How To Listen To Podcasts And Watch YouTube Videos In VLC

VLC player is the go-to media player for just about everything for three reasons; it's awesome, it supports almost every media format there is, and it's open source. VLC player has richest set of features for video playback. Default media players on both macOS and Windows do not come close. It is only as of Windows 10 that support for subtitles has improved in the Videos app though there are no options for adjusting them during playback. VLC does more than just play your movies for you. It can also play podcasts and YouTube videos. The trick is to know how since it doesn't have a menu label to that effect. Read More

Audials Light Is A Stunning, Skinnable Media Center With Radio, Music TV Streaming & More

Radio apps are available in all shapes and sizes on all major desktop and mobile platforms including Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.  If you have been on the hunt for one that also lets you listen to podcasts and the music stored on your hard drive, try Audials Light. On the surface, it looks just like any other radio app that allows streaming a plethora of online stations, but deep down, you will find some really great features in addition to just that. For instance, it allows you to stream music TV channels, find and subscribe podcasts, search and stream music of your favorite artists, access your local music library and on top of that, it bundles it all in a great-looking UI. Read More

Convert Any Blog’s Articles Into Podcasts With Podcastomatic

Listening to text instead of reading is a godsend on weary days. I know, I’ve had my share. When I’m juggling a hefty workload, Notepad++ is my go-to app because of its Speech plugin. To compress extended, hour-long reading sessions into half the time, I rely on the excellent Balabolka. And finally, when I get back home, it’s time to shut out the world and unwind, my feet up on the couch and Podcastomatic playing my favorite blogs softly back to me. Read More

Player FM Is A Comprehensive Android Podcast Player With Auto Downloads

Over the past few years, podcasts have become increasingly easier to find, manage and listen to, thanks to several dedicated channels for them available on the web and in form of apps for pretty much every platform out there. We have seen several such apps for Android in the past, a few notable ones being AntennaPod, Volksempfanger and VoAudioPlayer FM is the latest entrant in this genre that supports accounts as well as guest login, complete with support for sharing your own channel, automatic downloads for offline listening and manually downloading any podcast of your choice. With a choice of over 300 topics to choose from and more planned by the developers, you can always find something of interest, and set the ones you like as ‘favorites’ for quick access . With its widget and lockscreen widget (Android 4.2+) support, swipe navigation, and the fact that the app is free, Player FM has all the makings of an app that will make people want to explore and learn about stuff on the go. We take a closer look at the app after the break. Read More

Manage Podcasts & Save To Google Drive Or Dropbox With Podcast Gallery

What’s the fastest way you can think of for saving a podcast so that it’s accessible from just about any where, and on any device? Since we’re talking any device, you may as well rule out the very impressive podcast library you’ve built on your iPod, iPhone, iPad or iWhatever that has iTunes on it. Podcast Gallery is an online service that not only lets you manage and listen to podcasts, but also allows you to save them to Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also directly download podcasts, or listen to them in iTunes if you have it installed on your device. You can create an account on Podcast Gallery and collect different podcasts as well. Each podcast can also be followed via its respective RSS link. Read More

Apple’s Podcasts iOS App Gets Playlists, Custom Stations & More

The standalone Podcasts app by Apple that was released last year has received its first major update. Previously, it just got a few minor updates to fix crashing issues, but the change log this time is a bit more substantial. Has it ever bothered you that while it is possible to easily organize songs into different playlists, the same can’t be done for podcasts? For instance I like catching up with football news while coming to work in the morning, while my evening listening sessions are all about informative shows. So, instead of manually selecting each episode, now I can take advantage of the new ‘My Stations’ feature to group particular podcasts together. The update has also added support for temporary stations, which can help people who don’t want to disrupt their playlist for a single episode. The overall look and feel of the app has been enhanced as well, and so has the iCloud syncing features. Read More

Podkeeper Is A Free Android Podcast App With Batch Downloads & Management

With likes of Volksempfanger, VoAudio and AntennaPod alreadya vailable on Play Store, no one can complain about Android not having enough quality podcast apps. To add to that tally, we have just found yet another promising candidate in the Holo-themed Podkeeper that seems to have all the makings of a brilliant podcast app. Barring the native vodcast streaming capabilities, Podkeeper boasts almost all the key features one expects to find in a good podcast player. The app lets you search for and subscribe to podcasts without having to register with any service. For each subscription and its episodes, it displays ample information and lets you download episodes in bulk. In addition, the app supports seamless playback, offers background playback support, lets you mark chosen episodes as listened or unlistened, complete with visual indicators, and allows you to define player behavior in case of phone calls or upon connecting or removing the headphone jack. Read More

AntennaPod Is A Feature-Rich Podcast & Vodcast Manager For Android

Over the past few months, quality podcast management apps for Android have slowly but surely started to show up in the Play Store. Just recently, we saw a very promising Holo-themed podcast app Volksempfanger that supported some nifty features such as auto-downloading of new episodes, downloading over Wi-Fi or in charging mode only, and plenty more. Today, we’ll take a look at AntennaPod – a full-featured podcast and vodcast manager for Android. Besides sporting a gorgeous Holo-themed UI with multiple shades, AntennaPod boasts quite a few handy tools that are hard to find in a single package, and that too for free! Read More

Podcasts! For Windows 8 Offers Tons Of Free Audio & Videocasts

Podcasts are audio or video recordings that are released in episodes - usually released on a daily or weekly basis - that can be downloaded and played by anyone interested. They can be based on any type of content such as a political discussion, an opinion, a review about cars, etc. Unlike a radio or a television show, anyone can create and release a podcast, and they are hugely popular among bloggers, independent media producers and YouTube personalities. There are various application that let you download and listen to podcasts. A few days ago, Waqas wrote about the official Windows 8 app for SlapDash - a very popular podcast service.  Today, we present to you another Windows 8 podcasts app aptly named Podcasts! that lets you listen to and watch audio and video podcasts neatly organized by different categories. You can also search for particular podcasts directly to quickly access them. Read More

Volksempfanger Is A Holo-Themed Android Podcast App With Auto Downloads

Podcast apps for Android are abound in Google Play Store, but if you’re in search of a quality Holo-themed alternative, you’ve got to take a look at Volksempfanger. Available for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and higher devices, this multilingual freeware has got almost everything that you wish to see in a good podcast app. It lets you subscribe to and download your favorite podcasts from a plethora of popular sources including BBC, TEDTalks, DIGG, TWiT, YouTube and lots more. Not only can you browse and subscribe to podcasts from virtually any category – science, technology, comedy, literature, TV & Film etc – but also import local audio files from your device’s internal storage. The app’s playlist management feature helps you keep a close tab on all your bookmarked, new and downloaded podcasts. Alongside each episode, you get to see brief notes, embedded links and info relevant to it. As far as personalization is concerned, the app lets you set a custom refresh interval for updating content. Moreover, you may opt to automatically download episodes from your subscribed podcasts, and set the app to perform said task over Wi-Fi and/or while charging only. Read More

Podbay Is A Great Looking Podcast Player For iPhone

Podcasts are something that Apple seems to be really fond of. In recognition of their importance, podcasts got their standalone app for iOS a few months back. While the app has earned the appreciation of most podcast fans, it also seems to suffer from a lot of bugs and feature omissions. Being a regular listener of several shows myself, the crashing issues and lack of resume capabilities in Apple’s Podcasts has really annoyed me a lot of times. Now however, there is a new kid on the block. Podbay is an iPhone app that lets users stream episodes of any podcast in a great interface. It will remember your past choices and keep your favorite podcasts pinned to its main screen. While the absence of offline play is a major disappointment, it is somewhat compensated by the excellent resume capability. Read More

Transfer Music & Video Files To Stock iOS Apps Without iTunes Using Music2iPod

iFile is among the most powerful tools available for jailbroken iOS devices. It lets you browse through and tinker with the iOS file system, and import files of just about any file format, but a complex file management utility isn't always the simplest solution. That’s what Cydia apps like Bridge are there for. Bridge lets its users transfer all the media files present in their iPhone to their respective stock apps. Now, Bridge is no longer the only app that can import media files to the Music and Videos apps. Music2iPod is a new, free alternative to Bridge that, like the latter, handles music, videos and podcasts. You can also edit the metadata of these files before sending them to the apps in your iPhone or iPad. Some of the Bridge features are missing in Music2iPod, like direct download using the file’s URL, but overall, the new app does everything as advertised. Read More

SlapDash Podcasts Is A Sleek Podcast App For Windows 8 With Cloud Sync

Currently, SlapDash stands among the best podcast services out there. If you have recently switched to Windows 8 and are looking for a way to listen to your favorite podcasts, then try the official SlapDash Podcasts app. Calling it the best podcast app on the Windows Store is probably stretching it a bit, but it surely stands among the best-looking ones. Apart from its appealing design, the application boasts an extensive podcast catalog, comprising News, Food, Entertainment, Business, Health, Movies and more. Not to mention, you may also subscribe to custom podcast channels via RSS feeds. All your subscriptions are saved in the cloud, which means you may access them from the web by logging in to your SlapDash account or using its Windows Phone app. Read More

noozy: Zune Style Android Media Player With Podcast & Sound Processors

Elegant and power-packed Android music players are plentiful in the Google Play Store, and quite a few of them try to replicate the looks and functionality of Microsoft’s Zune player, such as the previously-reviewed InstaMusic and Fede’s Music Player. The latest to join the club of Metro-style Android music players is noozy – a sleek freemium that not just possesses powerful audio playback capabilities (courtesy of enhanced sound technology imported from the Noozxoide Laboratories), but also supports playing videos. In addition, the app lets users subscribe to, stream & download podcasts, listen to live audio broadcasts from & services, and keep a close tab on the world's leading tracks, artists & albums. noozy also happens to be a great online music discovery tool that suggests tracks based on whatever you’re currently listening to. Users can get listen to samples of recommended tracks, browse complete albums of suggested artists, and purchase their favorite albums from various global music stores. Die-hard music lovers can also keep an eye on their favorite artists’ biographies, top tracks, album reviews & playlists, and get recommendations for similar artists. We’re not done with the app’s features yet; continue reading past the break to find out what else noozy has on offer. Read More

Kaliki For Nokia WP Devices Brings Audio News From Various Sources

News apps are nothing new for Windows Phone 7, and there is even a category for news + weather in the Marketplace. The profusion of news apps for Mango means that there needs to be something really special about an app to make it a favorite among WP7 users. Kaliki is a new Lumia-exclusive app that is not a conventional news aggregator, although it might look like one on the surface. Kaliki has categories for all news items that might interest an average user, but instead of providing you with written news articles, the app features professionally recorded audio clips for all news stories. This can be really helpful if you are driving (or doing something else) and just want to listen to all the best news items and articles. Read More

Apple Podcasts Lets You Manage Podcast Subscriptions Outside Of Stock Music App

Podcasts grew in popularity almost as soon as the original iPod was launched (hence the name “Podcast”), and since then, they have become an integral part of many people’s mornings (or days). So, it is rather surprising to see that it took Apple this long to release an official, standalone app for podcasts. The new Podcasts app for iPhone and iPad makes sure that the audio and video feeds have finally parted ways from the stock Music app. Although there is still that podcasts options in the More section of the Music app, one can’t help but wonder how much longer it will stay there now. Apple’s Podcasts app, which has been released prior to iOS 6, does not bring some magical new functionality to the mix, but it is a pretty nice way of streamlining your podcast collection and subscriptions. Not only does Podcasts neatly categorize all your downloads in one place, it also makes it really easy to find new and interesting podcasts/channels quickly. Read More

Stream & Download Podcasts On Android & iPhone With VoAudio

You can find plenty of podcast streaming apps across the Android & iOS app stores, but you’d be hard pressed to find an alternative that combines sleek looks with ample functionality. This is what VoAudio is all about. New to both the iTunes App Store as well as the Google Play Store, VoAudio is a free Android and iOS app that lets you subscribe to, search for, stream, download and listen to your favorite podcasts right on your mobile device. Supporting dozens of general and exclusively featured podcast categories, VoAudio enables users to select and listen to only the content of choice, and in doing so, provides them with considerable control over the streaming and downloading tasks. Most of the content featured on the VoAudio network is available in high quality, and can be subscribed to or accessed for free. Each podcast is supplemented with adequate information regarding the underlying episodes and can be streamed at a playback speed of choice. Convenient playlist management, fast-forwarding, advanced download queuing are among other salient features of VoAudio. Read More

Radio Downloader: Download & Subscribe To BBC Radio Programs & Podcasts

If listening to online radio isn’t your first foray into the world of music, then you must be familiar with the type of online services that let you stream thousands of radio stations for free. While most of them provide free audio streaming, only a limited number of services let you record and download the music, for offline listening. Not a while ago, I reviewed ClickGaGa, an ad-supported desktop app that allows you to listen to and download radio stations. Radio Downloader is yet another radio utility, which is not only free from annoying advertisements, but also contains a huge library from BBC Radio. Even though it doesn’t let you record the radio stations, it has the option to download radio programs via BBC iPlayer. Additionally, you can subscribe to Podcast feeds by simply entering their URLs. Read More

Audiolip Is Like Twitter For Podcasts; Lets You Share 15-Second Audio Recordings [Web]

Audiolip takes the micro-blogging concept (the one that drives Twitter) a step forward, and allows you to record micro-podcasts up to 15 seconds long, which can then be shared with all your buddies on social networks the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Using the service, you can listen to, share, interact with and add replies to every recorded message available. Additionally, you may add new podcasts and comments directly from the browser, or via a toll-free number if you live in the US or the UK. More after the break. Read More

Amarok 2.5 For Ubuntu, Now With Synchronization

Amarok is a famous cross-platform music player, which provides many options to organize a library of music into folders according to genre, artist and album, and allows editing tags, associating album art, attaching lyrics to audio files, and automatically scores music by keeping a play count record of played music files. Recently, a new version for Amarok (i.e. version 2.5) has been released, and is now available in the Ubuntu PPA for Oneiric Ocelot. Amarok  2.5 comes with many improvements, including podcast synchronization, iPod plugin fixes, auto save feature for playlists, Amazon MP3 store and more. Read More