The 5 Best Android Emulators Ranked

Android emulators are a good way to test apps while they are in development. Once people realized they could use these environments to play android games on a PC/Mac, they became a craze, of sorts. Some emulators can only run apps, while others can emulate the entire operating system. We are going to run down the most popular Android emulators and see which one qualifies as the best. For the purposes of this analysis, we are pitting the 5 most popular Android emulators against each other. There are hundreds of emulators out there, below is a list from the best of the bunch.Read More

How To Run Android 4.0 ICS On Windows, Mac & Linux Using VirtualBox

Android platform shines in nearly every aspect, from its large number of developers support to gargantuan amount of customization options. Being an open source platform, anyone can compile the code and cook their desired ROM according to their own needs (provided they have supported kernal and other required files). One of the latest iterations of Android OS is Ice Cream Sandwich or commonly called as ICS. ICS has brought to table some of the most wanted features of Android, one of them being Hardware Acceleration and brilliant UI .Last year, we covered BlueStacks, an Android app player for Windows that allows you to run numerous Android apps in full screen mode without experiencing much performance or compatibility issues. However, if you want to use the latest version of the Android operating system itself (ICS), without buying a new Android device or flashing a custom ROM to your Android phone, you can run it as a guest OS on your desktop computer using a pre-configured Andriod 4.0 virtual disk image. Just like any guest operating system, you can use all the features and options of Andriod ICS without making any changes to your host system. You'll require Oracle VirtualBox to run the virtual machine, of course. The rest is quite simple, but just in case you get stuck somewhere in the process, following is a brief and simple tutorial on how to get it running.Read More

Convert Physical Machine & VMware’s VMDK Into VHD Format

Ever wanted to convert VMware’s VMDK virtual disk image to Microsoft’s VHD image, but didn’t find the right tool to carry out the required operation? 2Tware Convert VHD is a tool that may help you convert not only VMDK disk image into VHD format for running it as virtual machine via Virtual PC, but also allows you to convert your Physical machine into a single virtual disk. Using the physical machine conversion option, you can easily create full backup of your hard disk partitions without having to go through tedious process of configuring full backup settings. Unlike other virtual disk conversion tools, which attempt to copy data written on the source disk, this utility performs sector-by-sector copy operations, enabling you to select your entire hard drive and clone it in VHD format. Details to follow after the jump.Read More

Convert Physical Machines To Virtual Machines With VMware vCenter Converter

VMware vCenter Converter is a free application to convert physical local and remote machines into virtual machines. The conversion is supported for both physical machines and virtual machine formats. vCenter has versions for Windows and Linux based operating system which includes Windows Server 2008. The conversion of physical machines into virtual machines takes place without disruption or down time, which means that you can convert physical servers into virtual servers without suffering from network disruptions. vCenter can be used to convert multiple virtual machines simultaneously, however, you might need some good hardware to ensure the process to be seamless. The supported formats for physical machine conversion into a virtual machine include Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Virtual PC and Microsoft Virtual Server. Backup images can also be converted into virtual machines such as a backup image of Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery or Norton Ghost can be converted into a VMware virtual machine.Read More

Monitor And Manage VMware ESX Server With VM Configuration Tool

Over the years VMware has arguably been the leader in virtual technology. VMware workstation and VMware ESX have been an extraordinary virtualization resource for small and medium size businesses and individual users. Free VM Configuration Tool is a utility for configuring VMware Virtual servers. Although one might not need much help with the configuration of CPU and RAM of virtual machines on a common VMware workstation, however, what makes this app useful is that it fetches comprehensive data regarding virtual machines and presents them in graphical and report form. Another advantage of VM Configuration Tool is it’s ability to provide an exclusive configuration solution for VMware ESX server. Over the recent past, VMware ESX has been an excellent enterprise-level virtualization product for adding management and reliability services to the core server product. This is one of the main reasons why VM Configuration tool is a handy resource, as it allows managing the RAM capacity, processors, power operations, VM suspension, etc of VMware ESX virtual machines.Read More

FAUmachine – VMware Style Free Virtual Machine For Linux

Many people who have used virtualization to replicate physical machine state know the advantages of a virtual machine. For example, we earlier showed you How to install Windows Server 2008 R2 on VMware. FAUmachine is a virtual machine like VMware and Virtual PC for Linux based operating system like Ubuntu. Some of its main features include fault injection capability for experimentation, VHDL interpreter for automating experiments and tests, replicate state for a real x86/x86_64 CPU, IDE and SCSI controllers, NE2000- and Intel eepro100 network interface adapters, a Sound Blaster 16 sound card, a generic VGA and a Cirrus GD5446 graphics adapter and a 24 and a 48 pin direct-I/O PCI-card.Read More

Manage VirtualBox Virtual Machines From Your Default Browser With phpVirtualBox

VirtualBox is a  free software that is widely used for managing virtual machines.  Today we will review phpVirtualBox, which is an open source AJAX implementation of the Virtual Box user interface written in PHP. It allows remote access and control of  virtual machines from Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Safari, or any other browser. According to the developer, this app was developed for those who prefer not to log in to headless VirtualBox hosts for  virtual machine administration. phpVirtualBox is designed for Windows, MAC, Linux, BSD and Solaris platforms.Read More

How To Install Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 On VMware 7

Installing a 64-bit operating system on virtualization applications has never been free of obstacles. In the initial days of virtual machines, this was in fact not even possible. In this post we will tell you how to install Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 on VMware 7.0. Note: These instructions can also help in the installation of the 32-bit version of Server 2008.Read More

VM Tweaker: More Control Over VMWare Machines [Windows]

VM Tweaker is a handy utility intended for advanced users. It provides a greater degree of control over VMWare virtual machines, and allows manipulation of those features that are normally restricted, including BIOS tweaks for the virtual machine, time and date sync between host and virtual machine, and various others.Read More