Pin Frequently Accessed Settings To The Start Menu In Windows 10

The Start menu in Windows 10 is very different from what it was in Windows 7 but not in a bad way. It offers more space for pinning app tiles and serves as a great way to quickly access your frequently used apps without giving them precious space on the Taskbar. The live tiles themselves make it all the more useful. When you transition to Windows 10, especially if you're coming from Windows 7, the settings in Windows 10 are going to take a little time adjusting to. How you access them has changed from build-to-build, and definitely from one operating system to another. To make it easier to access Settings, you can pin them to the Start Menu. Here's how.Read More

Pin Any Window To Keep It On Top Of All Others

Apps that deem it essential to their function will include an option to keep their own respective window on top of all others. These apps are rare and many times we find apps that would have been better off to include this feature. For apps like that there is PinMe, a free portable Windows app that lets you pin any application's window or a folder so that it remains on top of all others. The app works on both Windows 7 and 8 (and above).Read More

How To Add Separators In Windows 7 Explorer Jumplist [Tip]

When Microsoft released Windows 7, it met with an instant acclaim, and many thought that this is how Windows Vista should have been done in the first place. Albeit, Windows Vista gave an interface overhaul, it was not easy on the system resources and Windows 7 tweaked all that. Not only Windows 7 tweaked all the voids left by Vista, but also introduced with itself many new features. Amongst all the useful features that Windows 7 brought to its users, Jumplist probably tops the list of most used ones. This feature made the OS a lot more ergonomically friendly by letting  you quickly access most frequently used functions and tasks of an application without cluttering your desktop with shortcuts. Jump lists provide right click menu options on Taskbar icons, which makes it easy to jump to recently accessed files or favorite files by pinning them. If you frequently use Jump list, then you might have noticed that some applications have separate sections in their jumplists. For instance, if you access the Jumplist of Google Chrome, you have Most Visited, Recently Closed and Tasks sections divided by separators. However, you don’t see any explicit option to insert these separators yourself while pinning files, folders or applications to Windows 7 superbar. As dividers or separators could have made the task easier, by easily identifying the pinned files, in this article, we will guide you through the process of adding custom separators in a Jump list.Read More

URL Pinner: Permanently Pin Frequently Used Tabs Using RegEx [Chrome]

URL Pinner is a Chrome extension that lets you auto pin your favorite or most frequently used websites and arranges them in order. While Chrome comes with this feature by default, the extension auto pins tabs by URL or regular expression as soon as the website is loaded, and keeps them sorted according to the list you create. Moreover, the settings for your pinned websites can be synced across Chrome browsers. You can also add a custom shortcut to toggle the pinning of websites and for opening all your preferred pinned tabs. URL Pinner decreases clutter and lets you manage constantly used websites in a better way. With it, you can save time and access important tabs with only a click or two. This is great for people who have a whole lot of tabs open in Chrome, and want to save up space.Read More

Pinspiration: Explore Pintrest To View & Share Interesting Photos [WP7]

In today’s digital world, there is no shortage of social networks that are focused on letting people interact with their friends and loved ones. Admittedly, the field is dominated by Facebook and Twitter, but there are other smaller players in the game as well, which have amassed a considerable fan-following. Pintrest is one such social network, which aims to connect people via interest-based photo sharing. While there is no official Windows Phone 7 app for the service yet, now it has become possible for WP7 users to explore Pintrest via its third-party client, named Pinspiration. Even if you don’t have a Pintrest account, the app is a good way of finding out what this service is all about.Read More

Firefox: Organize Tabs And Free Up Memory Usage

Do you work using multiple Firefox tabs and want to organize them categorically rather than chronologically? A new tab is opened right next to the last tab, by the time you open too many tabs it gets difficult to sift through to find the right tab, this is where an Add-On called TooManyTabs can come useful. If you have too many browser tabs in Firefox that you might want to categorize to differentiate, this utility will help you organize tabs in special rows and it also help to reduce memory usage by putting some of the tabs in idle state.

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