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Upload And Share Files Upto 2GB On Facebook With Filefly

Facebook serves a recreational purpose for the most part and features like photo sharing, events and chat make it easier for us to justify the large amounts of time we invest on the site. What would have really increased the usefulness of Facebook ten time; a simple file sharing feature. Facebook never added one and focused on ‘improving’ the photo viewer instead. Well, file sharing still hasn’t been added as an official feature, instead there is Filefly; a Facebook app that lets you store and share files on Facebook. The app has a 2GB limit, all uploaded files cannot collectively exceed 2GB. Folders can be created and shared with friends and you can delete the files any time you like.

filefly name folder

To add a new folder, open the app, a default folder name with your Profile Name and the current date is already added, you can edit it by clicking Set title. Click the Add files button and start uploading files. You can upload multiple files at the same time.

filefly upload files

By default, all files and folders are hidden from your friends. In order to allow friends to view uploaded files, you need to share the folder with them. To share a folder, click the Invite friends button and pick who you want to share it with.

filefly share files

Your friends will receive a request in their Facebook notifications, they will of course have to grant the app permission to view and download the files you’ve shared. And of course, you can comment on the folders, it just wouldn’t be a Facebook app without a comment feature.

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[via TheNextWeb]

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