How To Add Apple TV’s Aerial View Screensaver In Windows 10

Say what you want about Apple and it's products; they may be overpriced, over-hyped, and over-marketed but they are beautifully designed. It's hard to fault anything from hardware to software and it's often the amazing design that reels people into buying the products or giving them a try. It's hard to not want to check out something that looks so sleak. Apple has always made its products visually striking and this doesn't just go for the hardware or the apps it wants you to use but for everything you don't notice you're using such as a screensaver. The Apple TV has a truly breath-taking animated screensaver which shows aerial views of New York, China, San Francisco, etc. If you love the visual, here's how you can get the very same screensaver on Windows 10 using Aerial. Read More

How To Change Screensaver Photos On The Chromecast

The Chromecast, when not receiving media from any device, plays a slideshow of some wonderful photos from around the world. Since you don't need to connect the device with your Google account, you might wonder where these images come from and whether or not you can customize them. The good news is that customizing these photos that act as a screensaver is easy provided you're ready to connect your Google account to the device. Once you've connected your account, you can create an album of your favorite photos in Google Photos and use it exclusively for your Chromecast screensaver. Here's how. Read More

Screenstagram Is A Screensaver Made Out Of An Instagram Photo Grid

Checking out Instagram’s latest hits is, according to many, an idle task. So what better time to do that than when you’re just that – idle? Screenstagram allows you to quickly view the most popular uploads together, as many little photos on a single screen. The tiles slowly fade or slide in and out as the screensaver progresses. You can also set it to display pictures from your own Instagram feed, those with certain hashtags or all of the pictures you’ve ever liked, by signing in with your Instagram account. Read More

How To Set Your iCloud Photo Stream As Screensaver On Mac OS X

The iPad lets you see a slideshow of your camera roll or Photo Stream images on your lock screen. It’s a nice feature that gives you something better than the default wallpaper to look at when you pick up your iPad. If you’ve got iPhoto or Aperture installed and iCloud set up on your Mac, you can use the images in your Photo stream as a screensaver on your Mac as well. You will not even need any additional app for the purpose other than the ones just mentioned, and it’s likely that iPhoto came pre-installed with your Mac already if it’s a recent purchase. You will be able to set your entire Photo Stream or just one of the recent streams as your screensaver. Read More

Fake Mouse Input In Windows To Prevent Screensaver Or Sleep Mode

Screensavers are no doubt beautiful to look at, from stationary images appearing one after the other, they have evolved into complex animations that light up our screens whenever we leave the computer at idle. However, as much pleasing as they are to look at, sometimes it is a huge annoyance when you are in the middle of something and the screensaver suddenly pops up. Some of these situations can occur when you are in the middle of a presentation, installing an application or monitoring some other process that you don’t want to be interrupted. Sure, you can go to the Personalization Settings and turn off the screensaver, but what if you are not the system administrator and that option is blocked for you? Well, we have a solution for you called Mouse Jiggler. It is an open source tool for Windows that fakes the mouse input to your computer and makes it believe that some activity is going on by moving the mouse cursor slightly back and forth on your computer screen. The best part is that it will not only prevent a screensaver from appearing, but it will also prevent your PC from going to sleep. Read More

Animosaix: Generate Mosaic Wallpapers & Screensavers From Your Photos

Mosaic is a wonderful art and has enormous appeal for devotees of artwork. It’s an extraordinary way of creating images by assembling small pieces of various kind of material. In recent years, a number of computer applications have been introduced that let you create a photo mosaic; a large image made out of meticulous arrangement of thousands of tiny images. In addition, all you have to do is define source image and your picture library and the software would do the rest. If you’re a fan of mosaic photography, then you will definitely love Animosaix. It's a small utility that automatically creates a mosaic out of your photo albums, and lets you set it as a desktop wallpaper and screensaver. You can choose to set a refresh timer (in minutes) in order to automatically cycle through your mosaic image collection folder. More details after the break. Read More

AntiScreensaver Automatically Disables Screensaver While Specific Programs Are Running

Screensavers were initially designed to prevent phosphor burn-in on CRT and plasma computer monitors. They work by either blanking the screen or displaying random colors or images on it when the computer is not in use for a specified time. However, the advanced LCD and LED monitors of today do not experience phosphor burn-ins and today, screensavers are only used for entertainment or privacy purposes. For the same reasons, many of us still use screensavers on our computers, but how many times has it happened that you are in the middle of something, like an important presentation, and the screensaver pops up covering your desktop and diverting your attention? Today we have a tool called AntiScreensaver, which allows you to stop the screensaver from getting activated when a user-specified application is running. Keep reading to find out more about AntiScreensaver. Read More

Lock Your Screen: The Mothership Of Screen Lock Apps For Mac [Paid]

We’ve been covering lockscreen apps for Mac a lot this month, and each app that we’ve covered had its own special feature that set it apart. Lock Your Screen is a Mac app worth $3.99 in the Mac app store, and it literally has everything you could possibly want in a lockscreeen app. In addition to adding a clock, a custom background, iTunes controls, and three different ways of setting a password, the app also lets you add a password hint (feature available by default in Windows 7), lock your system via keyboard shortcut and disable the Sleep function. You can draw passwords either freehand or in a nine dot grid, both of which are set using the mouse and no trackpad is required. Additionally, the app will let you dim the screen when the screensaver is enabled, set the app to enable the screensaver if the system has been idle, and define Work, Movie or Presentation modes, so that the app does not mistake the system to be idle when it is not. Impressed? Read on to discover more. Read More

Screensaver+ Free: Draw Pattern With Mouse To Lock/Unlock Screen [Mac]

Last month we covered Screensaver +, a Mac app that adds an iOS like lockscreen to your Mac. The app was worth $1.99 and has been updated with new features. Screensavery is an app worth $2.99 featured just last week that allowed you to lock your screen with one of three different types of passwords, including a drawn out pattern entered via your trackpad. Screensaver + Free is the free version of Screensaver+, and it, too, allows you to lock/unlock your screen by drawing a pattern across a nine dot grid. The difference, other than that it is free, is that it allows you to draw the pattern simply with your mouse, no trackpad required. The paid version of this app has been upgraded with this feature as well, and is still available at its previously reviewed price tag. Read More

ScreenSavery: Draw Password To Lock/Unlock Mac Screen

You can lock or unlock your Mac with a simple alphanumeric password. By default, there are no keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to quickly lock your screen. While such a shortcut can be added, it is a bit of a long process, and that is why an app like  Lock Me Now exists. While this app provides an easy way to create a shortcut for locking your screen, ScreenSavery is a Mac app worth $2.99 in the Mac store that does all this and more. The app essentially does three things; adds animated screensavers to your Mac, lets you lock your screen with a keyboard shortcut, and lets you set up passwords in one of three ways. Passwords can be set the traditional way (alphanumeric passwords), they can be set up as a four digit number to be entered via a trackpad, or a swipe pattern that you have to draw on a nine dotted grid. Read More

Screensaver +: Add iPhone Lockscreen Like Screensaver To Mac [Paid]

CRT monitors are getting rare, and even if they stick around for a few more years, the technology itself has improved. Back when it was still new, we used screensavers to avoid phosphor burn-in. Today, screensavers are little more than a way of putting animated cuteness on our screens when we’re away. Screensaver + is a Mac app that costs $1.99, and gives you a more functional screensaver. It mimics the iPhone lockscreen and lets you view which network you’re connected to, the day and date, time and battery status of your Mac. Where the iPhone lockscreen lets you unlock your phone by sliding your finger across it, this app adds a button that you can click to unlock your Mac. You can choose any image to display as the screensaver, and impose a size limit on the images that can be used. Read More

ePic: Elegant Flickr, Picasa, 500px & iPhoto Image Viewer For Mac [Paid]

The default image viewer in Mac is pretty straightforward; it lets you view images and crop them. For normal bare bone image editing and viewing, it is more than enough, but if you compare it with the overall Mac interface, (which is downright gorgeous, to say the least) it looks ugly. ePic is an image viewer, available for $4.99 in the Mac App Store, which will make you want to view images just to have an excuse for using this app. It lets you view images from Flickr, 500px, iPhoto, Picasa and your local drive. The app also lets you use it’s stunning interface as a screensaver. Read More

Multi Photo Quotes Builder: Create Custom Text & Image Screensavers

Working with Windows OS for the past several years, the word Screensaver must not sound something unfamiliar to you. They come packed with Windows itself and you can even download numerous others to satiate your appetite. In case you don't know, screensavers were originally introduced in order to avoid phosphor burn-ins on CRT and plasma monitors, and save the screen colors. Well, you can always Google about the cause behind these affects, screensaver pretty much help in reducing it. They done so by either blank out the screen, or fill it with moving pictures after a specified time of inactivity on the computer. As time changed and we moved to LCDs, the need for screensavers vanished, and now, they are mostly used for their aesthetic qualities instead of the aforementioned function they were originally intended to perform. Albeit you can download various screensavers off the web, should you need to create one of your own, one software that might help you is Multi Photo Quotes Builder. It is an application that lets you create custom screensavers using images of your choice. The screensavers are created as EXE setup files and you are allowed to add custom Name, Label, Author, URL, Pre-Installation and Post-Installation Messages. Find out how to creates custom screensavers after the break. Read More

Control Screen Brightness And Turn Off Monitor With iBrightness

Picture clarity in modern displays depend on the difference between brightness and contrast ratio. The farther these two are to each other, the better your image or video would look. Surely, keeping your LCD brightness high during gaming sessions or while watching a movie does make sense, as the picture becomes more vivid and bright. But when you're using your PC at night with the lights turned off, doesn’t the screen seem a bit too bright? It puts strain on your eyes, and in the worst case scenario, can also harm your eyesight. Furthermore, when you're surfing the web or doing some writing stuff on MS Word or writing an important email to your boss, you don't want to keep the brightness level to the full. Whether you know it or not, more brightness also squeezes out more electricity, thus hefty bills to be paid at the end of the month. Although, you can change brightness level from within your LCD's OSD, with iBrightness, a brightness control tool for Windows, you'd keep monitor power and display brightness controls at your fingertips. Whilst you can change the screen brightness from native display options available in Control Panel, iBrightness provides you a unified interface to change brightness. What's more, it also enables to turn off monitor and activate desktop screensaver. More details after the break. Read More

Prevent The Display From Turning Blank In Ubuntu

If you are watching a movie on your laptop or are reading any PDF material, etc then you might have noticed that the system’s display turns off if no action is taken in a particular period of time. Let me show you an easy way to disable this system setting in Ubuntu. Read More

How To View Flickr Photos As Screensaver In Windows

Flickr .Net Screensaver is a free opensource tool for windows that let you view your flickr photos as screensaver. Apart from your own photos, you have the ability to display photos of your contacts, your favorites or a from a group or global tag. The feature that makes this tool worth is it’s ability to display photos that are private, but needs authentication. This tool is still under development but is very stable and requires .NET Framework 2.0  to run.

Just install this tool and it will open Screen Saver Settings with Flickr being the default screensaver.

Read More

Free Windows Vista ScreenSaver For Windows XP

Windows Vista is a big improvement from Windows XP in every way. If you love the Windows Vista screen savers and are using Windows XP, why don't you get Vista screen savers in your operating system too? Thanks to Rafael and JoeJoe for porting the screensavers to work with Windows XP and even Windows 2000. Read More