PuriClub For WP7: Add Colorful Text, Frames & Stamps To Your Photos

Windows Phone 7’s camera comes with quite a number of photo effects of its own, especially with Mango. We believe, however, there is more to photos than just changing colors or rendering them black and white. PuriClub is an app that brings a sense of completeness to the WP7 photo-editing arsenal, allowing you to add colored frames around your photos as well as custom text and picture stamps. All of this, and more, for free. At first glance, PuriClub might appear to be a bit childish, but believe us, the app can be used for a bit of serious photo editing as well. It offers photo filters, stickers and a bunch of other features that make the app a good photo editor without overly complicating controls.Read More

Batch Change Date / Time Attribute Of Files With File Date Changer

File Date Changer offers a simple way to change the date/time stamp of files in bulk. You can also change these attributes associated with read-only files. Previously we covered Restamper (that offers more or less the same stamping features while sub-directory/directory inclusion is only for NTFS drives.). File Date Changer can re-stamp folder/sub folders without any restrictions.Read More

Restamper: Change Date And Time Stamps Of Files/Folders

Restamper is a portable tool to change the file’s date/time stamp. Each file carries list of properties and attributes, including date/time stamps; created, modified, accessed, etc. As name suggests, it’s built to restamp these file’s properties seamlessly, Apart from this, folders and sub-directories can also be restamped and it also let you change the date/time stamp of read-only files.Read More

How To Stamp Or Add Dates On All Your Photos/Pictures/Images

We all take thousands of pictures every year, yet only few cameras have a build-in feature to stamp dates on photos. Stamping photos can be helpful when browsing old photos, it becomes easier to see when the photo was taken, making the whole experience fun. If you forgot to enable date stamping feature on your digital camera, you can now stamp dates on all your photos with a simple tool.Y.A.  Photos Date Stamper is a free software that require .NET Framework 3.5 Beta 1 to run, if you don’t have this version of .Net Framework, it installs automatically for you(installation requires  restarting of computer).Read More