from anywhere across the OS, floating atop all other apps.Read More

Bubble Browser Is A Visually Appealing Three-Pane Viewer For Evernote

Evernote’s Mac app was recently revamped; the extensive interface overhaul gave us something much more beautiful to look at and use. This update was followed shortly by Evernote’s Menu Bar popup being redesigned. The app has come a long way interface wise but if you still don’t like it much and are looking for something different, Bubble Browser might be a worth trying out. Bubble Browser is a free app available in the Mac App Store that lets you visually browse your Evernote notes in an immersive, colorful interface. It’s not a full Evernote client, which means adding or deleting notes is not on the features list but as far as browsing notes goes, Bubble Browser has quite a unique approach. Read More

Google Keep vs Evernote vs OneNote vs Notes vs Simplenote

Now that Google Keep is live, it wouldn't be right if we don't compare it with other popular note taking services out there. In our detailed review of Keep, we've mentioned that its features are rather basic at the moment, especially if you compare it with note taking giant Evernote. However, Evernote isn't the only impressive notes service out there, and it’s only fair to broaden our comparison. After considering just what features does it takes to make a good note taking service, we ended up with quite a list. Not all services here share the exact same feature set, but each of them has its own pros and cons and as a user, this comparison should give you a quick idea of which one of them is right for you, and whether switching to Google Keep will work for you, or should you stick with the one you're currently using.Read More

Hands-On With Google Keep: Notes & To-Do Lists For Web & Android

Google’s new note-taking web service Keep is now live, along with its Android app. Keep lets you create notes and to-do lists that sync over Google Drive. Notes may contain text, voice or images. Notes and lists can be color-coded, and are searchable. With Keep, Google aims to let you collect and consolidate all your thoughts, ideas and useful information together that will be synced and accessible across all your computers through your browser, and across all your Android devices using the Keep app. Let's take both the web service and its Android app for a spin and see what it's all about.Read More

Create & Share Password-Protected, Self-Destructing Notes With NoteDIP

There are many services out there like Burn Note or DUE.IM that let you send self-destructing notes to someone for any confidential purpose, or just to make them feel like Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible. Self-destructive notes are quite interesting and easy enough to create; all you just do is create a note, send its link to the recipient via email or any other method, and your part is done; the note gets instantly eradicated once opened and read by the recipient. If you’re looking for a similar technique and want to send sensitive information to someone without leaving any traces, give NoteDIP a try. It’s a handy web app that allows you to create self-destructing notes in a few simple steps. To go one step further, it even sends you a notification when the note is read by the recipient. Read More

How To Change Default Font Size In Mac OS X Notes App

Notes is a simple OS X app that allows you to create notes, organize them into folders, search for them, and sync them with the Notes app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch over iCloud. The app offers a reasonable number features that any ordinary note-taking app would have, and a few customization options that allow you to change the color and type of the font in a particular note. What it doesn’t have is a way for you to change the default font size for all notes. The app has no settings that you can change, but that doesn't mean you can't do anything about it at all. All it takes to change the default font size, is a little change in the app’s DefaultFonts.plist file. The file can be edited using any text editor of your choice. The change is easily reversible, and does not require running any complicated commands.Read More

Share Groups Of Docs & Photos Publicly Or Privately With Noteshares

Noteshares is a web service for sharing notes and photo albums with friends. It is somewhat of a cross between Evernote and Facebook, but unlike both of them, it concentrates on keeping things very simple. Notes can be made as public updates or private ones to be shared with specific people. You can also create Binders and upload files to them, leave comments on files, and ‘rebind’ a Binder to share it to your own profile. Files of many popular formats can be previewed in Noteshares. There does not appear to be a storage limit mentioned on the website or the service's blog. Though Noteshares is currently in Beta, and this may change in a future version.Read More

Create Natively Syncing Notes In Google Chrome With Papercuts

There are countless note-taking extensions available for many popular web browsers, but the ones that save and sync your notes across computers usually rely on a third-party service at the back end for the purpose and if you don't have an account on the service already, you end up having to sign up for it just to be able to sync your notes across different browsers and devices. Some extensions lack a sync feature altogether, and the notes are only accessible from the browser you made them in. Papercuts is a Chrome extension that relies solely on Chrome’s own sync feature to sync the notes you create between different installations of the browser. The notes themselves can be of any length, and each one has it's own title. Papercuts adds its button next to the URL bar, and lets you work on multiple notes at the same time under different tabs in the extension’s popup window. You can also copy the entire text from a note with just a single click.Read More