Get Google Music Manager For Linux; We Test It On Ubuntu

Google launched a new web service called Google Music which allows users to upload up to 20,000 songs from personal music collections. After releasing a Windows and Android version, Google has now come up with a Google Music Manager application for Linux. It is similar to the Windows music manager and is available for multiple Linux distributions. In this post we will provide you with an overview and how you can upload your music collections to Google Music (via the Google Music Manager) in Linux.Read More

How To Get Classic Scrollbar Back In Ubuntu 11.04 [Tip]

Along with the many changes which we saw in Ubuntu 11.04 Natty, the overlay scrollbar was perhaps one of the most distasteful ones. While some users might find it convenient to auto-hide the scrollbar, yet some of us just can’t seem to get used to it. Moreover, the overlay scrollbar also seems to be a bit buggy as it sometimes fails to show up at all. If for some reason you want to get the old scrollbar back in Ubuntu 11.04, here is a small tip that will come handy.Read More

Ubuntu Tips Applet Displays Ubuntu Server Tips In Bubble Messages

Lately, the Ubuntu Server has been making a lot of progress and arousing interest among system and network administrators regarding its usage. However, it might take a while before the Ubuntu Server is able to gain massive share. The biggest hurdle perhaps in using it is the lack of knowledge of administrators regarding its usage. Ubuntu Tips Applet is a system tray applet which shows useful tips in bubble messages. You can see tips through Show one tip option in applet menu or set a refresh time for showing tips periodically.Read More

Fix Failed Packages With Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix

Tired of manually fixing Ubuntu failed packages? Why not automate the process. Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix is a script for the Gnome desktop which can be used to easily fix failed packages automatically. This script fixes Ubuntu package errors which occur during software installation. When such errors occur, users normally resort to quitting their installation forcibly or leaving the failed packages unrepaired. Another alternative is to go through the lengthy process of manually fixing the errors. Failed Ubuntu Package Installation Fix aims at getting rid of this common annoyance and providing means to automate the process of fixing packages.Read More

Encrypting Ubuntu One Files With Ubuntu One Encrypt / Decrypt

Ubuntu One is a web service similar to Dropbox which comes pre-installed with the Ubuntu operating system. It allows users to store and sync files between computers and mobile devices using it's cloud storage service. We told you how to encrypt Dropbox in Ubuntu using ENCFS. This time we have Ubuntu One Encrypt/Decrypt which is a script for encrypting and decrypting Ubuntu One data before uploading it. According to the developer, he made this script keeping in view the weak security provided by Ubuntu One (reminds us of Dropbox), which does not provide encryption for uploaded data from your Ubuntu computer to the cloud.Read More

How To Delete And Disable Recent History In Ubuntu [Tip]

Whenever files are accessed in an operating system, a log of recently accessed files and folders is created. While this can be handy to reopen recent files and folders quickly, it can also become a privacy issue for some users. Unlike Windows, where it's fairly easy to find recent documents (as explained here),  Ubuntu users often find it hard to find the recently used documents. Moreover, some users might want to prevent the logging of recent history. In this post we will tell you how to delete recent history in Ubuntu and how to disable recent history logging.Read More

How To Install Copyright Restricted Packages In Ubuntu

Ubuntu Restricted Extras is a software package for Ubuntu that allows installing essential software which are not pre-installed due to legal or copyright reasons. This meta-package installs support for MP3 and unencrypted DVD playback, Microsoft TrueType core fonts, Flash plugin, and a number of codecs for common audio and video files. It depends on some commonly used packages in the Ubuntu multiverse repository. In this post we will tell you how to install Ubuntu Restricted Extras for your Ubuntuversion. Read More

Hamster Indicator Is Time Tracking Applet For Ubuntu Linux

Hamster Indicator is time tracking tool which works from Ubuntu app-indicator menu. It allows you to quickly enter tasks and set the timer to track time you spend on specified tasks. After you've defined all the tasks, you can easily start and switch between listed tasks from app-indicator menu. It has the ability to monitor time you spend on tasks in real-time, as well as, to calculate the time frame which you may manually enter for spend time on specific tasks. You can receive statistics for tracking the amount of time spent on each task.Read More

Get Facebook Notifications In Ubuntu Unity Launcher With Faccialibro

In the past we showed you how to create a Google+ quick list and notifications indicator for the Ubuntu Unity Launcher. This time we have a similar launcher for Facebook. Faccialibro is a Unity launcher indicator which provides unread notification count from the Unity Launcher and also provides a quick list for launching Facebook notifications, messages and friends page from a quick list.Read More

HardInfo – Benchmark CPU & Get System Hardware Information In Ubuntu

HardInfo is a system information and benchmarking application for Ubuntu which displays information about your hardware and operating system. It displays indepth information about anything from your operating system and kernel type to PCI, ISA PnP, USB, IDE, SCSI, Serial and parallel port devices of the computer. The information is displayed in numerous categories including Computer (contains a system resource summary, operating system, kernel and related information), Devices (displays information about attached hardware devices), Network (provides network related information including a routing table, IP connections, DNS Servers and so on), and Benchmarks (for benchmarking CPU performance).Read More

Run Ubuntu Natively On Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi US

Earlier we covered quite a few posts of Ubuntu being ported to various Android mobile phones and tablets, so that is not something new to users who’ve been following Android development for a year or so. This time it is the latest Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi US that – thanks to RootzWiki forum member poitee – has managed to run Ubuntu natively. Porting Ubuntu onto Android devices is not the easiest of things to do, as it involves a constant battle with drivers and compatibility issues.

Read More

BeatBox – Ubuntu Music Player With Smart Playlist Editor & Album Art Support

BeatBox is a fast, simple, and elegant music player for Ubuntu Linux, with album art and playlist support. It allows creating playlists with detailed information regarding the track including the artists and album’s name, date, genre, comments, play count, year, rating, length and other related information. BeatBox volume options can be easily configured from the system tray. Album art and music files can be added by simple drag and drop.Read More

Gespeaker – Text To Speech Translation Utility For Ubuntu Linux

Gespeaker is an open source text to speech application for Linux users to instantly obtain vocal translations of entered text in many languages.You can change various parameters such as pitch, volume, speed reading and gap between a word and the text. It is designed for multilingual environments, so you can  run it on a system with a different language other than English, which will change the user interface in the language of the operating system e.g. French. The installation installs all necessary dependencies, without adding any additional applications or uwanted daemons. Gespeaker is compatible with  XFCE and LXDE environment on Ubuntu and Debian, (both 32 and 64 bit) operating systems.Read More

How To Access GetDeb Packages From Ubuntu Software Center

GetDeb is an Ubuntu software repository with ready to install applications which are not available from default Ubuntu packages or repositories. GetDeb has provided PPAs for new or updated versions of software (e.g. VLC and Pidgin) which were not available in the default Ubuntu repository. While GetDeb packages can be installed from its website, why not install these packages from the Ubuntu Software Center directly? In this post we will show you an easy way of doing just that.Read More

Find Answers For Ubuntu Issues With AskUbuntu Unity Lens

We have reviewed both Google Books Lens and Gwibber Lens for the Ubuntu Unity launcher. This time we have the Unity Lens for AskUbuntu, which can help you quickly search and find answers to Ubuntu issues rather than having to endlessly search the internet. Ask Ubuntu is a community driven forum for the Ubuntu users. It’s members gain reputation based on the community's response (through voting) for questions and answers.Read More

Run Multiple Application Instances Simultaneously In Ubuntu Unity [Tip]

Workspaces in Ubuntu provide users the convenience of having multiple desktops to easily organize their active windows. But this utility becomes limited as one can't open an instance of the same application in another workspace in Unity. In this post, we will provide you with an easy way of opening multiple instances of the same application within different workspaces. This great tip was posted by Johneker in the form of a YouTube video which is also embedded at the end of this post.Read More

Create Google Plus Unity Launcher Quick List In Ubuntu Linux

Google+ is becoming more and more interactive due to third party development efforts and tweaks. In the wake of Google Plus hype, it is worth providing an Ubuntu based utility for it. In this post we will tell you how to create a Unity Launcher Quick list for Google Plus to instantly launch Google+ features in your default browser. As quick lists are one of the favorite features of Ubuntu users, therefore, this quick list is likely to make it easier and fun for Ubuntu users to instantly launch desired features of Google Plus from the Unity Launcher. Once the quick list is created, you will be able to instantly open your photos, stream, hangouts, notifications and circles from the Ubuntu Unity Launcher.Read More

Remove PPAs Which Cause 404 Not Found Errors In Ubuntu With Fix404 PPA

Entering the wrong PPA (Private Package Repository)  in the Ubuntu Terminal results in a 404 Not Found error. This error can result in the slow down of the apt-get update and seems pretty annoying. Fix404 PPA is a script which disables the PPAs that cause 404 Not Found errors. It provides the convenience of not having to disable faulty PPAs from Software Sources. Fix 404 PPAs checks for 404 messages for PPAs and alerts you to disable them.Read More