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How To Change The System Font Size In Windows 10 Creators Update

Every major Windows 10 update makes the Control Panel slightly more obsolete. Microsoft has been migrating features and settings from the Control Panel to the new Settings app. The process has quite a few growing pains. For users, it’s hard to find a particular setting. Often, it’s unclear whether a setting is in the Control Panel app or if it has been moved to the Settings app. It gets all the more confusing when you realize that sometimes, a setting hasn’t been moved. Instead, it has been removed altogether. Case in point; the ability to change the system font size. It’s been removed in the Creators Update. The good news is that System Font Size Changer is a free app that fills this gap.

System Font Size Changer is a portable app. You don’t need to install it. It modifies the Windows registry to change the system font size. It gives you the option to back up the current registry entry so that you can easily go back to it.

Back Up Current Settings

Download and run System Font Size Changer. It will ask you to back up your current settings. It’s a good idea to take the back up. To restore settings, simply import the REG file that you back up into the Windows Registry.

Change The System Font Size

The app can change the size of the text in the title bar, context menus, the text below app icons, palette titles, text in tooltips, and in message/alert boxes.

Select the item you want to change the font size for. For example, if you want larger text on the title bars, select the ‘Title bar’ option. Use the slider to increase the size. The default size is 0. You can increase it to 20. When you’re done. click the ‘Apply’ button. You will be logged out. Log back in and the font will have changed.

A Comparative Look

Here’s a comparison of what the system font looks like at 0 and at 20 in the context menus.

Here’s the difference made in the title bars.


System font size changer works great for the most part. It increases the system font size but in some cases, i.e., the context menu, you will see that icons sometimes overlap large text. It’s beyond the scope of the app to account for this. You can probably circumvent it by choosing a slightly smaller font size.

This is a pretty great app for anyone who has weak eyes but doesn’t need everything on their screen to be absurdly large.

Download System Font Size Changer

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