SnippetPlus: Notepad++ Plugin For Quickly Inserting Pre-Defined Code Snippets

Notepad++ is arguably the most widely-used text editor that comes packed with both text & source code editing features. Apart from being highly customizable, it supports a number a third-party plugins that help software developers code web as well as desktop applications. It's tremendous amount of features has helped it to become our top favorite application as well. We often covered various Notepad++ Plugins for our readers and today we have yet another one for you. If memory serves you well, previously we covered a Snippet plugin for Notepad++ (reviewed here), a very handy plugin that allows you to easily add various snippets for W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Doctypes: such as HTML, XHTML, SVG, CSS and so on. Today, we have pretty much a similar (and with more features) plugin for you labeled as SnippetPlus. This Notepad++ plugin might come useful in various instances. It contains sets of pre-defined code snippets that you can easily insert into your code files. It supports all major programming languages including  C, CPP, CS, CSS, HTML, JS, VB and XML. The pre-defined code samples will help you quickly define the structure of your code files. For instance, if you're a web developer, you may know how much time does it take to add HTML's elements' tags such as <p>, <div>, <ul>, <li> etc., in a web document. Using the plugin, you can easily add HTML tags by just selecting them from the list. It will add both starting and ending tags, letting you quickly write the required line(s) of code within the tags. More details after the break.Read More

Spell-Checker: Notepad++ Plugin For Adding Spell Check Functionality

Notepad++ is an open-source text editor that offers a slew of basic and advanced text & source code editing features that are not found in integrated notepad utility. It is very comprehensive and probably the best of its kind. Apart from supporting a number of programming languages, it includes a syntax highlighting feature, a great feature which simply enables application developers to easily detect and correct syntax errors in their source code files. It also supports an umpteen number of third-party plugins that help users extend native source code editing functions. The application is mostly favored by developers as it greatly helps then in programming and coding various scripts, however, there are lots of plugins available for people who are not coders and still find quite handy. Earlier, we have covered quite a lot of Notepad++ plugins, including details on how to install them. Today, we have another one at your disposal called Spell-Checker. Spell Checker, as its name implies, allows you to quickly correct spelling mistakes in plain text documents. The plugin supports multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Danish, German and more. Not only does it mark spelling errors, it also helps you fix spelling mistakes and even lets you ignore selected or all errors. Moreover, you can add new custom words to its dictionary after reviewing all the suggested words for the misspelled word. Don't stop reading for more details Spell Checker just after the break.Read More

NppCrypt: Notepad++ Plugin To Encrypt & Decrypt Files & Selected Text

There are many tools featured on AddictiveTips that allow you to encrypt and decrypt files and folders, and calculate hash values of any file. File encryption can be done using a password to scramble text, and even hide text inside images, which can then be unscrambled or extracted using a password, depending on the encryption criteria used. However, to perform these functions, you need to install separate tools for everything. Installing a lot of software in your computer clutters up the system and sometimes, even slows down the PC. Notepad++ is a third party text editor that can easily be classified as one of the most powerful and feature-rich alternatives to the default Windows Notepad. The plugins available for Notepad++ increase its utility more than the features available in the application itself,. Here at AddictiveTips, we constantly keep covering any useful plugins that come out for Notepad++, which can help users in increasing its functionality. Today, we have a plugin for Notepad++ called NppCrpyt, which allows you to easily Encrypt and Decrypt your data using a password. You can encrypt selected text as well all open files in a batch operation.Read More

Search For Notepad++ Settings With A Plugin That Indexes Them

Notepad++ is a popular substitute to the Windows' default Notepad app. It's less a text editor and more a fairly powerful code editor with support for lots of languages. Being an extensible application, it supports a number of plugins, which not only extend its native text & code editing functions, but also allow users to quickly use off-the-shelf code modules in their development projects. If you're an avid Notepad++ user, and have installed a number of plugins, then you must've been dealing with a lot of menus and options' dialogs. Since Notepad++ doesn't provide an option to quickly search a menu or options' dialogs, it becomes quite a wearisome task to manually search menus for accessing the required options. NPPMenuSearch is a plugin for Notepad++ that allows you to quickly search for a particular option from the available menus. For instance, if you are looking for the Settings dialog box of a particular plugin, use the NppMenuSearch's search box to find the option or settings window you want to open.Read More

Session Manager: Create, Save & Load Notepad++ Editing Sessions [Plugin]

Notepad++ is one of the most powerful and widely used text editors out there. It supports countless plugins that help users extend native text editing and source code handling functions. At AddictiveTips, we all use Notepad++ for text and source code editing and have covered many useful Notepad++ add-ins in the past, such as NppJumpList that adds Windows 7 Jumplist support to Notepad++,  ToolBucket a plugin to add  Multiline Find and Replace functions, the option to generate GUID and Lorem Ipsum text, and much more, and Translate that allows you to translate text between multiple languages. Today, we have yet another handy plugin for avid Notepad++ users that lets you save and work with different sessions. It means you can work with all the files related to one project during one session, and save it before closing it. When you restore the session, all the files that you had open will be restored instantly allowing you to resume your work right where you left it off. Session Manager, as its name suggests, brings enhanced session management support to Notepad++, letting you create, manage and load Notepad++ editing sessions within a few clicks. Read past the jump for more.Read More

QuoteFix: Mail Plugin To Start Reply At The End Of Message Thread [Mac]

Apple’s Mail app is one of the top desktop email clients available for Mac. While some people prefer to use Thunderbird or Sparrow, the default app is still very popular. Although feature rich, it does have the occasional quirks. Gmail users know that when replying to a message from the web interface, the reply window is opened such that your reply will be typed below the message received. Apple Mail places the reply above it. Changing this is simple, just move your cursor below the initial email and then start typing. For an automated solution, QuoteFix is a free plugin for Apple Mail on Mac that automatically repositions the cursor so that the reply is typed below the original message.Read More

ToolBucket: Multiline Find & Replace, Generate Lorem Ipsum & More In Notepad++ [Plugin]

Notepad++ is a well known text editor among the readers of AddictiveTips. It's famous basically for its massive array of plugins that make it one of the most powerful text editors out there. It's library of plugins allows users to further enhance the the functionality of the program by introducing several new options with every plugin that you install. The default Windows Notepad does not allow you to perform anything other than what the program has to offer by default and you are confined to work using the basic tools offered by the application. Notepad++, on the other hand, has a much wider usage profile, even when no plugins are used. Each, easy available, plugin performs a specific action, such as adding a tree view bar, text translation into multiple languages, encryption of text etc. We regularly review Notepad++ plugins whenever we come across anything that can be useful to our readers. Today, we have another Notepad++ plugin for you, called ToolBucket. It provides you with Multiline Find and Replace, Generate GUID, Generate Lorem Ipsum, Compute MD5 hash, Compute SHA1 Hash, base 64 Encode and Base 64 Decode tools to help you perform these simple tasks, all from one module.Read More

NewFileBrowser: Create Custom File Templates For Programming In Notepad++ [Plugin]

When working on a programming project, developers have to constantly open new files, both new files to write new lines of code, and saved files to edit previously written code. If you are not using a relevant tool, it can be time taking. For instance, when working on an HTML project, a developer might have to frequently create new HTML and CSS files and edit the old ones. Writing all the code from scratch each time can be a tedious task, and it can turn out to be quite time consuming if you dont have the proper tool. Today, we have  just the tool that can help you in saving important time. Notepad++ is a very powerful open source text editor with lots of useful plugins available for increasing and matching its capability according to your needs. It is useful for both basic text editing and writing code in different programming languages. The main strength of Notepad++ lies in the massive number of plugins available for the software. Each plugin adds a previously non-existent functionality to the software, allowing you to perform more complex tasks. Coming back to the topic, we have a Notepad++ plugin called NewFileBrowser that allows you to open templates of different programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, SQL, Pascal, XML, JS, PYTHON etc. You can use the default template or edit it to your own liking.Read More

BetterDictionary: Bookmark Word Search In Stock Dictionary App [Mac]

Just about everyone relies on spellcheck; whether you’re looking something up on Google or writing an important email, spellcheck is probably the only thing that keeps others from finding out how good/bad your spellings really are. Similarly, we owe a lot to Wikipedia and online dictionaries for giving us a quick overview on short notice. If you use a Mac, you have the Dictionary app, which has a pretty good database in itself and comes in handy in case your internet is down. BetterDictionary is a small plug-in for Dictionary on your Mac that allows you to bookmark searches in Dictionary and view them again anytime. The plug-in can be extremely useful if you’re reading something, and continually have to look up words to understand it. The plug-in will allow you to recall them easily without having to type in the word or phrase again.Read More

CodeTwo Move & Delete: Get Alert On Moving A Folder In Outlook 2010

Since the advent of emails, many companies have come up with their own ideas to make the service more robust and advanced. Perhaps, it’s the sole reason that emails are not anymore used for the sake of sending text messages only, as there is a lot more to it now. In the arena of email clients that are available for Windows, Microsoft’s Outlook has earned a name of its own by taking care of pretty much everything that’s related to your email accounts, facilitating you to do and manage all your personal, work, and/or other email accounts under one umbrella. Although first released back in 1997, much has changed now since what was initially implemented with Microsoft’s latest and greatest Outlook 2010 – so many features have been packed into one package that it would be a fools way to call it just an email client. Apart from email management,  it takes care of your contacts, maange schedules and meetings, provide data backup options and what not. One of the beauties of Outlook is its plugins support, which further widen up this open ocean of features. If you’re continuously on the look for new plugins that take care of all your Outlook needs, then you’d definitely like the one we have for you today. If you work with a lot of folders in Microsoft Outlook, it can frequently happen that you unintentionally grab a folder, and drop it onto another folder while scrolling down the navigation pane. Well, you wouldn't anymore, as CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that prevents this from happening. If you drag and drop one folder into another, or hit the Delete button, it gives you a warning and allows you to cancel or confirm the action. A pretty nifty way to provide an early heads-up.Read More

NppExport For Notepad++: Export Highlighted Code In HTML/RTF Format

Notepad++ is becoming more and more versatile and useful text editor with every new plugin added to its arsenal. Each new plugin brings something different to the application allowing users to perform more and more functions and edit documents with ease using Notepad++. The default Notepad++ does not allow users to export the edited text or code in HTML or RTF format. So, if you want to generate an HTML report of a piece of code you have just written, you will have to use another tool for that. Today, we bring you another plugin called NppExport that allows you to generate reports of your source code in HTML and RTF format. You can also copy the source code to Windows clipboard in specified format (HTML or RTF), and paste it in your default Word Processor to get highlighted syntax of code. It may come helpful in situations where you need to share the code with those who don’t have the required software IDE to view the code with highlighted syntax. Using NppExport, instead of making the other person install the same tool on his system, or letting him view the code with the wrong syntax, you can easily generate an HTML report that will retain the complete syntax of your code in the generated report.Read More

QuickText: Visual Studio ReSharper Like Text Expansion For Notepad++

QuickText is a multi-purpose text expansion/text substitution plugin for Notepad++, that lets you create tags for most frequently used code modules and structures, so that you don't have to write them over and over again. In a nut shell, QuickText is to Notepad++, what ReSharper is to Visual Studio. While it offers a convenient configuration console to define the tags and their substitution text, you can easily make changes to defined substitution text, and edit and modify ‘tags’ text. The Tab key is a trigger key. Once you’ve defined the tags and substitution text, all you need is to write the tag, press the trigger key, and it will replace the tag text with defined substitution text.Read More

Bring Auto Save Feature To Notepad++ With AutoSave [Plugin]

Word Processors like MS Word can recover your data in case the system shuts down, reboots or the document is accidentally closed due to system crash. This document recovery option gives users the security of saving their data from accidental deletion. If you're an avid Notepad++ user and need auto-save feature to automatically save the documents after defined amount of time, add Auto-Save to Notepad++ plugin list. The extension lets you create an auto-save schedule, so that you can customize the 1-time auto-save option as per requirement. Apart from custom auto-save option, it can automatically save your current document upon application losing focus.Read More

MultiClipboard:Save Clipboard History For Pasting Codes In Notepad++

We have previously covered a number of Notepad++ plugins, which help enhance its functionality and user productivity. These include NPPJumplist, Compare, Customize Toolbar and others. MultiClipboard is another such plugin for Notepad++, which implements 10 text buffers that are filled up with text that is cut or copied from Notepad++, and other applications. The clipboard text can then be pasted from the clipboard history using hotkeys.Read More

LightExplorer Adds File And Folder Explorer To Notepad++ [Plugin]

Text editors come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them allow you to perform basic editing, while others are more focused on the development side of things, meaning that they allow you to work easily with programming languages. For example, some of the text editors contain sample code snippets that allow you to save time while writing code. Instead of starting to write the code from scratch, you can use the sample snippets and just edit them to get the required result. Notepad++ is a text editor that works perfectly, both when you are doing simple editing on plain text, and complex editing on codes. It is becoming a more powerful and useful text editor with every new plugin that is being added to it . LightExplorer is an open source plugin for Notepad++ that enables a file and folder explorer inside Notepad++, allowing you to save time by navigating from within the application. LightExplorer has the ability to remember the position of folder tree from last session, allowing you to resume your work exactly from where you left it. While viewing a document, you can view the position of the current document in the tree, and add frequently used folders to Favorites for easier access. More on LightExplorer after the jump.Read More

Share Large Files via Email By Uploading Them To WinZip Servers

There are many web services that allow sending large files via email. Such services often upload the attachment to their servers, and provide a URL of the file to the recipient. Unfortunately, these services are often restricted by a 25MB (in general) upload limit. Recently, WinZip has come up with a new service christened ZipSend, which allows up to 2 GB (per email) of file transfer. Before you get carried away, however, it is worth mentioning that the 2GB limit is only available in the paid version, while the lite (free) version provides up to 50MB of free upload. What ZipSend basically does is that, it zips attached files and sends a link to the recipient to download the file from WinZip servers. This means that you can avoid flooding your friend’s account with heavy mails, and also circumvent the 25MB upload limit. What makes ZipSend quite unique from other web services of it’s kind, is the fact that it provides a plugin that integrates with MS Outlook, as well as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail.Read More

NppJumpList Adds Windows 7 Jumplist Support To Notepad++

Editing both plain text, as well as complex codes, require a person to have the appropriate text editing tool available in order to be able to perform the function with efficiency. The default text editor of Windows, the Notepad, allows users to perform only basic text editing, such as cut, copy, paste, change font size, style etc, and it is not able to handle programming languages and lines of code. Each programming language has a different syntax and to edit code written in a particular language, you need a text editor that can handle it properly. Instead of using a different application for editing each programming language, you can use a text editor that can handle a number of languages. Notepad++ is one such open source text editor that allows you to edit, both plain text, and lines of code. It comes with an arsenal of useful plugins, which make it one of the most useful and versatile free text editors available in the market. Like every application, it has a drawback that it does not support Windows 7 Jumplists by default. Today, we bring to you a plugin for Notepad++, namely NppJumpList that will add Windows 7 Jumplist support to Notepad++.Read More

Customize Toolbar: Notepad++ Plugin To Add And Delete Custom Buttons

Notepad++ is one of the most powerful alternatives available to the default Windows Notepad. The main reason for its superiority over the default Notepad, is the huge number of plugins available for performing advanced operations. Each plugin is designed to perform a different operation and it is aimed to make the usage of Notepad++ more simple for the users. Here at AddictiveTips, we keep finding new, useful plugins for you that enable you to enhance your Notepad++ usage and allow you to perform extended operations that cannot be performed by using the stock options of Notepad++. Today, we have one such plugin for you called Customize Toolbar. It is a rather simple but useful plugin for Notepad++ that allows its toolbar to be fully customized by the user. You can put the frequently used options of Notepad++ in the toolbar that allows you to quickly access them without opening any menus and dialog boxes. Having the frequently used buttons in your toolbar saves time and increases user efficiency, and this application allows you to add and delete additional buttons in your toolbar for frequently-used menus.Read More

Encrypt NotePad++ Text Documents With SecurePad Plugin

Notepad++ is a popular advanced text editor which supports many programming languages and can be used as an alternative to default Windows Notepad. SecurePad is a NotePad++ plugin which encrypts text documents with password to protect your data. The utility of encryption is all too well known for any professional user, as it adds an extra layer of security to your data which may or may not be present on shared computers. This is so because data is not just vulnerable to theft merely on shared computers at office, but also at risk of being  accessed by hackers and malware. For this reason, encryption and password protection can help developers secure their hard work by encrypting  Notepad++ files, using SecurePad.Read More

Pidgin Privacy Please Helps Block Spammers On Pidgin

There are numerous multi-messenger desktop clients available on the internet. Pidgin is one of them and purportedly a widely used multi-messenger for chatting across multiple messengers and platforms within a unified interface. While Pidgin provides the utility of being a robust messenger, it cannot fill all the security loopholes, such as online spamming. Some examples include, the frequent spam messages received on Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger to advertisement from adult websites and malware infections from file transfer from dummy messenger accounts. A remedy to such issues for Pidgin users can be to use the Pidgin Privacy Please plugin. It is a open source plugin which allows blocking messages from spammers, suppresses repeated authorization requests, stops spam bots, allows blocking messages by specified expressions, and can be used to add an auto reply message for blocked users.Read More