See Through Messaging: Safe Texting From Your WP Mango As You Walk

Thankfully, Microsoft isn’t proving to be as strict and closed about granting OS level access for Windows Phone 7 to developers as Apple is for iOS. With the Mango update, third-party apps can now access features like messages, camera, contacts, etc. This has resulted in the appearance of a bunch of new apps in the Marketplace that make use of these stock features. See Through Messaging is one such app that makes good use of SMS and camera access granted through Mango. Using this app, you can now text while walking and be aware of what’s under your feet or coming at you from straight ahead without having to take your eyes off the screen.Read More

How To Share Contacts With Ease From Your Windows Phone 7

Switching to smartphones is not all glitz and glamour. You actually lose some of the most basic functions that you had thus far taken for granted. If you are a Windows Phone 7 (or iOS ) user, then you can kiss easy Bluetooth file sharing goodbye. Also, there is no easy way to access your device's storage. While these omissions have some very sound reasoning behind them, they still are a pain. Another such “dumb-phone” feature missing from WP7 is sending contact cards (containing complete information of a contact) to other people. But with Mango, there are now apps for that. After the break, we discuss two of the best free ones. Their names are Forward Contact and Send Contact Info.Read More Updated For Mango, Allows Streaming Music In Background

Arguably the most groundbreaking feature offered by Mango is multitasking. And multitasking doesn’t only mean the app switcher brought up by long-pressing the “back” button on your Windows Phone 7 device, Mango actually does offer multitasking in the sense that you can keep on playing music from third party apps while doing anything else. is the app for listening to all the music you will want in a lifetime. The app provides a pretty decent music discovery service, but that's not all. There is also the option to find out all the activities in your area that are related to music. This means that will tell you all about the concerts taking place in your locality! The app has been around for quite a while, but now it just reached a whole new level with its new update. The Mango-fied version of the app can now be used to stream songs in the background while you reply to text messages and read your emails!Read More

DeepShining: A Custom Windows Phone 7 ROM For HTC HD7 [How To Install]

There isn’t a Chevron-like unlock for Windows Phone 7’s latest update Mango just yet. There are some lengthy and overly complex procedures out there, but a vast majority of users won’t even dream of going near them as Mango is pretty good in itself with a lot of features users have wanted for a long time. However, if you still want something new and improved on your device, and are brave enough to risk your HD7, there’s a new custom ROM out now by the name of DeepShining. You don’t need to have a jailbroken device to flash this ROM, just follow the procedure described past the break. Read More

How To Fix Twitter Contacts Sync Problem In Windows Phone Mango

One of the features in Mango that users were really looking forward to is Twitter integration. We even included the feature in our list of 10 amazing new features in Mango. If you are still wondering what the fuss is all about, you are probably still on Nodo, waiting for your carrier to roll out the update for you. You can update right now using our guide to force-update to Mango. Once your eyes have adjusted to the dazzling shine of the update, you might notice a tiny little bug. Most users are experiencing problems with Twitter integration. But worry no more, here’s a complete guide to linking your Twitter account to your Windows Phone 7 device.Read More

10 Awesome New Features In Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

After months of anticipation, Windows Phone 7 has finally received the Mango update. Once you are on Mango, you are likely to feel as if you are holding a new (and much better) phone in your hands. Mango brings so much more to the metro platform that it is hard to imagine how we, the WP7 community, survived before it. If you haven’t received the update yet, you can do so now by following our guide to force update your device to Mango. OK, now that you have Mango on your phone, what do you do with it? What do you explore first? Well, that's what we're here to tell you. You might already be familiar with the most prominent changes that the update brings to the platform so here are some that you might just have missed.Read More

TuneIn Radio Updated To v2.0 For Windows Phone Mango, Can Now Stream In Background

So after yesterday’s excitement with the release of Mango, things have started to settle down a bit and the awesomeness of Windows Phone 7’s latest update has started to sink in. Hopefully, you have updated using our guide to force Mango update even if it hasn’t been offered to you till now for if you have, here’s a gem of an app that has hopped onto the Mango bandwagon and makes use of the new features pretty handsomely. TuneIn Radio for Windows Phone Mango, like its Android variant, allows you to listen to countless radio stations from all over the world and even suggests your local radio stations. But the Mango-revamped version's positives go far beyond that. Find more about it past the break.Read More

How To Update To Mango On Your Windows Phone 7 Right Now [Complete Guide]

The wait is finally over and Mango has now seen the light of day. But not so fast. For all the Windows Phone 7 enthusiasts out there, Mango might still be a few annoying days or even weeks away. The size of the WP7 community isn’t as small as some think and this is the reason the complete roll out across all carriers and to all device models will take about a month. Some of you might be lucky enough to have received the update by now. However, if you are not among those lucky few, you can force update to Mango from Nodo using the handy little method described below. If you have already tried this method unsuccessfully, then skip straight ahead to the important note at the end of the post.Read More

How To Restore NoDo On Your WP7 Before The Official Mango Update

As everyone always knew (at least we hope you did, because otherwise, this spells trouble for you) that you will need to revert back to NoDo or any official version of Windows Phone 7 if you want to get the real Mango instead of the beta or leaked RTM you are currently running. Developers will of course be getting Microsoft’s pre-update cleanup release named Mango Friends & Family Bundle. That clean-up update will take care of everything and will leave your device on NoDo and then will update it to Mango. But if people around you start getting pre-update clean-up and Microsoft keeps ignoring you, you need to revert back manually, using the backup file. For that purpose, it is necessary to have your restoration file saved to your computer when you were updating to Mango beta. With the official Mango just hours away, you better start getting ready to go back to NoDo. Read on to find out a few things that can be helpful in this situation, and just might save you from staying stuck on Mango's beta version forever.Read More

The Guardian For WP7: A News App Which Makes Full Use Of The Metro UI

Metro is the signature and identity of Windows Phone 7. Those colorful boxes are the elements which make our favorite platform what it is, a really user friendly and easy to use OS that can be suitable for people of all ages and geekiness levels. But so far, before Mango at least, very few apps make full use of this feature. Now Mango is just hours away and luckily, developers seem to have gotten hold of the whole metro concept. The Guardian is a news app which exemplifies how metro should be used. The app is from the publishers of the British newspaper by the same name, and comes with a bunch of features which make it useful for Mango users all over the world. Like its other platform variants, The Guardian for WP7 too is available for freeRead More

WhatsApp For WP Mango: The Ultimate Cross-Platform Mobile Messenger

There is a sort of completeness to Windows Phone 7 now. We have got almost all major apps on the metro OS, and huge improvement in features is around the corner (with Mango almost upon us). It always feels like a boost to the platform when a famous app makes its way to it. The latest king-of-its-genre app to come to the Marketplace is WhatsApp, the very popular cross-platform instant messaging app favored by millions of users all over the world.Read More

WP Shortcut Tiles: Add Settings Tiles To WP7 Mango Start Screen

After months of anticipation and speculation, the release of Windows Phone 7’s latest update (Mango) has finally been confirmed. It is slated to be released within two weeks, with the AT&T roll-out expected on 27th September (just 3 days away!). WP Shortcut Tiles is a useful little Mango app which takes advantage of the new functionalities the latest update of the metro OS has to offer. Most of the apps we have seen in the past weeks have been based upon two major improvements - the ability to allow third party apps to run in the background, and the privilege to customize live tiles. This handy little app (which is pretty similar to ConnectivityShortcuts) deals with the latter. To improve the user experience and make the OS more efficient, you can pin system shortcuts, settings toggle and a bunch of other really useful tiles to the Start screen of your device.Read More

Smart Dialer Brings Enhanced Dialing Options To WP Mango [Homebrew]

Smart Dialer is a dialer replacement for your unlocked Windows Phone 7 device running Mango. If you happen to meet the above stated criteria, then this app is a must-have for your device. As you might already have noticed, the dialer in WP7 is pretty flat, to say the least. In Mango, despite 500 new features, the dialer remains exactly the same. So to add some spice (and usability) to your Mango phone, Smart Dialer is exactly what you need. How exactly is it better than the stock dialer? Read on to find out.Read More

Microsoft Insider Mango Update Brings Tips, Ringtones & App Suggestions [WP7]

Insider has been around for quite a while as it is Microsoft’s official app for getting users started with their Windows Phone 7 devices. But frankly, it wasn’t really worthwhile, covering a few very basic aspects of this amazing platform which in no way did justice to it. But with Mango just round the corner, change is in the air. The Mango update of Insider has just been released, and it brings a bucket of welcome changes to the app.Read More

Stream Free Music Playlists On Your Windows Phone Mango With 8Tracks

Music is an integral part of many people’s lives. Even now, while writing this post, I have Evanescence blasting away on my headset. If you yourself are fond of music and own a Windows Phone 7, then life just got better for you (or will, once Mango rolls out). What music lovers hate most about WP7 is that it lacks the ability to play music in the background while using a third party app. Mango finally resolves that issue by bringing true multitasking to Windows Phone and letting third party apps run in the background. For music, 8tracks becomes the first app to take advantage of this Mango goodness. 8tracks lets you listen to playlists pre-loaded by the users on the app’s website and the tracks can keep playing while you navigate anywhere on your phone!Read More

Bandwidth For WP Mango: Keep A Check On Your Internet Connection Speed

A smartphone without an internet connection is like a flower without fragrance. We have become so dependent upon internet that our real life has become completely entwined with our online life. Almost 90% of the apps on my Samsung Omnia 7 require (or at least can use) internet connectivity. Windows Phone 7 makes full use of the web, and if your net is not working properly for any reason, things can get really annoying. Bandwidth can not increase your download or upload speed, nor will it magically make internet connectivity available for you. The app will let you diagnose the problems bugging your network, thus making it more efficient. Bandwidth can also prove to be the perfect solution for some cursory network troubleshooting. The Bandwidth app has been around for quite a while in the Marketplace, but its new Mango-fied version adds some noteworthy and new features which we will be discussing after the break.Read More

Locations For HTC – Route Planning And Location Logging For WP Mango

Maybe it’s the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft which has fired HTC up and compelled their Windows Phone 7 developers to become hyperactive in the Marketplace or maybe it’s because the release of Mango is nearly upon us. Whatever the reason, it’s the WP7 community who is benefiting from the latest flurry of free apps released by HTC. Just a few days back, we covered an app named Attentive Phone which was also from HTC, and now Locations has entered the Marketplace with the intention of providing Mango users with an easy way to find their way!Read More

1App Budget – Manage Your Money With Ease Right From Windows Phone 7

1App Budget is a free budget management app that has just been released for Windows Phone 7, but after having a look at it, we can safely say that it looks nothing like a half-cooked freebie. The app has all the flashiness and usability of any of its paid competitors, and then some. With the focus recently shifting to Windows Phone’s latest expected update, Mango, there has been a lull in the Marketplace for new apps that don’t run just on Mango. Fortunately, the developers of this awesome app didn't feel the same way (according to latest reports Mango is coming this fall, so still at least a month to go). 1App Budget is a one-stop shop for all your financial affairs and has got pretty much everything covered when it comes to monetary issues.Read More

My Assistant For WP Mango – Set Reminders For Tasks & Important Calls

For a platform with a relatively low app count, Windows Phone 7, has a lot of reminder apps . But most of these app merely maintain a list of tasks to be done and don’t set off an alarm when the time arrives. Of course, you can use the stock alarms app or the system calendar to achieve this but if you're on Mango, you can enjoy added functionality with My Assistant. This app makes full use of Mango’s ability to let third party apps run as background tasks and so doesn’t need to be active to alert you about the reminders you set up previously.Read More