How To Save An MS Excel 2016 Graph To A PDF File

PDF is the format to use when you want to publish documents online. PDF is easily one of the most common file types found online and it's used to publish not just documents but also presentations, reports, and catalogs. The thing with a PDF file is that while the format is exceptionally popular the app that lets you create or edit it, Adobe Acrobat, is rarely used. For the most part, others apps like Photoshop are used to compose a PDF file and export to the format. Owing to the format's popularity a lot of apps support exporting to PDF and MS Office is no different. You can easily create a document in MS Word and export it as a PDF file. Likewise you can export an Excel sheet to PDF. If you're looking to export just a single graph or chart and not an entire worksheet to PDF here's how to do just that. Read More

How To Search The Text In Multiple PDF Files Without Opening Them

PDF files are the standard format used to publish documents online. You'll find documents like annual reports, user manuals, research papers, academic studies, and even forms are distributed in in this format. If you often find yourself with a large number of PDF files and can't remember which one had a specific topic then you likely have to open each one and use the 'find in' function to look for it. If the files are one too many to browse, you will need a faster way to do it preferably one that doesn't require opening every single file. The solution lies with Foxit Reader. It's an incredibly popular PDF reader that lets you select a folder and scan every single PDF file inside it for a particular word or phrase. What's even better is that it supports nested folder search. Read More

Invert Colors In A PDF File For Better Night-Time Reading

PDF is a file format that was designed with one purpose; to ensure a document never lost its formatting when it was read on a different system than the one it originated from and when it was printed. Editing a PDF is almost impossible unless you have the Adobe Acrobat DC, or some such similar app. Most of us have the free Adobe Reader which is very basic in what it lets you do to a PDF file and editing text is definitely not in the feature list. The reader is still equipped with enough features to make for a decent PDF reader so if you're ever reading at night, or you received a document with a color scheme that makes text hard to read, you can change how the text appears from Adobe Reader's preferences. Here's how. Read More

Combine Multiple Images Into A PDF File With Photoshop CS5

In earlier versions of Photoshop, combining images into a single PDF document was a very simple process. Under the File>Automate>PDF Presentation option you could easily select your images and have a PDF redy in mere seconds. It was really easy to use but for whatever reason, newer versions of the software no longer have this option. While this particular option is no longer available you can still use Photoshop's later versions to combine multiple images into a single PDF file. Here's how. Read More

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader To Remember Your Place When Reading PDFs

PDF files are some of the most common files found online and Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the more popular programs used to read these files. It's also used to read some of the e-book formats that it supports. The popularity of the format is no surprise since it was created to make rendering and reading documents online easy. Acrobat Reader has the name advantage going for it. If you use Acrobat Reader to view PDF files, long ones at that, then you might find it far more useful if the program could actually remember your place. It's not like you have a physical book in your hand and you can turn the corner of the page to mark your spot. Here's how to get Acrobat Reader to remember where you were last reading. Read More

DocuFreezer Converts MS Doc, Excel, PPT Files To PDF & Images [Windows]

DOCX has become a worldwide document type standard and you no doubt deal with these files fairly regularly if you use Microsoft Office. But sometimes you want to prevent your documents from being altered by others. And it seems rather handy to have them converted into an image or PDF file to prevent any misuse. Previously we’ve covered a ton of applications that let you convert text documents to viewable-only PDF or image files or vice versa. DocuFreezer is a new tool from the folks at fCoder that easily and effectively batch converts Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and PNG. Read More

PDF Eraser Lets You Edit PDF Files, Add Images & Text To Them

The best thing about of a PDF document is, in part, that it can be viewed on just about any device, on any desktop and mobile platform. It is one such handy format which allows everyone to see the same information, presented in the same way. If you occasionally work with PDF files, you may have encountered situations where you needed to alter a few things, for example, you may have wanted to split the PDF pages into individual files, or maybe you had to remove a few unwanted objects from the document itself. If you have not found a good application to accomplish that task, PDF Eraser is here to help. The free Windows program allows to remove any unnecessary objects, images, and text from PDF documents, annotate them and split a single file into multiple documents. Read More

Download PDF Files Directly By Disabling The PDF Viewer In Chrome & Firefox

Both Google Chrome and Firefox have a built-in PDF reader and whenever you click a link to a PDF file, your browser opens it in a new tab. That’s all perfectly fine except that if it’s a large file you have to first wait for it to load and then save it. Once saved, if you click the file in the download bar (in Chrome), it will again open in a Chrome tab. This feature is meant to provide users with an always-available-PDF-reader in the form of their browser but it becomes obtrusive if you really prefer to open PDFs in a desktop reader. Fortunately, there is an easy way around this in both Chrome and Firefox that allows the PDF viewer to easily be disabled and enabled to suit your needs. Read More

Cometdocs For Desktop Adds A PDF Converter To Windows Context Menu

A common situation many users face when dealing with digital documents is having to convert PDF files to other formats such as Word, JPEG, TXT etc. Fortunately, there are a bunch of PDF converters out there that can get the job done, though finding the best one can become tedious at times. Back in February, we reviewed a handy online service dubbed Cometdocs that allows you to host any kind of document to the cloud and perform PDF conversion to other formats via its web-based interface. Cometdocs for desktop a standalone tool by the same developer – brings the same conversion features to Windows. The tool makes document conversion a breeze, thanks to its context menu integration. And besides converting PDF to many other formats, it also lets you easily create PDFs out of other files. Details after the jump. Read More

Extract PDF Images While Applying Watermark & Other Batch-Editing Actions

PDF is one of the most popular file format used for a wide variety of documents such as books, brochures, forms and even picture-laden presentations. Speaking of pictures, sometimes you need to extract images from a PDF file for, let’s say, storing them as separate items or reusing them in another project. Unfortunately, image extraction from a PDF can't be done directly from a PDF reader, and requires using a third-party app. We've covered many such tools for our readers, among which Fusion Image PDF Extractor for Windows and PDF Toolkit for OS X are pretty awesome. Free PDF Image Extractor 4dots is another great Windows program that you can use for said purpose. The tool is fairly feature-rich and user-friendly, and is designed to extract images from multiple PDF files in batch. Details just past the jump. Read More

Bundle Multiple JPEG Images As A PDF Album With JPGasPDF

If there's one problem with picture albums, they are comprised of multiple files and between transferring them or editing their copies, one can end up missing out on a few. While there is still no standard or universal format for photo albums, PDF files support image content and can be perfect for the purpose, since most of us have access to PDF viewers on our computers and mobile devices. Though not many of us would want to use a PDF editor just for this purpose. Fret not - compiling your JPG/JPEG images into PDF albums is now as easy as it gets, thanks to the quick and nimble JPGasPNG. Although I would've liked to see a couple more options included, such as support for other popular image formats such as PNG (after automatic conversion to JPG to keep the file size in check), the software is quite flawless in its execution, and leaves little to gripe about. Not convinced? Take a closer look after the jump. Read More

Create, Edit, Convert PDF Files & Export As EXEs With PDFCool

We have covered plenty of PDF editors for desktop, web and mobile platforms like PDFzen for Windows, Web, iOS and Mac OS X that allowed editing and sharing PDF files in a collaborative manner. PDF Mod was a another comprehensive option for Linux. In a nutshell, there are many PDF tools out there, all offering their own feature-sets and functionality. Should you be looking for another one to try out, give PDFCool PDF Editor a go. It’s a free PDF viewer and editor for Windows that bundles a variety of PDF-related tools in the package. Read More

Batch Compress PDF Files, Set Custom DPI & Remove Select Elements

Saving document files in PDF does make sense, because it is generally more secure against unintended modifications compared to other formats such as TXT, RTF, DOCX and more. Therefore, many of us rely on PDF these days when it comes to sharing files that contain sensitive information. One drawback of this is that PDF files are often larger in size compared to many other document formats. If you require to send a document through a channel that has certain file size limitations, you probably want to keep your files as compact as possible. Previously, we've covered some really useful PDF compression tools such as PDF Compressor, PocoDoc or Nice PDF Compressor. If you've already tried those and are looking for something more effective at compression, ORPALIS PDF Reducer Free is yet another option with a decent output quality and batch processing mode. Read More

Batch-Convert PDFs To RTF & Extract Their Elements With PDF Shaper

PDF is one of the most convenient and secure ways of distributing documents that will always render and print with the same formatting of your choice, and others won't be able to easily modify them. Given such advantages along with the ability to password-protect PDF files, the format is widely used when it comes to sending confidential or important documents via emails attachments, file sharing sites, and through other file transfer mediums. However, at times we do encounter situations when we require to convert a file in to another format such as TXT, DOCX or RTF for the sake of making changes or extracting certain objects from the file. We have covered plenty of PDF converters in the past like 7-PDF Website Converter, PDF24, PDF To Word Converter, Doxillion Document Converter, just to name a few. If you’re looking for a PDF converter that can specifically convert files to RTF, PDF Shaper has the answer. Not only is it capable of converting a full PDF file or selected pages from it, but can also convert a batch of files in one go. Read More

Save Webpages As PDFs With Selectable Text In Safari For iOS

The Cydia store has a handful of tweaks that let users cache Safari content for offline viewing. You can even find one or two that convert webpages into PDF files, which can be read and exported in a variety of ways. The new PDF Printer for Safari, however, is at the pinnacle of this genre of tweaks. Don’t be confused by the name, as it doesn’t have much to do with printing. The biggest edge PDF Printer enjoys over its competitors is its ability to refrain from rasterizing text on the page, so that you can copy and edit it with ease from the generated PDF document. Another great thing about the tweak is its support for various apps. In fact just about every app installed on your iPhone that can handle PDFs is listed in PDF Printer’s ‘Open With’ menu. Read More

Save Web Pages As PDF To Hard Disk Or Google Drive & Fax Them In Chrome

When Google introduced Google Cloud Print, it added a really great tool for sharing a printer and perhaps made a lot of lives easier in the process. The Chrome print dialog is well equipped with options, providing you with a preview of the document you want to print, allowing you to choose which pages to print, and letting you change the layout and margins of your document. If you never ventured to the Google print page because you don’t have a cloud printer set up, here are three other things you can do with it that might make you visit it more often. The print dialog allows you to not just print with a cloud printer but also a network printer and should your printer double as a fax machine, you can fax documents from Chrome’s print dialog as well. You can also save a web page as a PDF, and even connect Chrome with your Google Drive for saving web pages directly to it. Intrigued? This post details exactly how you can do each. Read More

Batch Compress PDFs To Reduce Size Without Loss Of Quality

If your common method of sharing PDF files is through email, or any other internet-dependent medium, it is important that the documents are small in size. The purpose of any compression app is to reduce the size of the file without bringing down its quality, but unfortunately, many do bring down the quality while compressing. If you are looking for a way to reduce the size of your PDF documents without decline in noticeable quality loss, you are in luck. PDF Compressor is a brand new Windows app that allows you to compress your PDF documents and reduce their file size. The app is capable of processing thousands of PDF files at one time in batch mode, according to the developer. The best part about the app that it's touch enabled, which means you can use it easily on a Windows 8 Pro tablet. The simple interface ensures there is absolutely no learning curve for common users. Read More

Sony’s Reader App Brings An Alternative eBook Store & Viewer To iPhone & iPad

I won’t pretend that until this morning I even had a clue Sony is into the eBook business, but now that I have taken a look at the online Reader store, I have to say that it is good enough to give any similar service a run for its money. The web version of the service has been around for quite a while, the Android app was released a while back, and now, the official Sony Reader client has come to iPhone and iPad. The universal app can be used to manage all the purchases made from the Reader Store, but if you aren’t interested in that, Reader for iOS can prove to be a pretty good eBook and PDF viewer for books you already have from other sources. The app has a slick interface, and can really hold its own against iBooks in terms of features. Read More

[Giveaway] PDF PROvider For iPad: Convert Photos, Webpages & Documents To PDF Documents

Most professional documents are stored as PDF files, because of the fact that the chances of accidentally altering the text and other content of the file are really slim. An iPad is used by a lot of people for business purposes, and that makes PDF files and iPad a good combination. Maybe that is why there are a lot of iOS apps dealing with PDFs, and most of them are really popular with iPad users. Despite all the competition from similar apps, PDF PROvider is surely among the most comprehensive PDF-related apps for the iPad. The app lets its users create PDF files out of webpages, images, maps and Dropbox documents. Not only is it a good PDF converter, it is also perfect for viewing PDFs, as the viewer in PDF PROvider lets you add annotations, stamps, text and illustrations to files. In addition to all that, PDF PROvider has the option to append existing files with content from sources you find at a later time. Read More

PDFrizator: Create Animated PDF Presentations With Background Music

To maintain the presentation composition on multiple platforms and systems, you may want to use the PDF version of the original file. This is useful for printing purposes, but for presenting you have to sacrifice the transitions and effects not supported in PDF. PDFrizator makes up for this drawback by allowing you to add effects like page transitions and background music to create attractive PDF presentations. This can be achieved either by importing any PDF or a set of images that will be saved in the PDF format. With a powerful file explorer supporting both local and internet browsing capability from audio and image search engines like Picasa, Flickr, Twitpic, Bing Images (plus Windows Azure Marketplace), SoundCloud and Google Images, PDFrizator allows you to make the most of useful information around you. In addition, you can convert multiple image formats (like gif, jpg, png) and comic books (in cbr, cbz formats) to PDF using this tool. Read More