WiFi Chat – Find & Chat With Friends Over A WiFi Network [Android]

Have you ever imagined making an extensive use of the WiFi of your Android device and turn it into an online friend finder? It might sound a bit odd but with WiFi Chat, you can now find people that are present around the same WiFi access point as yours and indulge in a friendly chit-chat with them. This amazing app from Coldbeans works quite smoothly and serves as a readily available chatting platform for the users. With WiFi Chat, you can share stories, gossips and pleasantries with your friends and strangers alike without having to send text messages over your mobile network.Read More

Remote Controls Your Computer From Windows Phone 7 via WiFi

Ever wanted to use your Windows Phone 7 device as a remote control for your Windows PC? Remote for Windows Phone 7 is a free, nifty app that lets you remotely browse and open files stored on your PC and manage running applications over a shared WiFi network. You can even define hotkeys within your phone and execute them on you computer with a single tap. More after the break.Read More

WiFi Joiner For Android – Connect To WiFi Networks By Scanning QR Codes

WiFi networks at workplaces are often secured by ridiculously long WPA/WPA2/WEP keys, which make connecting to said networks from your new (or newly wiped) mobile device quite a hassle. Similarly, if you like to keep the WiFi access point at home considerably secure, sharing it with friends who come to visit becomes equally bothersome. Introducing WiFi Joiner for Android, a free, handy app that lets you create and share QR codes for new or saved WiFi access points and connect to them by scanning said codes, saving you the trouble of typing in long security keys or waiting for our device to detect networks. More after the break. Read More

Auto Wake Up And Transfer Android Photos & Videos To Computer via WiFi

If you don’t have a data plan for your Android phone and are looking for the an efficient way to automatically back up photos and videos that you take with your phone’s camera, then a syncing-on-the-go solution is probably not what you’re looking for. What you want is an app that automatically transfers photos and videos from your device to your home computer over the affiliated WiFi network after, for instance, you return from an outdoor casual photography spree. There is an app that can do that, of course. But we have something better for you – a three-freeware combo that automates the entire process from turning on your device’s WiFi when you get home, to turning on your computer and wirelessly transferring camera photos and videos from device to computer.Read More

Shake To Toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, Rotation And Airplane Mode In Android

Shake Toggle is a small, handy tool for Android that allows you to toggle (enable/disable) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Orientation or Airplane Mode by giving your device a good shake or flipping it facedown. The freeware is particularly useful as an orientation toggle switch as firstly, you don’t usually need to toggle the rest that often and secondly, it is a great work-around for instances where, for instance, the display gets stuck in landscape orientation even though you’re holding your device upright. If you tend to shake your device angrily whenever your display orientation begins to act all stubborn, you might as well get Shake Toggle.Read More

Control Android Apps And Services From Your Computer With LazyDroid Web Desktop

There is always a demand for apps that provide comprehensive integration of mobile devices with computers and vice versa. While Motorola took the concept to a whole new level with the Motorola Atrix and its Webtop capability, not all of us can afford such expensive devices. LazyDroid is a free app for Android that allows you to control your device from your computer via a simple web-based interface. The app does so through both WiFi and USB, making it quite a versatile tool. For more on this wonderful application, read on!Read More

How To View Passwords For Wi-Fi Access Points Saved On Your Android Device

With multiple Wi-Fi access points saved on your Android device, it is quite normal to forget the security key to a certain network. This article presents a small, handy work-around for the rare instance where you need to view a forgotten password. For instance, your friend needs to connect to the Wi-Fi network you’re currently using on your Android device, he or she asks you for the security key but you just can’t remember it. What do you do? Read on after the jump to find out.Read More

Automatically Disable Android Lockscreen When Connected To Home WiFi Network

Keeping the screen of your Android device locked is a necessary precaution, but waking your device up, swiping across or along the screen to unlock it every time the display times out can prove to be quite a hassle, especially if your lockscreen is password-protected. And when you’re at home, said precaution becomes an unnecessary one.Presenting Unlock With WiFi for Android – developed by a senior member at XDA, this app automatically disables the lockscreen (whether password-protected or not) when your device connects to a user-defined Wi-Fi network. So when, for instance, you’re at home or work with your device connected to the specified WiFi access point, waking the device after a display time-out won’t take you to the lockscreen. The app also allows you to set a lock delay that determines the time the device would take to lock itself after it is disconnected from said network.Read More

WiFi Automatic For Android Auto-Enables WiFi When Charger Is Connected

If you own an Android device, you’ll agree that connecting your device to a computer and enabling WiFi are mostly a subsequence of one another. That is, whenever you’re close enough to a Wi-Fi network and a computer, you are bound to plug your device in for charging after connecting to said Wi-Fi network or vice versa.There is a free application on the Android Market that handles this task for you. WiFi Automatic auto-enables Wi-Fi when your device is plugged in for charging via USB and disables it whenever it is disconnected. The app has been around for a while now. This review is for those who are still unaware of the tool and are fond of automizing their devices.Read More

How To Root Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi Honeycomb Tablet

Motorola Xoom, is one of the very powerful Android devices out there running Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS powered by Nvidia’s potent Tegra chipset. That said, there’s news for owners of the Motorola Xoom Wifi, specifically model MZ604. The device has finally been rooted! Can’t wait? Read on for instructions on how to root the Xoom!Read More

weScribble For Android Lets You Draw With Your Friends Over Wi-Fi

There are countless applications on the Android Market developed for the sole purpose of providing the user with a few moments of fun every now and then. For instance, you can easily find an that lets you kill some spare hours scribbling, doodling, drawing or sketching your thoughts on a blank canvas. Similarly, you may find certain apps that let you indulge in some fun activities with your mates dwelling a few hundred kilometers from you. Then there are a vast number of games that can keep your attention and interests captivated for prolonged hours. How about getting your hands on an app that merges all three said concepts together?  If you’re fond of said genre of apps, weScribble is a fresh entry you might want to try out. The extremely simple and fun-to-use freeware allows Android users connected to the same Wi-Fi network to draw on a shared canvas, promising hours of fun with friends and family. Doodles galore! Perhaps, an ideal way to play tic-tac-toe with your buddies on your smartphone. The beauty of weScribble lies in the fact that it lets multiple players join in the fun, so that you can have hours of non-stop fun with your friends and family members.Read More

Turn On Your PC With Android Device via WiFi Network [WoWLAN]

What is the first thing that an avid PC user does after, say, returning home from work? That’s right. He turns on his PC. If this holds true for you and if you own an Android device, then we have a tool designed just for you. Its called PCAutoWaker and it is available on the Android Market for free.The application uses the Wake-on-LAN networking standard to power on or “wake up” any computer connected to a predefined WiFi network. It can be configured to allow Individual stations to be powered on manually as well as automatically, as soon as the Android device connects to the WiFi network.So whenever you come back home, all you’ll have to do is connect your Android device to your local WiFi network while you’re at the door, and by the time you get to your room and your PC, it’ll be powered on and ready to be used.Read More

Auto Upload (Sync) Android Camera Photos And Videos To Your Computer

Users who frequently use their Android device's camera, transferring or backing up photos and videos to a computer becomes a regular hassle that they would rather avoid. Sweet Home! for Android (2.1 and higher) is a handy application that automatically connects to a user-specified Wi-Fi network when it is in range and starts uploading pictures and videos taken using the camera to the network drive, media center, or home computer. Suppose every time you return home with new photos or videos in your Android phone, this app will start uploading them to a shared directory as soon as it is connected to your local Wi-Fi network.Read More

Find And Analyze Available WiFi Networks On Mac With KisMac

Sometimes we need to know about wifi networks available in our vicinity with all the network related information, like signal strength, max transfer rate, and encryption type. We often use a wifi stumbler that can quickly show us which wifi networks are open, encrypted with what type of techniques – WEP / WPA2, and the signal strength, among other information.Out of all basic Wifi Stumblers available for Mac, KisMac is a lightweight and opensource Wi-Fi scanner and analyzer which gives insight into available Wifi networks with information including, Network name, BSSID, Encryption (WEP/WPA2), Type of encryption (Managed / Adhoc), Signal strength, Max rate, and Last seen/accessed. It uses monitor mode to find out available networks with all the provided information with passive scanning.Read More

How To Enable WiFi 802.11 N Support On HTC Evo 4G

While the HTC Evo 4G comes with a WiFi chip that supported Wireless N protocol, these were disabled in Android 2.1 Éclair by default - an issue fixed with Froyo but if you are still running Eclair on your phone, it is now possible to enable WiFi N support for . The idea is to pull Wi-Fi driver from the device and push them back in after modification. If you want to enjoy more throughput on your device, read on for our tutorial on how to enable it. Read More

Enable iOS AirPrint Service In Windows 7 For Wireless Printing

If your iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad) is running iOS 4.2 or higher, you must be familiar with an intrinsic printing feature called AirPrint, which offers wireless printing of documents over Wi-Fi connection. This feature directly supports HP’s ePrint range whilst some printers from non-supported vendors are also reported to be working seamlessly via Windows and Mac. Today we’re bringing a detailed walkthrough to enable AirPrint on Windows 7. Before getting started, you need to configure your printer as shared in Windows, also make sure that you have latest iTunes installed on your system.Read More

Map Android Phone In Windows To Access Files Over WiFi Using SwiFTP

If you are a gadget geek at heart and love to do anything that encompasses remotely accessing your device from anywhere, give SwiFTP FTP Server a shot. It is a free open source Android app that lets you remotely connect to your phone over WiFi / 3G to upload and download content. This Android application converts your phone into an FTP server which is accessible by a unique FTP IP generated by the app.We tested this app on HTC Desire And HTC Dream G1 and it works perfectly on both.Read More

outSSIDer – Quick Unencrypted WiFi Scanner/Finder

So you go out(taking laptop with you) and are lost in the center of a metropolitan city with no internet connection. You roam around for hours trying to find a good internet connection, most are encrypted(password protected), some are bad, and others are dead. You go from one cafe to another but don’t want to pay for an internet connection, how are you going to find unencrypted WiFi?

Read More

How To Manage And Check Status Of WiFi Networks From Windows 7/Vista Sidebar

Note: There are many software available to find and manage WiFi networks and I have covered few here on this blog, but this is the first time I have come across a WiFi gadget for Windows 7/Vista sidebar.Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor is a gadget for Windows 7/Vista sidebar that lets you monitor WiFi networks around you and shows the information of your connected and nearby networks in full details. It has a radar like graphic interface which helps you monitor the status in real time.Read More