CorkBoard In The Cloud: Add Notes & Images, Sync With iOS Device [Mac]

Note taking apps for Mac that sync either via iCloud or through an online service aren’t hard to find - they just have a price. If your note taking is mostly confined to simple text and images and you don’t mind a slight delay in sync time, CorkBoard in the Cloud is a free Mac app that might do the trick. The app is accompanied by a free iOS app that must be installed on your iPhone or iPad. Its interface resembles a traditional corkboard, where images can be added by dragging & dropping them onto the app window. The iOS app lets you add images from your phone or snap new pictures using the camera, and add those images to your board. Read More

Cloudfogger: Drag & Drop Files To Auto-Encrypt & Upload To Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive & More

Cloud services, such as SkyDrive, Dropbox, and SugarSync, are a great way to store and access important data across all the configured systems without having to manually move the files around. With multiple devices like PC’s, tablets and even mobile phones becoming capable of creating and opening a large number of file formats, it is a tedious task to manually copy each file to every required device. This is where cloud services come in. The number of cloud services have increased a lot in the last few years, and with each new service, users get a considerable amount of cloud storage to store more and more data online. Even though the cloud-based services for syncing data provide you with a convenient way to access your data across all the configured devices, there is always the issue of security. We have found a service named Cloudfogger, that simplifies the two step process of manually encrypting and then uploading the files into one single step. Update: Now has an Android client and supports Google Drive. Read More

Simple Data Backup: Powerful On-Demand Data Backup Software With Desktop Shortcut Feature

Almost every data backup and synchronization application allows you to create, run and also schedule the data backup/sync jobs to keep the target location updated with most recent files, but if you don’t schedule the backup operation, you have to open the data backup application to manually backup data to target location. If you’re looking for a simple, yet quick data backup utility that doesn’t force to open the main interface to backup the required data, check out Simple Data Backup. Apart from providing all conventional data backup options, it offers an on-demand backup option namely create backup job shortcut at desktop to quickly perform the backup operation. You can also schedule the backup tasks, and set post-backup job actions, such as log off, shutdown system, put computer to sleep, show errors and more. Read More

Syncy Integrates Facebook Friends With Address Book Contacts [iPhone]

With the passage of time, Facebook has grown into a social network where people all over the world interact with each other on daily basis. Due to this importance enjoyed by Facebook, it has become somewhat cluttered, and at times, you might have to strive for a while before you can actually see updates from people you care about, rather than a Farmville announcement. If you have an iOS device, Syncy can prove to be the perfect solution for this problem, as using this iPhone app, you can view your Facebook friends as a list of contacts, and the app also lets you associate a Facebook profile with the contact details you might have got in the stock Contacts app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Read More

Safebox: Encrypt Files Before Uploading Them To A Cloud Service [Mac]

Dropbox is essentially a great service; cloud storage and cross platform sync sum up what makes it so useful. If you aren’t a fan of Dropbox, you might like one of the other and equally popular cloud storage services like SkyDrive, SugarSync, Box etc. Safebox is a free Mac app that compliments Dropbox and other cloud storage services by making sure important files are encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud. It is most conveniently used with Dropbox, as it adds a separate folder in Dropbox, visible on your local drive. All important files are first added to the Safebox folder, which, in turn, syncs with the cloud service, encrypting the files and uploading them. It is worth mentioning that the app only encrypts your data, and does not decrypt them. Read More

Syncly: Automatically & Instantly Upload Captured Photos To Dropbox [Android]

Despite the presence of so many alternative options including SugarSync, Box, CXAcronis et al, Dropbox still remains at or around the top of the cloud storage. Using the Dropbox mobile client, Android and iOS users can remotely access and manage their cloud content. Although the Android variant of said client has been receiving frequent updates, one feature that is still missing is the option to automatically sync files between their devices and Dropbox account. Yes, there are a handful of apps, such as, Dropsync and DropSpace, that let you manually sync files and folders from your device's local storage with your Dropbox cloud, or set them to be synced at regular intervals, but we were yet to come across a free app that allows real-time uploading (of photos, in particular) from Android to Dropbox until we found Syncly - a fresh entrant in the Android Market that offers instant and automatic uploading of photos to your Dropbox account. That is, as soon as you snap a photo, the app starts uploading it to Dropbox. Read More

How To Sync Multiple Calendars From Your Google Account With WP7

A few months back, we covered a tip on how to sync multiple Google Calendars with your WP7 device. Although that method worked just fine for most Mango users, it was a bit complicated and difficult to follow. Thankfully, Google seems to have taken note of the matter, and official support for syncing up to 25 Google Calendars with Windows Phone 7 has been added by Google to their scheduling service. The method we are going to be outlining below is not something just for Mango phones, we are sure that it will work just fine with any other smartphone as well. You don't need any app to configure everything, and all the steps in the procedure are browser-based. So, if you use more than one Google Calendars, read on to learn the easy method of syncing them to your Windows Phone device. Read More

Quick Note Is Lightweight Alternative To Stickies That Syncs [Mac]

Stickies is simple note taking app that comes pre-installed with your Mac. The main reason for using this app, if any, is perhaps that it is already there. It doesn’t sync with iCloud and doesn’t let you conveniently browse through all notes that you’ve added. Quick Note is a free Mac app from Diigo that lets you sync notes using its service. You can add as many notes as you like, store them locally, view and switch through multiple notes from the same window and search them by their title. The app has spell check, grammar check and autocorrect built in and supports cut, copy and paste functions. Read More

CloudBerry Explorer: Desktop Manager For OpenStack, Rackspace & Clodo Cloud Services

Cloud computing has seen some mainstream usage for the past few years. Dropbox for instance, has become quite a popular phenomenon among file sharing aficionados. Cloud sharing allows an easy access to your files from anywhere, provided you have an internet access, even from your smartphone. If you have an OpenStack or Rackspace account and looking for an easier solution to manage your files, then CloudBerry Explorer might help you out. It is an open source cloud service account manager that lets you manage your OpenStack, Rackspace and Clodo storage accounts from your desktop. It provides you with a two-pane, tabbed interface, allowing enabling you to manage multiple accounts at a time. The interface is designed in a way that it works as if your managing the files in your local directory. The application allows you to connect to any number of accounts, create, rename, browse and delete files and folders, copy folders between your computer and cloud storage, synchronize data between different services, generate URL for files etc. CloudBerry Explorer has the capability to remember user settings, generate storage capacity reports and move & copy data in background without interfering with your work. Read on to find out more about CloudBerry Explorer. Read More

DropboxAppSync: Sync App Data Across Systems With Dropbox [Mac]

If you don’t know what Dropbox is, it might be a good time to choke ?yourself with a light saber. Cloud storage, file sharing and syncing are things that have gained so much traction in the past few years, that it has now become a religion in Sweden (no joke). For those of you who may already be sharing and syncing files via Dropbox, you can now sync app data with it using DropboxAppSync for Mac. This app lets you choose and sync data for other apps between two Macs via Dropbox, ensuring that no matter what system you’re using, you’re data is not only backed up but synced. Read More

Wi-Fi PC Sync: Remotely Copy WiFi Profiles From PC To Android

If you’re looking for a way to sync wireless access points (Wi-Fi hotspots), their passwords and other settings from your computer to your Android device, look no further than Wi-Fi PC Sync. The app saves you from the hassle of manually feeding in a password for each Wi-Fi access point in your vicinity - particularly useful after flashing a custom ROM, or performing a factory reset on your device and for users who have multiple Wi-Fi connections at their homes or workplaces. The sync mechanism works through a combination of a desktop client, a valid email address, and the Wi-Fi PC Sync app itself. Read More

Tappin Allows Secure Remote Access To View & Share Large Files

These days, we usually have our digital content stored in multiple locations at once. With so many electronic devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones, it's hard to keep a copy of everything in each device you own. To make the content available on every device, services like DropBox require you to upload files to access them from configured devices. Tappin is a cloud service that lets you access any file stored on your hard drive without the need to upload or sync your files to central server; the files stay safe and secure on your computer. It allows you to remotely access documents and media files from browsers, mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7) and tablets. The application forces no size limits on the files, and you can access your data on another computer as well as share the files with others. Tappin not only provides secure and private remote access to you files, but also compresses and encrypts that content before making it accessible from other devices. Read More

SyncTwoFolders: Sync Content Between Any Two Folders On Your Mac

Syncing files and folders between different systems, and across different platforms, is no big deal these days, as there are various services that allow you to sync data through an online server, or apps that let you sync files over WiFi or Ethernet. What is rarely seen is an app that allows you to set up syncing between two folders on the same or different drives. SyncTwoFolders is a Mac app that lets you set up file syncing between any two folders, which may reside in the same drive or on different drives. You can sync folders either by syncing all content, or by selectively choosing what to sync from the source folder. Syncing can be reciprocal (two way), additional (new files are synced), or replacing (all files are replaced with new ones). Read More

Official Client For Cloud Service YouSendIt Arrives In Android Market

With more than 23 million registered subscribers from all across the globe, YouSendIt is easily one of the most extensively used online file syncing and sharing web services. Apart from updating its existing desktop and iOS clients just recently, YouSendIt also introduced brand new clients for Mac and Android to ensure that users of almost all renowned operating systems can avail the quality cloud computing features that it has to offer. Like its other variants, the official YouSendIt client for Android is also meant to provide you with instant and secure access to all the data stored on your cloud. Using the app, you can manage your files and folders, open, modify and add signatures to your digital documents, capture and upload photos/videos and share folders with your mail recipients (with user-defined access privileges for each). That’s not all; you can secure the app itself using a a 4-digit PIN. Read More

IntouchID For iPhone: Auto-Sync Changes To Your Contact Info With Friends’ Address Books

Almost all of us change our contact info at some point in time. Notifying every one of your contacts about changes to your primary phone number or email, or keeping track of all the changes your friends have made to theirs is quite a hassle. IntouchID is an iOS app that helps you out in this regard by automating the entire process. If you are linked with one of your contacts through the app's cloud service, all the changes they make to their contact info will automatically be reflected in your device’s address book and vice versa. Read More

SimpleDrop: Stream Media & Sync Data, Contacts Between Desktop, iPhone & Android

iOS users have always wanted to get the option to sync their device data wirelessly with their desktop system. With iOS 5, this wish finally came true, but what if you are on an older version of iOS or own an iOS 5-unsupported device? That’s where SimpleDrop comes in. This amazing app allows you to send and receive data (music, videos, photos, files and contacts) to/from its desktop client, given that the PC and iDevice are on the same Wi-Fi network. That's not all. The app even lets you sync data between your desktop system and Android devices, stream media from one device to another and even sync data directly between and Android and iOS device. Read More

Sync Your Google Docs Account With Local Folders Using KumoSync

Syncing your data to an online storage space is really important if you want to be safe from hard drive failures crashes and crashes. It also make it easier to retrieve the data whenever needed. The sheer number of held portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets makes it a necessity to have the important data all in one location instead of being scattered everywhere. When stored on a cloud server, the data can be retrieved by logging in to your account from any device. KumoSync is an application for Windows that lets you sync your local files and folders with Google Documents. Any changes made to the local folder, or your Google Docs account will be replicated to the respective alternate one, and vice versa. For instance, if you put new files in your local sync folder, they will be automatically uploaded to your Google Docs account. This allows you to access your important files and folders from any PC with an internet connection, eliminating the need to carry files and folders in a USB flash drive everywhere you go. The application has support for syncing multiple Google accounts with local folders. Read More

Windows Phone 7 Connector: Browse And Backup Files & Sync iTunes [Mac]

Microsoft and Apple are, quite literally, two worlds apart, as are their respective mobile devices, but should necessity ever call on you to get them together in one room (i.e., on one system), it is more than likely that several Steve Jobs & Bill Gates memes will cross your mind. If you’re a Mac user, and need to connect a Windows Phone 7 to your system to be ale to browse and sync files with it, you'll find Windows Phone 7 Connector very useful. This Mac app, while invoking memories of the All Things Digital conference held in 2007, allows you to browse your Windows Phone 7 on a Mac, sync files to your system, and copy or delete them from your phone. The app supports two way sync, so you can sync your music, podcasts, images and other files from iTunes to your phone, and vice versa. You must have iPhoto installed on your Mac for syncing to work perfectly. Read More

Insync: Dropbox-Like Client To Sync Google Docs With Multiple Desktops

A while back, we covered Syncdocs – a Google Docs sync utility for Windows that allows users to not only synchronize local files with Google Docs account, but also view and share Google Docs files from Windows right-click context menu. Syncdocs operates from system tray, providing options to pause and resume synchronization of local files with Google Docs account, open Google Docs web interface, and filter file types that users want to sync. Today, we stumbled on yet another Google Docs synchronization application for Windows and Mac OS X called Insync that brings Dropbox-like sync features for Google Docs. Read More