How To Open A Google Docs File From A Home Screen Shortcut [iOS]

Productivity apps are rarely worth using unless they have smartphones apps to accompany their web or desktop interfaces. Google Docs is no different; it's an incredibly awesome way to collaborate and create documents in the cloud but it would be far less useful if it didn't have an app for iOS and Android devices. The Google Docs app is feature rich and has a nifty little 'Starred' option for bookmarking your most important documents but if going through them still seems like a tedious task to you, you can use a little trick with an HTML file, Dropbox, and of course Google Docs to open a document in two taps. This hack comes from Sascha Mombartz who developed it.Read More

How To Remove Desktop Shortcut Names To Improve Aesthetics

Your desktop is one of the most valuable places in Windows. It gives you instant access to frequently used programs, files and folders, and you can organize these shortcuts however you please. By default, the Windows desktop displays a title below every shortcut icon you create, which lets you quickly identify items you want to open. Whilst one can easily rename the shortcut icons, Microsoft’s operating system doesn’t offer an option that removes shortcut text altogether. If you want to simplify the display of icons on your Windows desktop, for let’s say, spruce up the aesthetics, you can remove these labels from desktop icons via a simple trick.Read More

AppBox Is A New Platform For iOS 7 Lock Screen App Shortcuts & Widgets

Lock screen launchers for iOS have become quite common among the jailbreak community in the past year or so. Tweaks like BuddyLock and AnyLock are just two of the many examples of releases that allow iOS users to make the most of their lock screen. While lock screen launchers have a certain usefulness of their own, some might argue that if a launcher is too feature-rich, it ends up killing the whole purpose of the lock screen. AppBox is an upcoming Cydia tweak that might have finally struck just the right balance between being simple and useful. It allows you to place a handful of app shortcuts on the iPhone lock screen, but that’s not where it stops. The tweak is a platform for third-party lock screen app-specific widgets, which can be used to perform a lot of actions without unlocking your device. With AppBox, it becomes possible to compose texts, post to Facebook, create notes, and do much more. The possibilities are virtually limitless, since other developers can come up with AppBox plugins for different apps.Read More

Access Favorite Apps From Android Lockscreen With Swipe Panel For GO Locker

GO Locker is a fairly popular Android lock screen replacement app that lets you apply different themes and layouts on your lock screen. The app supports a variety of different customization features such as unlock methods, widgets as well as plugins. Swipe Panel is a new GO Locker plugin that’s been recently made available at Play Store, and allows you to swipe a vertical panel out from the edge of the GO Locker in order to launch the apps you want. You can easily resize this panel, put custom apps in it as well as control its visual parameters. Details after the jump.Read More

Access Toggles, Contacts, Widgets & Apps From Anywhere On Android With Sidebar Plus

Android has established itself as the top mobile operating system in the world, and as a consequence, its app ecosystem has also grown to become the largest around, with Google Play Store boasting nearly a million apps(a lot of which are free). At the same time, Android devices have become more and more powerful, allowing users to install and run countless apps on their devices. Though managing all these apps on your device can become a hassle as your app drawer keeps getting cluttered. Also, at times, you simply want to have a quick list of shortcuts and information that you can access from anywhere in the OS. We've seen a few apps for that in the past, and Sidebar Plus by Root Uninstaller is the latest to join the club. The app adds multiple sidebars to your Android device, providing you quick access to several important features including common settings like Wi-Fi, GPS, Mobile data etc., contacts, app shortcuts, Dashclock extensions and widgets. The vertical sidebars can easily be positioned to the left or right sides of the screen and show up only when you swipe your finger from the specified screen edge.Read More

Floating Touch Brings An AssistiveTouch-Like Persistent Mini-Launcher To Android

If you're an Android user who has at any point admired something about iOS, then you probably didn't have to wait long before someone developed an app to mimic that same feature for your device. Floating Touch is one such Android app that doesn't just imitate AssistiveTouch on the iPhone, but actually does it better by giving users the freedom to choose what controls are added to their screen (a little like previously reviewed Easy Touch). It basically adds a floating orb to your screen that, when tapped, fans out to a disc with nine other controls. Five of these can be edited to open an app or operate a phone function of your choice such as the back key or the home key. If you upgrade the app, you can even add folders as shortcuts here. Thus, the disc of controls can be considered a combination of an app launcher and a settings panel.Read More

Easily Remove Windows Shortcut Arrow Or Replace It With A Custom Image

Whenever you create a shortcut of a file, folder or program, Windows puts a minuscule arrow overlay on the icon. This arrow is fairly useful for differentiating between an original item and a shortcut, but at the same time, it can also hurt the overall aesthetics of the desktop for customization freaks. Many Windows tweaking apps support removing this arrow as an option but if that's the only thing you want to do and don't want to install a whole tweaking app for it, Windows Shorcut Arrow Editor from WinAero can come handy. A registry hack can also get rid of this overlay for you, but this tiny portable application makes the process of removing it tenfold easier, and lets you easily replace it with a custom overlay of your choice as well! Click read more for more details.Read More

Get iOS 7 Control Center-Like System Toggles & Shortcuts In OS X Dock With FastToggles

The brand new Control Center feature of iOS 7 is certainly worth all the attention it’s getting. Similar features were made available on jailbroken iOS devices with famous tweaks NCSettings and SBSettings.  These controls allow a user to toggle frequently used settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS as well as manage brightness and orientation etc. OS X has some of these same settings that are frequently accessed and you have to go through several clicks, menus, and options just to turn them on or off. FastToggles is a Mac app worth $1.99 that puts these settings just a click away. It’s a group of apps in itself that allow you to turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi On/Off, toggle the visibility of hidden files and desktop icon, eject all mounted drives, empty the trash, lock your screen, log out, mute sound, open your downloads, Dropbox or Home folder, quit all apps, shut down or restart your Mac, and put the display to sleep.Read More

Get Highly Customizable Grabber-Like App Shortcuts On iOS Lock Screen With Axis

Lock screen launchers for iOS are pretty popular among the Cydia community these days, but with tweaks like Atom, there is always the possibility of inadvertently launching apps due to lack of proper preventive measures. To avoid this, a lot of people prefer Grabby - the popular tweak that adds four camera grabber-like app shortcuts to the lock screen. While Grabby is great, there are a few areas where it might have been a little better, or at least that is what trying out Axis has made us realize. Axis is pretty similar to Grabby, but offers a ton of customization options that aren't there in any of its competitors. To make the shortcuts look good, there are plenty of icon choices available for each shortcut. You can pin any app that is installed on your iDevice, and most of the popular ones have custom icons of their own to help users spot them at one quick glance. Axis also lets you pin one app more than Grabby to the lock screen, which offers four slots.Read More

SubIc0ns Adds A Gesture-Enabled Side Bar Of App Shortcuts To iPhone

There can be no denying the fact that Cydia tweaks that are loaded with features usually end up garnering a lot of attention and popularity, but an average user is rarely after all the extra baggage that comes with these feature-rich tweaks. Cydia packages that stay on our iPhones for long periods of time usually focus on providing just one or two features to users, and this is why SubIc0ns might have a chance of gaining popularity despite the presence of the seemingly better Deck tweak in the jailbreak store. Deck lets users place a bunch of system toggles and app shortcuts on the SpringBoard, but SubIc0ns focuses just on apps, and that too in a really uncomplicated manner. The tweak is really simple, and doesn't come with too many configurable options, making it something a lot of users will feel comfortable with. SubIc0ns can be invoked using any Activator gesture of your choice, making sure that the shortcuts collection remains accessible even on the lock screen or within apps.Read More

Atom Adds A Sleek Custom App Launcher To The iPhone Lock Screen

All it takes is a single app or tweak to bring a certain genre back in vogue. Prior to the release of JellyLock, there hadn’t been a similar tweak released in the Cydia store for a long time, but now we have an even newer way of adding useful app shortcuts to the iOS lock screen. atom lets you pin six apps to the lock screen, and to make sure you don’t end up launching them by mistake, it uses a clever dragging gesture to get to the shortcuts. To make the unlocking mechanism conforms to the rest of the tweak, atom adds the unlock shortcut in the middle of the app icons, which looks pretty neat. atom might not have as many customizing options as ICSLock Pro, but its default look is good enough to keep most users satisfied.Read More

Create Customizable System Tray Shortcuts For Any Windows App With Tray Tools

Your possessions often end up defining you just as much as you define them, be it your couch, your car, your cat, or even your computer. Especially your computer, since it is essentially a digital extension of you. Most of us prefer to keep our possessions clean and tidy, yet miss out on applying the principal to the contents of our computer. Simply keeping your digital content neat and clean can go a long way in enhancing your productivity. Tray Tools 2000 aims to help you with that by letting you add shortcuts for your programs as small icons in the Taskbar's system tray area, thus reducing desktop clutter. Read More

Easily Add Favorite Google Services Shortcuts To Firefox Toolbars

Google’s black bar that appears at the top of all its services is a convenient way to quickly access the major Google Services you use, but it isn't necessarily loved by everyone. It's safe to say that some users find it both ugly and distracting since your Google Plus updates are always there to divert your attention from the task on hand. There are also those who find the black bar indispensable, and you might even find some complaining about the bar not being omnipresent across the internet. Google Shortcuts is a Firefox add-on that fixes this; it provides you with Google Services’ buttons that you can place in your URL bar. Users choose which buttons will appear there, so that they aren't bothered with services they don’t use. Provided you're signed in to your Google account, your Google Drive, Calendar, and mail become just a click away.Read More

Organize Apps, Files & Folders Into Dock-Like Menus On OS X Desktop With DockMenus

The Dock in OS X is where your favorite apps and folders go, providing quick access to apps and files that you need frequently. Though apart from being limited in capacity, it also wouldn't let you group apps together unless you put them into a folder, and doing so means losing quick, one-click access to them. DockMenus is a Mac app worth $2.99 in the Mac App Store that gives you extra docks. You can create any number of Dock-like menus and add apps, files or folders to them. The menus can be named, set to stay on top of all windows, and snapped to the side where they disappear much like the default Dock’s auto hide feature. The menus can also be ‘pinned’ so that their position isn’t accidentally changed. You can also add Trash to a menu, and dragging & dropping a file its icon will send it to Trash. The opacity of a menu and its background can be changed from one of the presets available in the menu’s settings.Read More

Easily Fix Or Delete Broken Desktop & Start Menu Shortcuts

We all tend to create desktop shortcuts of our favorite applications and files for quick access without having to go to their actual location on the computer. Though sometimes, while moving a file or program from one location to another, one can simply forget to relink the shortcut to its associated item. Likewise, sometimes after removing an app, Windows Add/Remove Program utility doesn’t remove any of its manually created shortcuts. If you frequently face this issue or have various broken shortcuts lying around on your desktop or Start Menu, we've got a tool for you that might help out. ShortcutsMan is a nifty little application that automatically scans all the shortcuts on your desktop and Start Menu, highlights the broken ones as red, and provides you options to fix or delete them.Read More

10 Firefox Shortcuts For Faster Navigation & Feature Access

Browser shortcuts are pretty standardized. Unless you’re working on different operating systems, it isn’t likely that you will have to learn new keyboard shortcuts when you decide to use a different browser for a while. Chrome and Firefox - two of the most popular web browsers - have very similar keyboard shortcuts, but if you were to compare the two, Firefox has quite a few extra ones, some of which you might just like in Chrome and a few other browsers. Apart from the normal keyboard shortcuts for navigating web pages, or just using the basic Firefox features, here is a list of ten other shortcuts that work in the latest version of Firefox (and probably will in all future versions to come).Read More

Keyboard Shortcuts Manager: Easily Create Custom Key Combinations In Windows

The basic purpose of keyboard shortcuts is to save time normally spent in navigating Windows using your mouse and keyboard. An action, such as opening a window, a menu or a settings panel, which might normally take you 5 or 6 clicks or keystrokes, can be performed in a much lesser time by pressing down a couple of keys on the keyboard. There are some built-in shortcuts in Windows, such as Ctrl + C to copy files, and Win + D to show desktop, while some third party programs allow you to create custom shortcuts for opening programs, URLs and accessing different settings. In 2009, we featured an article with a list of 30 Windows 7 hotkeys. Previously, we have covered different keyboard shortcut related applications, including KeyRocket, an application for Windows that recommends you keyboard shortcuts to use when using different programs and suggests the useful ones when you are working, and KeyboardExt, a versatile tool that allows you to completely manage keyboard shortcuts, launch applications and do a lot more. However, if KeyboardExt is too complex for your simple needs, give Keyboard Shortcuts Manager a try. It is an application for WIndows that allows you to create and edit shortcuts to perform system actions, open different windows and URLs.Read More

Speero: Gesture Activated System Toggles, Shortcuts & App Switcher For iPad

SBSettings might be perfect for the smaller screens of iPhone and iPod touch devices, but it loses some of its awesomeness if you try using it on an iPad. The tweak is not optimized for big screens, and that makes it a little less useful, and a lot less pleasing to the eye. However, as there is no good alternative available for it on the iPad, jailbreak users are forced to keep using SBSettings. Not anymore! Speero is a tweak that has the potential to replace SBSettings on iPad. The tweak has a lot of system toggles, app shortcuts and other similar features. In addition to that, one thing that really sets Speero apart from SBSettings is the presence of App Switcher within the tweak’s menu. You can also add app shortcuts and customized actions to the mix.Read More

Launch Multiple Apps & Websites With A Single Keyboard Shortcut [Mac]

App launchers and shortcut creating tools are some of the best types of apps to use if you’re trying to organize the way you start work, simplify launching apps or maybe impress any onlookers when you’re working on your Mac. Either way, apps like these are very popular and occasionally pricey, and, sometimes, ugly and complicated, too. Launch it! is a free Mac app that lets you launch apps with shortcuts you add yourself for each one. You can record URLs to open as well and when the associated shortcut is pressed, the website is opened in your default browser. If the browser isn’t running, the app will launch it. Launch it! runs in the Menu Bar, has no Dock icon and is perhaps one of the easiest apps to configure. You can add as many apps and websites as you like. The app will not warn you if you record a shortcut that is already in use by the system and will override system shortcuts.Read More

Place Widgets & App Shortcuts On iPhone Lock Screen With AnyLock

The introduction of Notification Center in iOS 5 really made widgets popular among users of jailbroken iDevices. There are many NC widgets available in the Cydia store, and tweaks like Dashboard X have gone one step further by bringing widgets to the iPhone Springboard. AnyLock is not a competitor of Dashboard X, as it does not add widgets to the Springboard, but the functionality it offers is rather similar to Dashboard X. Users of this new tweak will be able to customize the lockscreen of their iPhone by placing any widget or app icon there. If that isn’t enough for you, you can even choose to remove a few stock features of the lock screen, in order to optimize it for the accommodation of more app shortcuts and widgets.Read More