How To Remotely Ring, Wipe & Lock Your Phone Or Tablet With Android Device Manager

In this age, we rely heavily on our smartphones for getting a lot of things done. While this certainly has its productivity benefits, it renders us pretty much handicapped when we can’t recall where we last left our device, or worse, if the device gets stolen. We’ve seen several apps for Android such as Comodo Anti-theft, Advanced Mobile Care, Easy Finder and TheftSpy that help you remotely trace your lost or stolen phone’s location, wipe it, or even get a picture of the person who uses it. While all these services offer a lot of benefits and control over your device once you have installed and configured them, many of us start thinking of such solutions once it has been too late and we’ve already lost our device. Those at Google must have that in mind when they rolled out the Android Device Manager, letting users remotely ring, lock and even erase their device without having to install a separate app for the purpose. Let’s take a look at this service in detail and how it works, right after the break. Read More

Faceless.ME Is A VPN App For Windows With Free 2GB Monthly Bandwidth

Looking for a way to privately browse the web, share files, and access websites that are restricted in your location? What you need is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) program. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices when it comes to VPN service providers, with some being better, faster, cheaper, and more reliable than others. We've also covered quite a few free options like Spotflux, Tunnel Bear and VPNium, all of which left us fairly impressed. Faceless.ME is yet another decent VPN application for Windows that aims to keep your online presence safe and secure by hiding your real IP address so no one can track your activity. It’s a decent option if all you need to do is anonymously surf the web or share files with others, making it a useful tool while on public Wi-Fi hotspots. You can also use it to access websites or content not available in your own location. Read More

Rublon Brings Its Two-Factor Authentication For Multiple Services To Windows Phone

Almost all major email and social media services are frequently under attack from hackers, and while these big organizations often ward off such attacks with ease, some responsibility rests with the users to make things as difficult for the black hats as possible. For this reason, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo!, Twitter and a lot of other services support two-step authentication. Generally, two-factor verification requires users to perform some sort of verification from their mobile phone such as entering a code or scanning a QR code, in addition to providing the login details on their computer before they can successfully sign in. Rublon offers similar QR code-based authentication, but is different because it isn't limited to just one service. In fact, any website or service can integrate Rublon and make use of its authentication. Users just have to install the Rublon app on their Windows Phone, and scan the QR code generated by the service every time they want to sign in from an unfamiliar device. Read More

Safe In Cloud Is A PC & Android Password Manager That Uses Your Cloud Storage For Syncing

When it comes to password managers, LastPass pretty much seals the deal for most of us. That said, there are several other choices that keep popping up on the scene. One of them that I recently came across is Safe In Cloud for Windows and Android. The interesting bit about Safe In Cloud is that, unlike LastPass, it synchronizes your passwords to your own cloud storage and supports Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and The application has a really clean interface, and does a wonderful job of safely storing passwords, notes, credit card numbers, email accounts and more. It keeps your all passwords in an encrypted database shielded by 256-bit AES encryption, making it quite safe and secure. What’s more, it can also import and export data between other password managers, and sports full browser integration with Firefox and Chrome. Read More

ESET SysInspector Is A Comprehensive System Diagnostics Tool For Windows

Troubleshooting a critical system component, be it hardware or software, requires efforts as well as an in-depth understanding of what you’re dealing with. Many one-click system diagnostic tools available on the internet try to sell themselves by promoting false information, or are usually quite expensive for general users. Windows also comes with an integrated diagnostic tool out of the box, but if you need something that could go even deeper and isn't very tedious to use, try ESET SysInspector. Carrying a host of useful features and an intuitive UI, the application lets you inspect various aspects of your system and generates a detailed report comprising of running processes and services, drivers, registry items and so on. Read More

ChatCrypt Is A Secure Online Chat Service With Military-Grade Encryption

Have you ever wondered how safe your online conversations are from eavesdropping? Admittedly, no one likes their online communication to be monitored by some secret surveillance program like PRISM, unless they are blissfully indifferent to their own privacy. What we've been doing the day, what we are planning on doing, where we're headed next, and even some sensitive financial information is all part of what we regularly communicate with one another on the internet, all without knowing that someone maybe spying on us without our knowledge. ChatCrypt is an online chat service that may change a few rules around. The web app allows you to create encrypted chatrooms secured with military-grade AES 256-bit CTR encryption, and allows participants to join them via a secret password. Read on for more details. Read More

Kids Zone App Lock Balances Work & Play For Your Children On Android

If you’re a parent or have kids around you at home, chances are your smartphone or tablet is always being pursued as a source of entertainment by them since the time they caught you playing a game on it when you thought you weren't being under their watchful eye. Then there are times when you want the kids to just leave you in peace for a while and allow them to indulge in some harmless pastime with your phone. With that, though, there’s always that risk of an accidental call or SMS. Also, you may get the phone back with the home screen totally messed up, and changes in your settings that would make a novice smartphone user go crazy. Kids Zone App Lock for Android aims to put an end to all such worries. It allows you to restrict kids to a number of apps on your smartphone or tablet, preventing them from treading into areas of the OS you don't want them to visit. Think of it as a kiosk, where you decide what apps can and cannot be used by them, all the while being sure that no phone settings will be altered by them. The app sports another interesting feature called ‘Chore Mode’ that acts as a sort of time allowance for children. For more information, read on after the break. Read More

Get Rid Of Potentially Harmful Cookies From All Major Browsers With MAXA Cookie Manager

Web browser cookies are snoopy little text files that are put on your computer by websites to improve your browsing experience. Although cookies are useful for things like not having to sign in or providing a website with your site-specific preferences each time you visit it, they also raise privacy concerns by tracking your location and browsing habits to present ads (that you may not otherwise like), monitoring (and in some cases storing) your site login information and the like. Sure, you can get rid of them manually as well as by using extensions and various system cleaning tools like CCleaner, blocking all cookies may adversely affect your internet browsing. That’s why using an app like MAXA Cookie Manager to get rid of bad cookies while keeping the good ones can be a great solution. Read More

CodeScrambler Makes Your iPhone Passcode Harder To Guess By Randomizing Keypad Digit Positions

Does anyone here watch the excellent "Sherlock" TV series – a modern take on Arthur C. Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective novels? If you do, and have seen a certain episode, you will remember that the titular character was able to guess part of a PIN code by observing the fingerprints on the buttons. This is the main reason why we suggest avoiding pattern locks on Android, and recommend iOS users to opt for a strong alphanumeric password. However, entering a lengthy alphanumeric password so many times each day just isn't convenient, so what do we do about it? What we want is the enhanced security of an alphanumeric password, with the relatively quick input of a 4-digit passcode. The solution lies with a new tweak for iOS called 'CodeScrambler'. Read More

Child-Proof Apps & Internet Access On Your Android Device With Xooloo App Kids

Kids these days love playing games more on smartphones or tablets than they do on video gaming consoles or PCs. Though if you're a parent, it’s hard not to get stressed about what your kid might end up doing with your phone besides playing games. Even if your children have their own mobile phone – whether an old one of yours without a cellular connection, or their own with proper calling and abilities – you wouldn't want them to surf unsafe zones of the web or use apps that may be inappropriate for them. Fortunately there are various mobile apps designed to protect your kids from potentially dangerous content, and Xooloo App Kids is an awesome free option for Android that I recently came across. It basically allows you to control the apps your kids may access, by working as a launcher replacement for your Android and letting you block access to apps that you don't want your kids to use. You can use it to block access to web browsers, password managers, some particular games that have proven to be way too addicting for them, or even YouTube. Details to be followed after the jump. Read More

URL Uncover Helps You Determine If A Shortened Link Is Trustworthy

Thanks to URL shortening and redirection services, not all links are what they appear to be. Such shortened or redirected links take you to a different URL, which can possibly be malicious in nature as well. Extensions like WOT that tell you if a site can be trusted or not can be quite helpful for regular URLs but when it comes to shortened ones, such extensions have their limitations. URL Uncover is a web service that helps you check how safe a link is without having to visit it. You simply paste the link into it, and URL Uncover will run it by the McAfee SiteAdvisor to check if the domain is a trusted one. It will also generate a screenshot of the website that the URL links to, and pull the title, description, and keywords of that page from its metadata. Read More

360 Mobile Security For Android Offers Per-App Malware Scan & Floating System Maintenance Window

Android security issues make headlines just about every day, ranging from malicious apps to data vulnerabilities and other types of malware. There’s always been some debate on whether you really need antivirus apps on mobile devices or not, and also about the effectiveness of all the security apps available on Play Store. Though the fact remains that like any computing platform, security is a concern on mobile platforms as well, and users need to take the measures to keep their devices and the data they carry secure. Previously we've covered some genuinely useful security apps for smartphones and today, we are going to take a look at another one. 360 Mobile Security is a free app available for both Android and iOS that offers an impressive range of security tools including a robust antivirus and a system cleaner. The app scans your device to provide details about what your apps are actually up to, and if they pose any threat to  your device’s security. The Android variant is quite different from its iOS counterpart in that it sports a few additional features and is more flexible. In what follows, we will be taking the former for a spin. Read More

Track, Access & Wipe Your Lost Or Stolen Android With Droid Finder

Know that feeling of helplessness when you misplace your mobile phone, or worse, have it stolen? Losing your smartphone can be scary because of all your personal data like SMS, contacts, photos, emails, and sometimes even financial information that resides on it or is accessible from it. On the flip side, you can save yourself from such nightmare by using various security features of the OS, as well as third-party apps available to enhance it. If you’re not sure where to start, take Droid Finder for a try. In case your Android phone goes missing, this app may not only help you locate your missing device, but also send you pictures of the intruder via the device’s front facing camera. It uses your Google account to monitor your device, pinpoints its location on Google Map API and lets you track it via its web-based dashboard. Read More

Free VPN Service Spotflux Brings Its Secure Browsing App To Android

A good VPN service isn't too easy to find, and finding a good free one that works well and continues to do so for an extended period of time rather than just the first couple of months after its release is near impossible. However, Spotflux has been doing all that and more. The service already has apps available for Windows, Mac and iOS, and recently, it finally released one for Android as well. The basic VPN features are free forever, but Spotflux for Android also offers several premium features that require a payment. The app comes with a ten day trial of most premium features that include bandwidth compression, blocking trackers, and keeping you safe from malware. Read More

Oxynger KeyShield Is A Virtual Keyboard Immune To Keyloggers & Spyware

Keyloggers are one of the most feared security threats on computers. They are basically hardware devices or software programs that can record all your keystrokes and are used by cybercriminals to steal personal credentials of people such as usernames, password, credit card details, bank account information and other confidential data of users. Keyloggers are quite sneaky in nature, and are often installed silently on your PC without your consent. On the positive side though, there are a few protection measures that you can employ to protect yourself from them. If you don't want your private information to be transmitted to hackers without your awareness, Oxynger KeySheild provides a robust solution. It’s a virtual keyboard designed to protect your private information from keystroke logging. Read More

Lock Your Windows PC While Also Restricting Mouse Cursor Movement

The sad truth about our digital life is that our notebooks, smartphones and tablets now carry an awful lot of information about us and are perfectly capable of revealing it to others unless we're careful. Emails, login details, credit card information, bank accounts – we now heavily rely our our PCs and gadgets to store all this information, but even the slightest carelessness in protecting this data from intruders can have disastrous consequences. If you often leave your computer unintended at public places or at work, others can end up looking at any information about you without even trying. Mouse Lock is a Windows application that aims to protect your PC by locking the mouse cursor at one place and not letting anyone move it in your absence. It locks the mouse with a custom password, dims down the rest of your screen, and more. Read More

Hide, Passcode-Protect & Backup Photos & Videos On Android With Sectos

Photos on your phone are usually only kept secure by any lock that you've placed on the screen itself. Once the screen is unlocked, your photos can be accessed easily from the default Gallery app. Sectos aims to offers security for the photos you take on your Android device (update: now available on iOS as well). Apart from letting you set a passcode for viewing the photos, the app also hides them from the Gallery and renders them inaccessible from any file manager you might have installed. Pictures can be organized into albums and edited from within the app. You can add a photo to Sectos from the app itself or from the photos app. The app automatically locks itself each time you switch to another app, ensuring no one can access your media files without entering the correct password pattern. For ease of access, the app lets you ‘call’ it, i.e., open it by dialing a number in the phone app. There is also Dropbox support to keep your secure photos backed up to the cloud. Read More

McAfee Security Innovations Binds Your Android Devices Together To Prevent Loss

McAfee is a name that many associate with security and their famous anti-virus programs. The company doesn't just make apps to keep your data safe and your computers malware-free. McAfee Security Innovations is an Android app that is a versatile set of security features for both your data and your device. The app has a ‘Smart Perimeter’ feature that allows you to connect multiple Android devices over Wi-Fi and should the two connected devices be separated by more than 30meters, either because you forgot your device somewhere or because it got stolen, an alarm sounds on both of them. Additionally, the screen gets locked and can only be unlocked with the four digit PIN that you set up when adding devices. Apart from this, McAfee Security Innovations has a ‘Data Vault’ that, with McAfee Security installed, lets you securely backup files. Lastly, it has a QR code scanner that checks if the link hidden in a QR code is safe or not before opening it in the browser. Read More

8Smoker Pro Bundles Tons Of Windows 8 Performance & Security Tweaks

It’s been over 9 months since Microsoft introduced Windows 8 to consumers. The time in between went by fairly quickly, during which loads of third-party tools and apps were developed to bring both aesthetic as well as performance refinements to the new OS, despite it being already quite smooth and snappy out of the box. 8Smoker Pro is a new Windows 8 app designed to boost the operating system’s performance in a lot of aspects. Although it looks very simple on the surface, the application carries many tweaks and performance enhancements that can optimize Windows 8 via implementing backend changes to the registry. It’s a one-click optimization tool, though not something to tinker with if you're not sure what you wanna do. Read on for more details. Read More

Kidzy Is A Configurable, Child-Safe Web Browser For Concerned Parents

Internet is a source of practically infinite knowledge and entertainment for all and sundry. Even our children can take great benefit out of it if used in the right manner and for the right purpose. But the fear of exposure to inappropriate content like pornography, online harassment, child predators etc. tend to worry people and keep them from allowing their children to use the internet unsupervised. Kidzy is a full-screen internet browser that can be employed to let small children browse the web in a secure and safe environment that isn't offered by mainstream web browsers like Firefox and Chrome. The application’s parental control features aren't very flexible, but they do ensure that your kids only get to surf the web pages that you have explicitly allowed them to. Read More