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WiFi Chat – Find & Chat With Friends Over A WiFi Network [Android]

Have you ever imagined making an extensive use of the WiFi of your Android device and turn it into an online friend finder? It might sound a bit odd but with WiFi Chat, you can now find people that are present around the same WiFi access point as yours and indulge in a friendly chit-chat with them. This amazing app from Coldbeans works quite smoothly and serves as a readily available chatting platform for the users. With WiFi Chat, you can share stories, gossips and pleasantries with your friends and strangers alike without having to send text messages over your mobile network.

Instant messaging has always been the mainstay of web usage. Right from the days of AIM to Google Hangouts, people have shown lots of reverence for IM platforms. The trends only seems to be gaining even more popularity with the reach of smartphones and tablets to masses. The problem, however, remains that most of the IM apps require you to be hooked to the internet in order to poke, nudge and chat with your close ones. In such a situation, a solution that doesn’t demand an active internet connection, but only requires you to connected to a nearby Wi-Fi network. WiFi Chat automatically detects any active WiFi connections around you and enables you to sign in to the respective service with a preferred username. WiFi Chat also connects you to the developer’s website where you can create new forums and share the topics of your liking with other people across the globe (just like in case of real time web-based forums).

Discussion forums are a welcome addition in their own respect however, it is the app’s ability to connect and chat with the people in and around your premises (sharing the same WiFi connection)  that makes it stand out. There is no restriction on the number of users that can be added to a particular network. So, sitting in a restaurant, you can make as many new friends over your WiFi connection as you like, provided they too have the app installed on their Android devices.

The app automatically scans all the available wireless connections around your device upon initiation. However, there is also an option to manually scan for the WiFi connections for the convenience of the users. All in all, WiFi chat is surely worth a try. There are no obvious bugs/glitches present in this version and most importantly, it is free and contains no ads.

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