Hide / Unhide Mac OS X Files & Folders From Menu Bar Using Funter

Unlike Windows where you can easily toggle Hide Files and Folders option On or Off, Mac OS X doesn’t provide a GUI based facility to hide and unhide files and folders. You may know that files and folders can only be hidden and revealed by running AppleShowAllFiles [Boolean Value] command in Terminal. If you often use Terminal to hide and unhide files, have a look at Funter. It’s a menu-bar app for Mac OS X that allows you to hide and unhide all system and user profile files and User Library folder with a single click. Unlike AppleShowAllFiles which requires running killall Finder command to hide and unhide the files, Funter can automatically relaunch the Finder app to perform the required hide and unhide action.Read More

Instantly Hide Active Program Windows And Disable Sound With Magic Boss Key

When working on confidential content, it is necessary to keep it safe from prying eyes. This is particularly the case for individuals who work in sensitive divisions of an organizational unit (e.g. officials from the  Business Intelligence department of a company). Unfortunately, Windows does not provide any default feature to hide actively open files, folder and programs. This can however, be done with the help of Magic Boss Key which is a free application to instantly hide active program windows by using a hotkey. We are familiar with Win+M hotkey but this only minimizes the  open windows, not hides them.With Magic Boss Key, you can hide the browser, folder, and applications windows, as well as, all your desktop icons and taskbar. Items can also be excluded from the list of content to be hidden. This application can also be helpful for privacy cautious people and those who might be willing to hide some active applications from their boss. For example, lets say you are browsing through Facebook or playing a computer game at work. In the event that your boss suddenly arrives, the selected content can be easily hidden via a simple hotkey.Read More

How To Securely Hide Your Private Folders In Windows

Do you want to hide your files and folders securely so that it cannot be accessed by anyone with any software? There is a freeware security software called Free Hide Folder that hides your folder and makes it fully secure from unauthorized access.

There are many software out there which can hide your private folders, but there are equal number of software available that makes it possible to access such hidden folders, thus making your hidden folders vulnerable. Free Hide Folder is a great tool that I have been using to keep my folders hidden in a very secure manner, it makes it impossible for people to find your hidden folders, let alone accessing it.

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