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How To Jailbreak Samsung Omnia 7 On Windows Phone 7.5 Mango [Guide]

Omnia 7 JailbreakWindows Phone 7.5 Mango beta has caused quite a buzz in the smartphone community straight from its release. Developers are scrambling to get their hands on this latest OS update by Microsoft. If your phone is running on WP7 and is developer unlocked, you are free to get a taste of this almost-ripe, delicious-looking mango. But if you are a developer or even an advanced user, you have got to be thinking that what’s the point of having Mango when you don’t have root access on it. Without jailbreaking it, the OS must be feeling like a treasure in your hands but with a guardian serpent slithering vigilantly over the box. However, Samsung Omnia 7 users do not have to contend with such despairing thoughts any more.

The method to jailbreak Mango on Omnia 7 has been revealed on the XDA forum and can be viewed on this thread. If you haven’t yet updated to Mango, then that will make the method even more convenient. But if you have, don’t worry, revert back to 7392 or any version older than that. This is done to unlock your device as Chevron does not work on versions later than 7392. To learn how that is done, you can seek help from our article.

Once you are done doing that, go to the thread link given earlier and download the file named “Omnia7 mango JB.zip”. Make sure that you have an updated version of the diagnostic tool on your device. If you haven’t, dial ##634# before updating to Mango. This will do the trick for Diagnosis.

Now you are all set to apply the jailbreak.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


  1. Connect your phone to the PC via USB cable.
  2. Access the device using Wp7UsbStorageEnabler.
  3. Go to the downloaded zip file and from among its contents copy unlock.xml and language.xml.
  4. Go to rootfolder/picture/ and paste both the copied files there.
  5. Access the root folder and create a new subfolder in it named as provxml/ (if it isn’t already there).
  6. Run WP7RootTools 0.5 alpha.xap from the zip file and copy the generated xml files to the provxml folder.
  7. Exit the running tool.
  8. Go to the dialer and input ##634#. This will lead you to the diagnostic mode.
  9. Next navigate to GPRS settings by entering *#9908#.
  10. From the resulting options choose Select GPRS.
  11. Save settings without touching any of the files shown.

Now you can finally upgrade to Mango. Once you are done with that, repeat steps 8 to 10, but this time instead of ignoring the xml files, choose unlock.xml and then save.

This leaves you with a Samsung Omnia 7 that has jailbreak on it and you are free to do all you want with it.


  1. I’m trying to jailbreak my unlocked omnia 7. I’m following the intructions by xda-developers.com but the rootfolder isn’t showing nowhere on the device. don’t know what I’m doing wrong

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