Edge: Quick Actions Offers Faster, Unified Access To Android Settings & Recent Apps

With the exceptional power of today’s smartphones, you can accomplish many tasks with them that were achievable only on conventional computers just a few years ago. All major mobile operating systems on the market today boast multitasking capabilities of some sort, with Android being known particularly for its full multitasking support. You are not bound to perform one task at a time, and with just a couple of taps, you can quickly switch among the different running apps. But although the native multitasking capability of Android’s latest version is quite effective, apps like Edge: Quick Actions aim to take it to a whole new level. The app is designed to take an intrinsic approach to multitasking, and lets you switch between running apps and access quick controls like Wi-Fi, GPS etc. through a small panel that can be brought up by swiping from the left edge of your screen. Read on to find out how. Read More

Smart Settings: Ultra-Customizable Automated Profile Switching On Android

When discussing some of the most reputed Android app developers, you can ill-afford to overlook Root Uninstaller – the creators of some very fine apps, such as Root Uninstaller, Smart RAM Booster, 1Tap Quick Bar and quite a few other handy tools. Each time these guys release an app to the Google Play Store, users know that they’re in for an effective and impressive solution to their routine Android-specific issues. Same is the case with the team’s latest release, Smart Settings, that can, at best, be deemed as a powerful combo of hyper-extensive Android sound and system profile customization and event-triggered profile management. This fully Holo-themed and free app is aimed at users who’re either discontent with the rather constrained and disorganized stock profile settings, or are looking for convenient and automated means to switch between the required profiles on their Android. Not only Smart Settings consolidates your system’s network, display, sound and sync settings under one hood, but also lets you extensively personalize each, and switch between the required ones with a tap. In addition, it can also automatically switch between various user-defined profiles as per the specified rules for battery level, WiFi status and/or custom time intervals. Read More

Create & Schedule Data Backup & Two-Way Sync Jobs With WinDataReflector

Previously, we have covered a number of different backup tools - such as Exiland Backup (reviewed here) and Cobian Backup (reviewed here) - that let you easily back up your files to a specified location by simply creating backup tasks and then schedule them to run from time to time. WinDataReflector is a similar backup application that enables you to create backup & sync jobs and execute them with a click. Its mainstay feature (i.e., file synchronization) lets you compare files that are added to the backup job. This feature may come useful in instances where you want to check whether all the files in the source directory have been copied to target location or not. Additionally, it supports two-way synchronization, which keeps both source and target folders synched. For instance, if you place some files in the target folder, it will automatically copy them to source folder and vice versa, however, you may configure how this sync feature works from within the application. Apart from manual file backup and sync, you may also schedule these jobs for a later time. Additionally, the tool fully supports NTFS file security to help you easily move files along with encryption information to the destination folder. Keep reading for more details. Read More

Concenturio: Task Reminder Application With Custom Alarm Sounds

With so many things to do in a day, one needs to be reminded of all the pending tasks. Consider yourself in a situation where you have set up a lunch meeting with your friend or with one of your important business clientele, but because of getting caught up in some other work, you forget about the lunch. Now that would not only create a really bad image about you on your friend's mind, but you may even loss that important client. Sometimes, random thoughts cross our mind during the most absurd moments. For instance, while working on some important task, you suddenly remember that you had to make a phone call. Previously reviewed Remindeo is a web application that allows you to schedule, manage and sync tasks without having to download anything on the PC or portable/ handheld device. If you were looking for something similar, only this time as a desktop app, then today we have another desktop reminder for you called Concenturio, which allows you to create single or recurring tasks, as well as set notifications for selected pending ones. Keep reading for more details on Cencenturio. Read More

Desktop Reminder Updated, Brings New UI, Categories & More

With so many things to do in a day, one needs to be reminded about the pending tasks during the day. Consider yourself in a situation where you have set up a lunch meeting with your friend or someone important for your business, but because of getting caught up in some other work, you forget about the lunch. This can either make your friend angry or you can lose a business deal (if the meeting was of that nature). To avoid forgetting about important things, we have covered a lot of applications that allow you to store tasks and remind you about them at the right time. Back in 2010, we covered an application called Desktop Reminder, a free task planner for Windows that offers quick options to let users create and manage tasks and to-dos efficiently. Today, we stumbled across the updated version of Desktop Reminder, which is now called Desktop Reminder 2. Read past the jump to find out about the changes included in this update. Read More

ForgetNot!: Reminder App With Desktop Notifications & Pre-Event Alerts

If you find it hard to keep an eye on your tasks, events and other schedules, or may feel regretful of missing your sweetheart’s birthday every year, then worry no more, as ForgetNot! will keep a record of all your important events and tasks. You can set as many reminders as you want in the application's built in reminder database, and the program will keep notifying you of all upcoming events using alarm and notifications. You may also set as many number of events as you like, such as birthdays, weddings, business meetings, concerts, travel times and what not. This is quite a simple and easy to use utility. Please note that this program is Java-based so you will need to have java installed in your computer. Read More

iCal Time-Recording: Calculate Time Needed For An iCal Task [Mac]

iCal is one of the popular default Mac apps; it is widely preferred as a great way to manage tasks, events, reminders and a to-do list. If you use iCal extensively, you might have felt the need to know how much time you are spending on your tasks. Your tasks are distributed among different calendars, and if you ever need to know how much time you need to put aside for a particular task, you will have to check it manually. iCal Time-Recording is a free Mac app that acts much like a plugin for iCal, and calculates the time spent on any one task. The app gives you weekly statistics, and lets you use it to either add tasks, or add and calculate time for tasks added in iCal. Read More

Todoist: A Simple Project & Task Organizer For Your Desktop [Mac]

It’s never too late to get organized; unless your cat has taken to sleeping in the pile of papers on your desk, you can pretty much start organizing your life right now. Todoist is a free Mac app that lets you organize tasks and group them by projects. The app uses an online service, which you will have to create a free account for. The interface is super simple and lets you add as many projects and tasks as you like. A free account will let you create projects, add tasks, define a due date for those tasks, reorder tasks, delete completed tasks, prioritize them, move them to another project, and view projects by their due dates. Read More

TaskBadges: Use A Simple Text Editor As A To-Do List Manager [Mac]

If you’re the somewhat traditional type of person when it comes to creating to-do lists, i.e., you will sooner jot something down on paper than take the time to type it out and set a date and pick a sound alert for it, then to-do apps might not be doing you justice. For those that have transitioned one step beyond scribbling on paper, but will nevertheless just open a text editor, save it with a random file name (perhaps the default one) and type in a list of tasks, you need TaskBadges. It is a free Mac app that uses a very simple syntax to record tasks. Tasks are recorded in a text editor and the file is then added to this app. Using the syntax, the app detects how many tasks you’ve added and lists them as a notification on the file itself. Read More

RedNotebook: Journal With Calendar Navigation, Custom Templates & Word Cloud

Just a few days ago, we covered a cross-platform task manager named Conqu, which allows you to manage the tasks by providing a comprehensive set of features, including Quick Add, Tags, Dates etc. Today, we stumbled across an open source application called RedNotebook. It is not exactly a task manager, but more of a journal where you can record just about anything you want. You can write pending tasks, note down important events or use it as an everyday e-diary. It includes calendar, customizable templates, save and export options and a word cloud. You can manage the entries via tag feature, which helps you quickly search the journal entry you want to view or edit. More on RedNotebook after the break. Read More

Automate Redundant File, Application & Website Opening Tasks With WOSB

Automating processes to run when your computer comes out of stand by can come in very handy if you are required to perform the same set of tasks with the same set of applications or webpages each day. WOSB (Wake Up From Stand-by Mode & Hibernation) is a portable application for Windows that lets you specify when to wake up your PC and assign a set of tasks to perform when it does. The application provides you with very detailed options related to computer wake up, running an application or opening a file or a webpage and what to do next. You can set the schedules for the defined set of tasks depending on your requirement. More on WOSB after the break. Read More

PomodoroApp: Advanced Pomodoro Tool With Detailed Progress Reports

Pomodoro is a technique for productivity enhancement, which is meant to help you focus on completing tasks within a set time frame. Assuming “time is money”, what better way to utilize this asset than to use the Pomodoro technique. We have previously covered a number of Pomodoro related applications, such as Tomighty and CherryTomato. Though, this time, we have a  slightly more advanced Pomodoro application for you, known as PomodoroApp. With the help of this application, you can set a timer to help you complete a task within a set period of time. It has been designed to help you organize your tasks and to improve personal productivity using the Pomodoro Technique. The tool provides options for task management, GTD (getting things done) planning, tracking Pomodoro, track interruptions, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly stats and task integration. Read More

WatchMe Lets You Add And Manage Timers For Multiple Tasks

If you are in the habit of doing multiple tasks at a time and want to track the time spent on each task, WatchMe is worth a try. This timer application features extensive options to set timers, add alerts and manage timers for all your tasks. It lets you add timers for different tasks, and run them individually or simultaneously without conflicting with each other. You can add notes, set alerts and enable hotkeys for individual timers. The application allows you to view individual times for each task, as well as the total time. WatchMe can track time spent during work, and calculate hourly billing according to specified rates. It monitors how often you switch between your tasks, and the focus light informs you about your focus level. Read More

Startino – Simplified Online To-Do List And Task Sharing

The best to-do list and task manger is one that doesn’t complicate the way you check up on tasks and manage things to do. Startino is a simple web service that combines a to-do list and task manager. You can start using it immediately with just a Google account. You can share tasks with just about anyone, categorize and edit them any time and organize them however you want. The service has no paid version but displays advertisements. The great thing about this service is that you get everything on one page, no jumping around different pages to find completed tasks or less important ones. Read More

How To Open A Folder In New Process In Windows 7

In order to save system's resources, the upcoming Windows 7 opens all folders in the single process, i.e. all open folders are being controlled by single explorer.exe process. But there is a huge problem, if  one open folder crashes then all your open folders will get closed too. The solution to this problem is to open any particular folder in separate process. But please note if you will use this feature frequently then your systems overall performance might get reduced. Read More

Find More Information On Background Processes In Windows With ProcessScanner

Do you want to know how many processes are running in the background of your system and how many of them are harmful? Or you think one of the processes is a virus but not sure about it? You can view the list of process by going to Task Manager, on the process tab you'll see how many processes are running simultaneously on your system. The number of processes are shown at the bottom of the task manager, but how can you separate legitimate processes with illegitimate ones is a question. Read More

How To Enable Windows Task Manager When Disabled By a Virus

Let’s face it. All of us have been infected by virus before. Even if you have anti-virus installed, you can still be infected by a new or custom virus that is not recognized by your anti-virus. Sometimes after removing the virus completely from our system, you’ll face new problems such as you can no longer bring up Windows Task Manager from CTRL+ALT+DEL. You get the error message saying “Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator”. This post will help you to re-enable the Windows Task Manager as long as it cannot open normally. Just follow these steps. Read More