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How to get macOS style hot corners on Windows 10

macOS has four hot corners that you can configure to open the launch pad, mission control, Finder, etc. Windows 10 only has one hot corner; the Show Desktop hot corner which, as the name implies, shows you your desktop. If you’d like to get macOS style hot corners on Windows 10, you can do so with a free app called HotCornersApp.

Hot corners on Windows 10

The app is as great as its name is unoriginal. Download, install, and run it, and you can configure all four hot corners.

Each hot corner has its own dropdown menu in the app’s interface. Open the dropdown and you will see five options; Lock Screen, Show Desktop, Task View, Keyboard shortcut, and run program. Select any of these options. You can assign the same action to multiple hot corners.

If you want to run an app, select the ‘Run Program’ option and in the new window that opens, select the app’s EXE. If you want to run a UWP app, select a shortcut to it.

If you want the hot corner to execute a keyboard shortcut, select the ‘Keyboard Shortcut’ option from the menu and enter the shortcut you want it to execute in the window that opens. You don’t have to set up an action for all four hot corners. You can leave any one of them empty. Click Save when you’re done and close the app. It will continue to run in the system tray.

Execute hot corners

To execute a hot corner, simply move the mouse cursor to a corner of your screen. Whatever action you’ve associated with the hot corner will be executed. You do not need to click to execute it.

The app works fairly well however, I tested it on a multi-monitor set-up and it did not execute the hot corner action that I had set up for the top right hot corner which is also where my primary display meets my secondary display. The bottom right hot corner worked fine but nothing I tried could get the top right hot corner to work.

If you ever want to disable a hot corner, open the app and open the dropdown for the hot corner you want to disable. Select the ‘No Selection’ option, and click save to remove the hot corner. The app doesn’t support a lot of OS level features however, it supports keyboard shortcuts so if you want to, for example, open Windows Search from a hot corner, use the keyboard shortcut option and enter Win+S.

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