Download HTC Amaze 4G Camera App For Sense 3.5 ROMs [Developers Only]

HTC Amaze 4G is an amazing phone that is set to amaze many Android fans due to its Super LCD display along with a powerful 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Processor. The phone comes with an amazing 8 Mega Pixel primary camera that is studded with a new SmartShot mode. This SmartShot mode actually works with portrait images and takes 5 successive snaps followed by blending the perfection from each one in one great portrait. Of course this happens automatically and will be of great help to photography fans and professionals alike.

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Android Gingerbread HTC Sense 3.5 ROM Available For HTC Hero [Download]

HTC Hero is a legacy Android device that came packaged with 600 MHz Arm Processor with ancient Android Cupcake on board. However the phone was able to gain immense popularity at that time and we can easily say that Android development entered its renaissance period with extensive experiments on HTC Hero. Even today there are scores of Android fans who have this phone and apart from this, the phone still boasts of an undeterred developer support at various Android portals and forums. Recently HTC Sense 3.5 was extracted by some Android hackers from certain leaked RUUs of HTC Runnymede and Bliss. This new version of Sense from HTC is basically a revamped, thoroughly optimized and more stable Sense 3.0.Read More

HTC Runnymede Bliss Sense 3.5 ROM Available For HTC HD2 [Download]

HTC HD2 is perhaps the only smartphone in recent history that has remained undefeated in paradigm of Mobile OS development. The phone surfaced with WinMo 6.5 and then opened its doors for Android, Meego, Ubuntu and Windows Phone 7. Recently a lot of NAND based Android ROMs have emerged for
HD2 that basically allow the users to boot right from the phone’s internal NAND memory decreasing SD Card lags etc.

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HTC Runnymede ROM Available For Desire S, Inspire 4G And Desire HD [Sense 3.5]

HTC has been really active lately with a massive Android line-up all ready to be unleashed in Q4 this year. HTC Bliss, Runnymede and HTC Sensation XE are all high-tier Android phones that will make it to general users in October / November. Although all these phones are to launch with HTC Sense 3.5 as their primary UI, but it is interesting to see that Bliss’s Sense 3.5 is different than that of HTC Runnymede. Both these phones had their system dumps [ROMs] leaked couple of days back and now developers are busy cooking custom ROMs based on these RUUs. Previously we discussed HTC Bliss’s Sense 3.5 getting ported to different handsets and today it’s about HTC Runnymede stealing the show. The Sense 3.5 version on Runnymede is certainly a succession of HTC Bliss with lockscreen bearing distinct brightness and music widgets.

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Fix Camera In HTC HD2 Running Sense 3.5 Gingerbread ROM [Guide]

HTC Sense 3.5, extracted from ROM dump of HTC Bliss Android phone, is perhaps the hottest UI available for HTC devices. There are numerous people looking to port HTC Sense 3.5 on their devices and ROM developers are readily cooking their custom firmware with HTC Sense 3.5 integrated. Recently the Sense 3.5 UI ROM made it to HTC HD2 in shape of a Gingerbread ROM but like all initial ports, the camera wasn’t working as expected. The main issue was a jittery video recording and blurred still captures after flashing / installing a custom ROM with Sense 3.5.

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HTC Sense 3.5 ROM Now Available For Evo 4G [Download]

Sense 3.5, the successor to Sense 3.0, is currently the hottest phenomenon among androiders. The development community is keeping up with expectations and this all new Sense 3.5 UI has been ported on majority of HTC Devices. HTC’s Sense 3.5 was “leaked” after some industrious hackers were able to post-mortem the ROM dump allegedly coming from HTC Bliss. HTC Bliss might be the first official handset carrying the awesomeness of HTC Sense 3.5 aboard and is scheduled to be released in 4th quarter this year. Sense 3.5 takes a lot from it’s 3.0 predecessor and comes integrated with Lock Ring feature. Apart from this, the UI will also allow users to display a range of homescreen notifications backed by one-tap re-sizeable widgets. Sense 3.5 also supports landscape orientation for homescreen and app drawer.

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Install Gingerbread Custom ROM With Sense 3.5 On HTC Incredible S

Since we caught wind of a Sense 3.5 in existence on the HTC Bliss, the UI has been leaked and ported over to a number of HTC devices. The Incredible S is one of those devices and has received an Android 2.3.4 ROM sporting the latest Sense 3.5 UI. The ROM is actually a port of the mySense 3.5 UI, that is T-Mobiles variant of the Sense UI, and credit goes to XDA-Developers forum member newtoroot who also ported this very same ROM over to the Droid Incredible 2. Named HTC Bliss, the ROM is in its beta stage and is being worked on for further improvements.

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Install Custom ROM With Sense 3.5 On HTC Droid Incredible 2

Since the rumors and videos of Sense 3.5 being leaked on the Internet, HTC’s latest Sense UI has begun finding its way onto HTC Android devices through way of custom ROMs. The Droid Incredible 2 has just recently received an Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread custom ROM with Sense 3.5 thanks to XDA-Developers forum member newtoroot. Named HTC Bliss Beta, the ROM in fact is a port of T-Mobiles version of the Sense 3.5, hence called mySense 3.5.Read More

Install RCMix3d Bliss Sense 3.5 ROM On HTC Desire HD

The RCTeam continues to bring us the best of ROMs for our Android devices, and those who don’t know about them, they have been here from the days of the HTC Hero. This time around they bring us a custom ROM sporting the much hyped about, Sense 3.5 for the Desire HD. The ROM is based on the Bliss WWE RUU 1.10.401.0 Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread.Read More

HTC Sense 3.5 Video Leaked–Or Is It A Custom ROM?

A little while back, released a few screenshots of what seems to be HTC’s updated version of their proprietary Sense 3.0 UI. A few days later a video showing off that update surfaces on the internet, again from, and this time taking us through the entire UI which is being run atop an Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread based ROM. While not a lot has been changed aesthetically, there area a few noticeable changes that you may or may not like. However, the highlight of the leaked video is the fact that it has been shown to be running on the HTC Bliss, which has very mediocre specs so to speak, but the new Sense 3.5 was butter like smooth on that device.Read More

Gingerbread Custom ROM With Sense 3.0 For Google Nexus One [Install]

The Nexus One may have been superseded by the Nexus S, but the Android device has a long standing bond with the development community and that is making sure that the device does not fall behind it’s successor. One such effort is the development and release of a Sense 3.0 custom ROM based on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread for the Nexus One. To be more precise, the ROM is actually a port of another ported ROM being ported from the HTC Desire Kingdom / Pyramid port. All of this has been made possible by XDA-Developers forum member dbasabe and without a doubt, a shout out to the HTC Desire’s developers responsible for the original port.Read More

Install Gingerbread Custom ROM With Sense 3.0 On HTC Droid Incredible

The HTC Incredible may have been superseded by the Incredible 2, but the former still packs a punch, and continues to receive the latest ROMs as they happen. Developers loyal to the Incredible are not about to let the phone go down without giving it a chance of tapping into its true potential. Pure Shooter 3 is an Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread based ROM by RootzWiki forum member wildstang83 and sports the latest and awesome Sense 3.0 UI.Read More

HTC Desire HD Gets Android 2.3.4 Custom ROM With Sense 3.0 [Install]

From the RCTeam we now have the RCMix3D 234 ROM for the Desire HD which is based on Android 2.3.4 and sports the latest Sense 3.0 UI. The RCTeam has been bringing us quite a few wonderful ROMs in the past on the HTC Android devices and most of the work has been around porting ROMs from one device to another. According to them, “we enjoy the fun of making something run on the phone that was not meant to.” This rom is based on RUU Pyramid HTC Android 2.3.4 China.

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HTC Sense 2.1 Ported To Samsung Epic 4G [WIP]

Finally there is some great news for all those waiting to taste the deliciousness of Sense UI on their Epic 4G. XDA developer and senior member, ahmgsk, has released a developer only Sense’d ROM for Samsung Epic 4G based on Android 2.2 Froyo. Apparently there was a lot of commotion among forum members to get Sense on their device and this release is an effort to cool down things a bit.

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How To Install HTC Desire S ROM Port On Nexus One

Previously, we covered the Desire S ROM port to the HTC Desire and you thought that was awesome. Well, thanks to the efforts of developers at XDA-Developers forum, owners of the Nexus One have not been left behind with the ROM being successfully ported to the Nexus One too, who now have an excellent option when it comes to custom Gingerbread based ROMs. The ROM is stated to be stable enough for everyday use, but is still being worked on for further improvements. For more on the ROM and how to install it, read on!Read More