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NppCrypt: Notepad++ Plugin To Encrypt & Decrypt Files & Selected Text

There are many tools featured on AddictiveTips that allow you to encrypt and decrypt files and folders, and calculate hash values of any file. File encryption can be done using a password to scramble text, and even hide text inside images, which can then be unscrambled or extracted using a password, depending on the encryption criteria used. However, to perform these functions, you need to install separate tools for everything. Installing a lot of software in your computer clutters up the system and sometimes, even slows down the PC. Notepad++ is a third party text editor that can easily be classified as one of the most powerful and feature-rich alternatives to the default Windows Notepad. The plugins available for Notepad++ increase its utility more than the features available in the application itself,. Here at AddictiveTips, we constantly keep covering any useful plugins that come out for Notepad++, which can help users in increasing its functionality. Today, we have a plugin for Notepad++ called NppCrpyt, which allows you to easily Encrypt and Decrypt your data using a password. You can encrypt selected text as well all open files in a batch operation.

Encrypting text using a third party tools requires you first download, install and then use the utility to encrypt text. It adds an extra software to your list of installed programs and in order to decrypt the text at a later date, you have to keep the extra software in your system. NppCrypt allows you to perform the same function without installing any extra software. To install NppCrypt, open Plugin Manager from the Plugins menu and look for the NppCrpyt under the Available tab.

Plugin Manager

Once installed, text can be encrypted and decrypted from the NppCrpyt menu under Plugins. To encrypt text, select the text, choose Encrypt from the NppCrypt menu and enter a password. The selected text will be instantly encrypted. If you want to encrypt all the open documents in a batch operation,  just don’t select any text and simply hit the Encrypt option. All the open files will be instantly encrypted with the specified password.


The plugin offers Blowfish, DES, RC2, IDEA, CAST5, AES128, AES256, DESX, DES_ede3 and RC4 as the available Cipher algorithms to choose from. You can select any algorithm, enter the password and click OK to encrypt the required data.

Program Manager_2012-06-07_17-28-24

NppCrypt is an open source plugin that works on all versions of Notepad++. Testing was done in Notepad++ 5.9.5.


  1. you just simply place the NppCrypt.dll file inside the plugins folders where notepad++ is installed. eg. C:Program Files (x86)Notepad++pluginsNppCrypt.dll

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