eToolz Brings The Most Useful Network & Web Tools Under One Hood

Do you hate using multiple network tools for performing required tasks, including domain lookup, resolve DNS, ping domain, trace route and more? eToolz is a light-weight, portable application suite that includes a total of 10 most useful network utilities, enabling you to perform numerous network-specific operations from one window. The application has been specifically built to help network administrators diagnose and resolve a wide range of network-related issues. While the application comes packed with superior-alternatives to various Windows command line utilities, including Tracert, Ping etc, it hosts a number of web-related tools as well, that allow you to view page rank of any website, view domain whois information, verify email address, extract and view HTTP header info from given URL, and connect to internet time servers.Read More

Check Domain Name Availability On Android With Domain Whois

The magical wide world of web has really transformed the way we're used to thinking, living and dealing with routine business matters. There are a whole lot of possibilities available to people nowadays to reach out to masses through the economical means provided by the internet. Whether you're contemplating launching a website for your newly started business, want to start an online shopping cart, set up a web based system for your organization, or wish to join the blogosphere by launching your very own blog, you'll need to first register for a new domain. By getting yourself a domain, you'll be able to give your website some sort of an identity. That having said, each day thousands new domains get registered over the web through various services, and chances are quite likely that whatever domain name you're targeting has already been reserved or in use. Domain Whois is one such service that has been helping web users search and lookup for availability of their preferred domain names with ease.  Looking for a quick way to check the availability of a domain right from your Android device? May be Domain Whois can help. With Domain Whois, you can easily check out whether your preferred web domain is available for sale or not. This Android app supports almost all the popular Top Level Domains (TLDs) known to-date and comes across as a handy solution for individuals and corporations that frequently need to check availability of multiple domains for their new online ventures.Read More

Domain Whois Lookup [Desktop]

For the novice users let me first clarify what is Whois information, it is the information relevant to the domain which specifies the registration details of the particular domain,  like which registrar is holding that domain, which name servers and IP is assigned. It becomes useful for troubleshooting various issues regarding DNS and Domain propagation. Whois Lookup is a portable application for Windows which lets you get the Whois details of any site.Read More

How To Contact The Owner Of Any Website

Suppose you visit any website and want to contact the webmaster, but cannot find any contact information on the website, what will you do? Instead of searching the information and going further deep to track down the owner, you can simply use ContactThatOwner.

It is a free online service that lets you find the owner of any website and allows you to contact him/her instantly. This is how it works, you enter the website name, it will query the domain provider for a contact email. Once the email has been received, you will be shown a simple-to-use contact form from where you can send the message to the webmaster directly.

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