How To Create Customizable Multiboot System Rescue Disk

System Rescue bootable disks are built to help users easily troubleshoot those PC problems, which are generally quite difficult to fix such as corrupt boot sector, malware infected system files, physical & logical hard disk bad sectors, disk write failures and so on. In our previous guide on completely wiping the hard disk, we recommended using DBAN (Darik’s Boot And Nuke) Boot CD to shred the auxiliary and removable hard drives. Like any other boot disk, DBAN runs in a complete isolated environment to perform the disk wipe operation. Tools like DBAN, eScan Rescue, MSSS, Hiren’s Boot CD etc., require burning the ISO file on a separate disk for creating a bootable disk to fix PC issues, but what if you want to create a customizable bootable USB or CD/DVD disk to use all your favorite system diagnostic utilities without having to change the bootable disks on system startup?Read More

Identify Processes Hindering Removable Media Ejection With Dev Eject

Many a time, when a user attempts to securely eject a USB drive, an error message pops up on the screen, alerting that the device cannot be ejected as it is in use. In such a case, it can be hard to identify which processes might be using the USB device, and therefore, it becomes a bit tedious to individually identify and close each running process. Dev Eject is a handy tool designed to resolve this problem. It allows you to control the removable devices connected to your computer, and displays the running process which may be hindering the safe removal of the device.Read More

LiveUSB Install: Create Live Linux USB, CD/DVD And Download ISO Images

Using a Live USB for installing or running an operating system can be more useful than a Live CD, as optical drives have a lower read/write rate, and do not allow writing extra information. When it comes to using Live Linux USBs, there are many available tools, such as Linux Live USB CreatorLiveUSB Install is a an application for creating Live USB, CD or DVD drives. It works on GNU/Linux and Windows, and allows effortless installation of various Linux distributions. LiveUSB Install supports more than 550 Linux distributions, which includes Android, Fedora, Debian, Zorin, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Pinguy, Xubuntu, Kubuntu and many more.Read More

WinUSB Maker Lets You Create Bootable USB From Folders & ISO Images

Some years ago, Compact Drives were the only way to install a software, or transfer data to and from your PC. The invention of USB Flash drives proved to be a blessing to computer users, as unlike Compact Disks, it was reusable memory, meaning that you could delete the data and write more in its place whenever needed. Now, with flash drive capacities reaching up to 32 GB, you can install even complete operating systems from the USB drive. We have covered a lot of ISO  manipulation tools, one of them being the Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool that creates a bootable DVD or USB device of Windows 8 by defining the ISO image. Another tool, WinSetupFromUSB, allows you to create a multi-boot setup from a folder containing the setup files. WinUSB Maker is yet another portable application that combines both of these applications into one. It can create and burn bootable ISO images to a USB drive, either by defining the setup folder or an ISO image. It supports devices up to one terabyte, including external hard disk drives.Read More

Dropout Is Portable Desktop USB And Dropbox Search Tool

Everyone likes to keep their important files on portable drives and in cloud storage directories, such as, a Dropbox folder, so that data can be easily accessed across multiple computers. This means that a lot of data is continuously changing and is not indexed immediately by Windows. Windows Search can miss out files during a search query if the file is not indexed or belongs to an unknown file type. If you often require locating files using Windows Search and find it hard to locate files from a USB device or a folder which keeps changing, then a solution can be to use Dropout. It is a portable indexing tool that creates its own index inside a constantly changing folder to provide quicker search results.Read More

Protect Your PC From Virus Infected USB Devices With Antirun

Antirun is an application that brings a number of protection options for securing your system against threats which may occur from removable media devices such as USBs, SD Card, External hard drives, digital cameras, phones, etc. Antirun automatically scans devices which are plugged into your computer and informs you when a threat is detected. These threats are identified by the attributes of external media files (such as the ones which may be trying to activate themselves). Once a virus is detected, Antirun provides an option to remove the identified threat. All external devices connected to the computer are displayed in separate tabs which makes it easier to manage different external devices.Read More

FlagSync – Sync iTunes With Portable Media Player, Backup Data On FTP / USB

Job-based synchronization and backup utilities are generally hard to configure as users often require setting up options to schedule sync/backup operations and one-way or two-way incremental and decremented modes before specifying source and target locations to run jobs. If you want to create and run sync jobs without having to configure such complex options, try out FlagSync.Read More

ProEject Ejects & Cleans Your System From Changes Made By USB Drives

ProEject is a portable,  open source application which allows you to safely dismount a removable drive by closing those applications and windows which are running from the external storage medium. It also cleans the registry changes and folders' traces which USB drive might have left behind. It is designed to erase traces of programs in the MRU (most recently used) sections of Windows Registry, as well as, entries created in Run Dialog box or Startup key. ProEject also checks for shortcuts created in areas such as the Quick Launch and Pinned items menu.Read More

USBFlashSpeed – Test USB Flash Drive Read & Write Speed With Graph Plotting

It can be quite difficult to determine the optimum read & write speed of your flash drive. While sometimes the transfer rate may appear to be as much as 25MB, at other instances it doesn’t seem to give that high read and write speed. In such a case, it can be worth checking out the optimum potential of your USB drive, in order to determine whether the data read/write rate is being affected due to other factors such as a PC running many backend processes or not. USBFlashSpeed is a portable benchmarking application which tests your USB’s read write rate at different data sizes. The test includes calculating the USB’s read and write level from e.g. 15MB to 1KB of data. During the test, read & write data is continuously plotted on the graph to check  read and write speed of the USB at numerous data transfer levels.Read More

How To Make Your Dropbox Portable With DropboxPortableAHK

Synchronizing data with Dropbox on multiple computers can indeed have a lot of privacy issues. While one may think that their Dropbox data is safe and secure on their office computer just because it is not a shared system or they have a Domain account, there is just one issue they might have overlooked, i.e. the privilege of the System Administrator. If you think that is not an issue, then think again. Being a former system admin, I know state it with experience backed up by plentiful facts that "Nothing is safe" - in fact, quite far from it. In such a case, it is far more practical to keep your Dropbox data on a USB stick, instead of saving it on office computers. Read More

Move And Keep Track Of Media Files In iTunes Library On Multiple Drives

Are you running out of disk space due to a large iTunes music library and want to move music tracks to external drive to save some precious disk space? TuneSpan is an media manager for Mac which lets you move iTunes library items to external hard drives, USB drives, and network drives without disturbing the iTunes library list. All the items that you move to convenient locations will still be accessible from iTunes. It first moves (spans) the selected music collection to specified location and then update the source paths of moved tracks in iTunes playlists, so you can easily play them in iTunes and sync them with your iOS devices. TuneSpan was primarily designed to span your music tracks in iTunes library across different drives and network locations without removing them from iTunes library.Read More

How To Mount Asus Eee Pad Transformer SSD On Linux Mint

Over the past year, Linux Mint has become one of the most used Linux distributions out there, perhaps particularly because of its Ubuntu base and full compatibility with Ubuntu apps. In the Android tablet world, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is currently the undisputed king, and has become the most favoured Android tablet by enthusiasts and casual users alike. When it comes to handheld devices like phones and tablets, accessing their storage from your computer for transferring files often comes handy. For the Transformer owners running Linux Mint on their computers wishing to mount their Asus Transformer for accessing its content, there is a very handy and quick solution available, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member rootblock. Want to learn more about it? Read on after the jump.Read More

Monitor Local And External Hard Drive Health With Easis Drive Check

Disk Errors often occur due to negligent use of systems which we all seem to have become accustomed to. This ranges anything from canceling setups, force shutdowns to manual system power off. We all know that Disk errors often can result in permanent damage to the hard drive. For this reason it is always a good idea to run a S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) supported application to check your hard disk health. This is so because S.M.A.R.T is a known standard to monitor track sensitive values from your drive to prevent hard drives from complete failure.Read More

Liquesce Is Windows Drive Pooling Software Similar To WHS Drive Extender

Multiple drives can be often hard to manage as important pieces of data are scattered in a series of separate hard drives. Drive pooling is a good mechanism in such cases to view system drives, partitions and folders in a unified format for better management. Liquesce is a drive pooling application which has functionality similar to the Windows Home Server based Drive Extender. It allows merging hard drives and directories into a single representation within Windows Explorer. In other words, you can manage all your system drives, partitions and directories within a unified virtual drive with Liquesce. The supported drive formats for the storage pool include SATA, IDE, ESATA, FIREWIRE and USB.Read More

MS Standalone System Sweeper Is Recovery Tool To Remove Malware And Rootkits

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper is a malware removal utility by Microsoft. It can help you create a bootable USB, CD or DVD for reclaiming a system from viruses and other malicious agents. This can be quite handy for people who might not be able to boot from their system due to a malware infection. System Sweeper thoroughly scans and removes viruses from such computers by booting itself (from a media device) at system startup. To use it , you will require saving the app on a media device such as a USB, CD or DVD. Just Launch System Sweeper, select a media device (CD, DVD or USB) and click Next. You can also choose the ISO option to create an ISO image of the app which can be burned to a CD or DVD later on.Read More

Can’t Format USB Or Any External Drive? Try Using Any Drive Formatter

It happens so often that Windows is not able to format your external hard drive or USB drive if it gets corrupted. In most cases you will get an error saying “Windows cannot complete the format”. To fix this issue you can head over to Disk Management, delete the drive partition and then create a new format. Or you can use Any Drive Formatter, which is a new tool developed especially for this purpose.Read More

Reveal Files Hidden By Malware (Using System Attributes) In USB Drive

Certain types of malware can hide your files and folders on a USB drive, resulting in data loss. Unhiding these files can be quite a hassle as the attribute is set as system instead of hidden. USB Hidden Folder Fix is a portable application, designed to thoroughly scan folders on a USB drive to unhide them. This can help you to regain access to your data and scan with your default anti-virus suite (i.e. if it fails to scan them in hidden form). Hence fixing the problem of hidden folders with infected files.Read More

Switch USB Drive To Read-Only Mode With Wenovo USB Disks Access Manager

By default, read and write permissions are enabled for USB drives. This often results in the activation of malware, when a USB is plugged in to a system. Therefore, if you want to check the content of a suspicious Pendrive, it is better to change the settings to read only mode (to prevent your system from getting infected). Windows does not have a native option to switch to read-only mode, this is where  Wenovo USB Disks Access Manager comes handy. It is a portable tool to set a USB to function in read only mode.Read More

Control Android Apps And Services From Your Computer With LazyDroid Web Desktop

There is always a demand for apps that provide comprehensive integration of mobile devices with computers and vice versa. While Motorola took the concept to a whole new level with the Motorola Atrix and its Webtop capability, not all of us can afford such expensive devices. LazyDroid is a free app for Android that allows you to control your device from your computer via a simple web-based interface. The app does so through both WiFi and USB, making it quite a versatile tool. For more on this wonderful application, read on!Read More