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How To Skip Adding A PIN During Windows 10 Set Up

When you do a clean install of Windows 10, you have to go through a rather long set up process. This set up process excludes all the times Windows 10 tells you things like ‘Just a moment’ or ‘We’re getting things ready’, or something similar. During this process, you have to set up a user account, select the account type you want to use, connect to a WiFi network, manage privacy setting, enable Cortana, and add keyboard layouts. Part of setting up the account includes setting a password, and a PIN. When you add an account though, Windows 10 also tells you to add a PIN and there’s no skip option that accompanies it. Here’s how you can skip adding a PIN during the set up.

Skip Adding A PIN

During set up, enter the account credentials for the user you want to set up. This can be a Microsoft account, or you can configure a local user. Though you can skip entering a password for a local account, it’s a good idea to set it up. If you choose to skip the password, you may not be prompted to set up a PIN either but not setting a password might cause problems with sharing later on. To skip the password, just leave the field blank and click Next or Continue.

Once you’ve set a password, you will be prompted to enter a PIN, and a Skip option may not be present (depends on builds). Click ahead to set up a PIN but instead of entering a PIN, click the Cancel button.

After that, you won’t be prompted to enter a PIN again during the set up, and you can proceed to whatever the next step is.

A lot of users do not like to set up a PIN because once they do, they’re almost always prompted to enter the PIN instead of their password to unlock their desktop. To counter this, all you need to do is select the Password option on your lock screen when you first boot to your desktop, and it will stick to that sign-in option.

If you’re avoiding a PIN because it’s too short and someone could guess or memorize it, you can opt to enter a longer PIN. There’s an option to do just that in the Settings app as well as during set up. A PIN is a better option because you never have to enter your password which, if it’s not very strong or you have to enter in front of someone, isn’t going to unlock more than just the current device.


  1. Now it just loops back and says it is “really important” to have a PIN.
    There is an option to allow general characters in the PIN, making it like a password.

  2. So I have tried the cancel option numerous times and it just kicks me back to Want to set up a pin. Why does the SOB say want as a question like No is a possible answer. I hate Microsoft Apple is a million times more user friendly.

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