Define Parameters & Switches For CLI Apps From Windows Context Menu

Most system and network administrators use the Command Prompt to run system and third-party Command Line Interface applications with pre-defined or custom parameters in order to tailor the operation of an application. However, to use Command Prompt, one has to manually open it, navigate to the application's location, and run it with required switches. If you often require using Command Prompt to run applications and scripts with different parameters, then Run With Parameters may help you quickly launch any application with custom parameters defined by you. It is basically a right-click context menu extension for Windows Explorer that allows you to enter parameters for the selected application; all you need is to right-click an application, select the Run With Parameter option from the context menu, enter parameters and hit OK to customize the app launch or functional behavior. Keep reading to find out more about Run With Parameters. Read More

Automate Redundant File, Application & Website Opening Tasks With WOSB

Automating processes to run when your computer comes out of stand by can come in very handy if you are required to perform the same set of tasks with the same set of applications or webpages each day. WOSB (Wake Up From Stand-by Mode & Hibernation) is a portable application for Windows that lets you specify when to wake up your PC and assign a set of tasks to perform when it does. The application provides you with very detailed options related to computer wake up, running an application or opening a file or a webpage and what to do next. You can set the schedules for the defined set of tasks depending on your requirement. More on WOSB after the break. Read More

Switch The Close/Maximize/Minimize Buttons To Left Side In Ubuntu

As you know whenever any window is displayed in Ubuntu, the three universal buttons Close, Maximize and Minimize are displayed on the right side by default. Ofcourse this is standard, but if you are left handed person or just want to change the buttons placement to the left side then this guide is for you. Read More

How To Find Commands To Run Applications In Ubuntu Linux

Whenever you install any particular application in Ubuntu it's launcher is placed in the appropriate category like Applications, Accessories, Places, or System. But if you are unable to locate any installed application there, then the best way to launch it is through the Run Application Dialogue box. You may open the Run Application dialogue box by pressing Alt + F2. Read More