Pictotool: Create Customizable & Funny Pictograms For Use On The Web

Looking for some fun images and pictograms to post on your Facebook, website or blog? Pictotool is a web tool that can create interesting and fun images with pictograms and text that you can easily customize. It’s a free and simple to use image creation tool that lets you combine text and graphics to create unique, attractive images. Once you’ve created an image, you can even change the font, background and pictogram colors. After creating the image, click GENERATE and download the image to your local system before uploading it to your desired website.Read More

How To Search And Replace Text In Multiple Files Simultaneously

If you need to search and replace text in a lot of files, opening each file separately, finding the text string that needs to be changed, and then replacing it manually requires a lot of time and effort. Spending so much time for doing something so trivial does not seem like a good idea. Instead of doing the whole exercise manually, wouldn’t it be better if you could quickly search and replace text strings in multiple documents without having to open each file one by one?  Today, we have a tool that allows you to do the job without spending a lot of time. NodeSoft’s Search And Replace is a portable application for Windows that allows you to search and replace text in multiple documents with a click. Keep reading to find out more about Search And Replace.Read More

Remove Gmail’s New Icon-Based Toolbar & Bring Back Text Buttons [Tip]

Google made a number of changes to Gmail, which included a modification to the toolbar above conversations, where the text was replaced with icons. While some people liked this change, others felt that the text allowed them to easily distinguish between the different buttons, and it was easier to identify each button’s functionality. Lots of people will be quite happy to know that Google has included a tiny feature in Gmail's settings, which allows you to switch back to the toolbar with text instead of icons. Users can either select the icon-based toolbar or switch back to text. So, all those who want to go back to the old style, simply change the options from the Settings and enjoy browsing Gmail.Read More

ICQ Brings Its Official Messenger To Windows Phone 7

There was a time when Facebook didn’t exist, and the internet was ruled by the likes of Orkut, mIRC and ICQ. Times have changed, and those services are still around, although they are nowhere near as popular as they once were. It’s still nice though, whenever you see those services doing something new, as is the case with the recent release of the official ICQ client for Windows Phone 7. Admittedly, not many people use the service now, but to be fair to the app, the Mango client looks pretty decent and can hold its own against most messenger apps available in the WP7 Marketplace. The best thing about the app is its integration with the People hub, and thanks to that feature, it is possible to chat with your Facebook, GTalk and Mail.Ru friends as well as the ones you have got in your ICQ messenger list.Read More

Print-it-Easy: Quickly Print Text Snippets Without Saving Them [Mac]

Have you ever needed to print text super quick? Text like an address to paste on a package or perhaps a phone number, the name of a book, reference to a journal? Basically, anything that you need to print but will be as likely to use again as you are to watch Twilight. If you’re viewing the information in your web browser and you have an extension on hand that allows you to selectively print text snippets, you’re good to go, but in the event that you’re reading it is as PDF or your extension just decided not to work, you will have to copy, paste and save that snippet to a text editor and then print it. Print-it-Easy is a free Mac app that lets you print snippets. It isn’t a text editor; rather, its sole purpose is to get you printing any text as fast as possible.Read More

Capture2Text: OCR Tool To Easily Extract Text From Images

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is the mechanical or electronic translation of images of text into machine-encoded text. It has a wide usage for converting books and documents into electronic documents and to computerize a record-keeping system in offices. For instance, what will you do if you have the hard copy of a form and you want to enter it in to your computer. Most probably you will end up typing the whole form into your computer manually. OCR allows you to save time in such tasks by automatically picking up text from images. This means that when using OCR, instead of typing down everything by hand, all you have to do is scan the document and convert the scanned image to text with the help of an OCR application. Previously, we have covered a lot of OCR applications, including Ground Truth Text, OCR Terminal and OneNote 2010. Capture2Text is an open source OCR application that allows you to quickly snapshot a portion of the screen, convert it to text and save the result to the clipboard. This simple tool can be used to quickly convert the text in images into editable text and copy it from the clipboard to any text editor. More on Capture2Text after the break.Read More

Encrypt Data, Generate File Hash, Securely Delete Files & Encode Text Using WinAES

Encrypting files to prevent unauthorized access and external data theft attacks can be achieved using a number of file encryption software, which allow users to choose an encryption algorithm and encrypt  key to secure the specified files. Like Mac OS X, Windows 7 also enables you to encrypt files across the disk partitions to ensure data safety, and also to restrict others from reading/writing the data. BitLocker and TrueCrypt are probably the best tools available for this very purpose. Although one can create encrypted containers for holding specified files and folders using Truecrypt, it requires following quite a lengthy wizard and configuring complex settings to encrypt a set of files. Simialrly, Windows 7 built-in BitLocker allows encrypting the entire disk, but if you’re encrypting a large disk volume, it may take hours to complete the encryption process. If you’re looking for a super powerful data encryption tool that can encrypt and decrypt specified files with a click, WinAES is a solid pick. Read past the jump for details.Read More

Automatically Fix Typos, Spellings, Grammatical Errors With Ginger

These days, people have stopped caring about the grammar and spellings they use while writing anything on the internet. It can be anything from a YouTube comment, to a Windows' support forum, but the lack of grammar and incorrect spellings will be present everywhere. You can partly blame it on the carelessness of people, and partly on the availability of applications for both computer and mobile phones that automatically fix wrong spellings and grammar. Since no one gives a second glance to the sentence or word corrected by the software, it allows people to avoid learning the correct usage themselves. However, we cannot deny the fact that if it weren’t for the these applications, a lot of text on the internet would be full of wrong grammar and spellings. The usefulness of such applications is not limited to only correcting the grammar and spelling mistakes, but they also help out in fixing typos that are a result of trying to type faster than you actually can. We found one such grammar and spell checker application called Ginger, that corrects text based on the context of each sentence. Currently, MS-Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer and Firefox are supported.Read More

PopClip: Search Web, Open Links, Correct Spelling & Work With Text [Mac]

Looking for a tool that can help you easily work with text in all applications? What you might need is an universal text assistant that can perform numerous text-related operations without having to use exhaustive hotkey combinations. PopClip is small, menu bar application that comes with a variety of text-related options to help you compose emails, change file/folder names, type text, open mail links, search the web etc. The application has been developed to prevent you from doing lengthy text-related tasks, such as copying and pasting text from one app to another, searching the web, opening file and email links, and correcting spelling mistakes. It provides a small, on-screen menu with text to perform all the related operations with a click. For instance, if you want to compose an email, just select the email address, and click the @ button to open default email client for composing mail. Read past the break for more.Read More

SearchInFiles: Search Text Within Files By Line Number & Context On Mac [Paid]

Spotlight search in Mac is plain amazing. Even if you advocate actively for Windows PCs and insist that the Start Search is possibly one of the best features to have come to Windows, you will still be blown with the search results from Spotlight. While it is amazing and all, it does have a few limitations, or, as some might say, slight complications. The file type search isn't as conspicuous as it should be, and the iFileX utility reviewed earlier was one way to make it easier. SearchInFiles is a Mac app that is free for a very limited time (just a few hours), which lets you search text within files and display the results by line number. The app works with TXT, RTF, HTM, CSS, XML, C, M and Java files. PDF files are not supported.Read More

Avoid Entering Redundant Text With xType Text Expander [Mac]

Redundancy is something we all try to avoid at both work and home. In fact, eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom are perhaps the only redundant things we can’t avoid. For all other purposes, we try and keep things from getting as repetitive as possible, and these efforts extend to typing text. xType is a text expander for Mac that lets you record abbreviations for frequently entered text. Whenever you type in the abbreviation, it automatically enters the text associated with it. In the event that you have used the same shortcut for multiple text snippets, it will list all the ones that correspond to it on your screen, and you can chose which one you want to enter. The app allows you to restrict each shortcut to work in a particular app, so that it doesn’t conflict with normal typing behavior.Read More

Clipboard Magic: Remove Duplicates & Paste Text Items In Series via Hotkey

Clipboard Managers certainly come handy in situations where one has to copy text from different sources and paste the copied text snippets into required applications. There are diverse range of clipboard archivers available out there, which let users perform clipboard-specific operations along with creating a stack of copied items, but If you’re planning to copy text or code structures from various sources and paste them in a series, Clipboard Magic is worth a try. It’s a lightweight, clipboard manager and archiving utility for Windows that lets you organize copied plain text items under a single window, allowing you to use them via a series of hotkey combinations.Read More

Replace-me: Replace Document Text String via Right-Click Menu In Ubuntu

If you are a programmer or someone who regularly requires replacing text strings from multiple files, then Replace-me is just what you might need. It is a Nautilus extension to find and replace text strings from multiple files within numerous directories and sub-directories. It can identify and replace text strings from files via right-click context menu. Replace-me is  a useful tool for those who may require finding and replacing text string from, e.g., code files or even batch files (to change the command parameters).Read More

cl1p: Share & Access Saved Text From Any PC With Custom URL [Web]

There are times when we need to save or share large pieces of text online, and we usually do this either by emailing the text as an attachment, or saving it to a storage device. cl1p, a user friendly web application, works better than the traditional methods. It works by letting you share and save text online with only a few clicks. It instantly creates a temporary text area with a custom URL, where you can paste text and then access it from any other PC by using the custom URL. To start off, simply go to Cl1p, create a unique URL, paste text, share or save the URL, and that’s how simple it is. Furthermore, the service lets you edit the text from any PC, at any time. Cl1p is free and requires no registration whatsoever.Read More

Anuran: Record & Archive Custom Logs In Chronological Order

Anuran is productivity app that is meant to record and archive text based logs that can be scheduled as a timed pop-up window. You can enter your logs within this (pop-up) window, after which the log will be archived into simple, time stamped, plain-text log files. Anuran's pop-ups are designed to be non-intrusive, and record log files in an organized format for later use. These chronological logs resolve the issue of creating and saving custom logs for recording important events (e.g., during software development or when resolving system issues).Read More

Create Text-Based ASCII Art From Images Using ASCII Generator

ASCII art is a graphic designing technique that uses computers for presentation, and consists of pictures pieced together from the printable characters defined by the ASCII Standard. It is basically text-based visual art, and can be created with any text editor. However, creating ASCII art using a simple text editor will demand a lot of time and concentration from the person making it. These days, you can find a tool for everything you want to do. Applications used to generate and manipulate images are available in both free and paid forms. Instead of wasting your time in creating an ASCII image in a text editor, you can use the following application. ASCII Generator is a free, open source application that lets you convert images into text-based art. It lets you adjust the density levels, brightness, contrast and dither of the converted images. You can let the application automatically select the suitable characters, or enter the alphabets and characters of your choice to create the text-based image. ASCII Generator is capable of creating ASCII art of multiple images in a batch operation.Read More

MyTextTwister For WP7: Decorate Your Text Messages With ASCII Art

Are you a fan of ASCII art? We are too! In the olden times, people used to hire calligraphers to create beautiful illustrations of text for various purposes like sending invitations, special messages, or as decorations. Nowadays, it just takes a Windows Phone 7  to create ornamental messages for your loved ones with MyTextTwister, an app that offers an interesting set of styles to decorate your text messages (SMS, emails etc), and is ideal for sending greetings to friends and family.Read More

Encode Messages & Valuable Text Inside Images Using Cipher Image Free

Transferring sensitive information from one place to another without compromising the privacy of data is a tricky business in the current world, where not even your account statements are safe from hacker groups and privy individuals. Hiding information inside images is called Steganography, and it is a rather safe method for transferring sensitive data. This way, until unless knows that a picture contains data, and has the key to decrypt it, no one can get  to it. If you are looking for a tool that allows you to hide data into images, read on. Cipher Image Free is a tool that lets you encode images and hide valuable text into any image. Several encrypted images together with hidden text can also be saved into one file. The program supports more than 21 image formats, and allows saving the output file in 7 different formats. Cipher Image Free uses 128-bit encryption, and allows you to either generate an automatic key or create one of your own.Read More

Moso: Create And Upload Videos With Text & Graphic Annotations [Mac]

There are, no doubt, plenty of apps available for creating a video, and many of those allow you to upload your work directly to YouTube, but few offer you any video effects that aren’t there just for the sake of having a laugh. Moso is a Mac app that is altogether different; it not only comes with a large variety of graphic annotations for videos, but also has sound and custom annotations available, which means you can add text to an part of the video and have it appear for as long as you like in any order of your choosing.Read More

QuickText: Visual Studio ReSharper Like Text Expansion For Notepad++

QuickText is a multi-purpose text expansion/text substitution plugin for Notepad++, that lets you create tags for most frequently used code modules and structures, so that you don't have to write them over and over again. In a nut shell, QuickText is to Notepad++, what ReSharper is to Visual Studio. While it offers a convenient configuration console to define the tags and their substitution text, you can easily make changes to defined substitution text, and edit and modify ‘tags’ text. The Tab key is a trigger key. Once you’ve defined the tags and substitution text, all you need is to write the tag, press the trigger key, and it will replace the tag text with defined substitution text.Read More