JDContextMenu Adds Handy File/Folder Tools To Windows Right-Click Menu

Developed by IT-Nonstop, JDContextMenu is a small, yet powerful Windows shell extension that integrates with right-click context menu to offer numerous file and folder related tools. Since Windows doesn’t offer a direct way for adding file and folder management specific tools to context menu, you will find this application extremely useful; it adds those options that we use on daily basis, such as copy full path of selected folder and only folder name to Windows clipboard, open folder in CMD, check file MD5 checksum, read and modify file’s date and time stamps, add application to Windows Startup folder, clear junk from the folder etc. Additionally, it lets users create customizable favorite folders section, which can be accessed from right-click context menu. You can add as many folders to Favorites in order to quickly access them from its menu. Moreover, it enables you to sort available tools and options in required order. More on JDContextMenu after the jump. Read More

SageThumbs – Preview And Convert Pictures From Windows Context Menu

SageThumbs is a Windows shell extension which adds a number of useful image-related options to Windows right-click context menu, such as, previewing image in context menu (which is a similar functionality to the previously reviewed FastPreview), extended information information tips, supporting 162 image formats (224 extensions) via GFL Library, supporting additional 26 image formats via XnView plugins (if installed), and providing option to send image or thumbnail by email. You can also convert images between popular formats such as JPG, BMP and PNG in two clicks. Read More

Min.us Share – Add Min.us File Upload Option To Windows ‘Send To’ Menu

Min.us is an awesome file sharing web service which also provides a desktop application along with Firefox and Google chrome extensions to make sharing files, images, documents, music, and web links as seamless as it can be. We have previously reviewed extensions for both Chrome and Firefox and Min.us desktop application to share files from desktop via drag & drop, but there is one feature which would have made Min.us desktop app more useful, and that is, Windows Shell context menu integration for uploading files to Min.us from file right-click menu. Min.us Share is a tiny yet useful application that fills this void. Read More

ConFavor – Add Frequently Used File And Folders In Windows Shell Menu

Windows right-click context menu extensions provide a great utility to quickly access favorite applications, files and folders, but generally require long steps to configure and register each option. In the past, we have covered a handful of context menu extensions to keep mostly frequntly used files, folders and apps at fingertips, such as, CMenu, Moo0 RightClicker, and FileMenu ToolsConFavor offers the easiest way to add customized menu (Favorites menu) in Windows right-click context menu. It not only integrates with Windows right-click menu, but adds itself in My Computer (Explorer Window) as well to lets you quickly add files and folders via simple drag & drop. You can optionally choose to use its main interface for same purpose, which provides simple add, rename and delete user-added context menu options. Read More

Open++ Shell Extension Adds Advanced ‘Open With’ Menu In Windows

Open++ is a Windows shell extension which adds an extra sub-menu in right-click context menu to open a file or folder with user-defined arguments (parameters). Sometimes we want to run certain applications in CLI via Windows Command Processor, rather than opening CMD manually, it lets you do so with a single click. The developer’s intent is to bring most frequently used file and folder related operations which are not present in Windows 'Open With' default menu. A general distinction of operations can be seen while making use of it over files and folders, i.e, for folder it offer options like create a sub-folder, change folder meta information, copy path to clipboard, and open folder in CLI while you have add new commands, verify checksum and find & copy shortcut target option for selected file. Read More

How To Restart Explorer.exe Process Properly In Windows 7, Vista, XP

Do you usually restart your computer for registry changes to take place? Or restart explorer.exe process using task manager? This method maybe effective but it is like forcibly killing the process instead of terminating it properly, however there is a hidden option in Windows 7 / Vista Start Menu and an extra function in Shutdown menu of Windows XP that allows you to terminate and restart Explorer.exe properly. Follow these steps to get that option visible and properly terminate Explorer.exe. Read More