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Wireless Manager Saves Battery By Disabling WiFi When Out Of Range [Android]

The Wi-Fi radio on your Android device can be a real battery hog if left enabled for a longer period especially when it’s not even connected to a specific network as it constantly checks your environment to find (and connect to) an access point. Many users who have mobile data enabled will not turn WiFi off when they know they will be using mobile data because they are used the device switching between whatever connection is available, however, the WiFi continues to tax the device’s battery. This is where Wifi Manager comes to the rescue. It allows you to set an interval time between Wi-Fi network checks, in turn drastically reducing your phone’s battery consumption. The app detects when you are no longer in range of a WiFI connection and turns the switch off, saving your battery. It then checks at regular intervals to see if a WiFi has become available and will turn WiFi when there is an available connection.

The app carries a built-in Wi-Fi scheduler that works following a simple detection pattern; when it detects that your device has been disconnected from a wireless network, and after it’s waited a specified amount of time which is custom configurable by the user, it automatically turns the Wi-Fi radio off. Likewise, it reactivates it and searches for a network again for the same amount of time, and if found, it automatically connects to it.

Wifi Manager’s interface comprises of a large button at its center. When your device is actively connected to a Wi-Fi network this button automatically turns green, and when the Wi-Fi radio is disabled by you or no longer in range with an access point, this button turns red. You can also tap on it to manually activate or deactivate the Wi-Fi. Similarly, you may enable and disable the Wi-Fi scheduler on the fly via its toggle on main interface.

Wireless Manager_Main Wireless Manager_Wifi Off

The app gives you a lot of flexibility and control over interval time or when to turn the Wi-Fi hardware on and off. This can be done under the Settings screen of the app. Look under the Timers section and you will find all the configurable timers right in there, including activation and deactivation of the Wi-Fi radio, delay before first and interval checks and so on. The app also shows notifications when the Wi-Fi is connected or disconnected from the network, though allows you to turn it on and off if you need.

Wireless Manager_Settings Wireless Manager_Delay Wireless Manager_Settings 2

Wifi Manager also has a Pro version which besides being free from in-app ads, also offers additional functionality like auto disable while airplane mode active, ability to view history of connections, and more.

Install Wifi Manager from Play Store


  1. I want an app that does this, only using the step counter that is built in to the nexus 5. Rather than a time interval, using a consecutive step interval. Once I have taken enough consecutive steps to have moved out of range – or into range – the app checks to see if a wifi connection is possible. Step counter uses even less battery. This could of course also use the accelerometer and GPS temporarily to see if after X amount of consecutive steps one is in the car, or in a different location.

    Using the step counter rather than a timer would be even more energy efficient and accurate.

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