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Change File Date TimeStamp From File Properties In Windows

Many users like to streamline their files according to date and time information so that they can easily differentiate between different versions without involving much hassle. Unfortunately, Windows 7, just like previous versions of Windows, only allows removing personnel information, a.k.a meta tags information from File Properties window, leaving you with no other option than to use third-party applications for updating file access, creation, and modification date and timestamp. From all the available tools, open source SKTimeStamp offers the easiest way for changing date and time specific file attributes. It integrates with Windows Shell, letting you change the file created, modified and accessed date and timestamps from File Properties window. Moreover, you can change these file attributes of multiple files in one go. This comes particular helpful when you want to change date and time related file attributes of only specific files residing at one location without having to manually separate them in multiple folders.

After the extension is installed, all you’d need is to right-click the file whose attributes are to be changed, select Properties and head over to newly integrated TimeStamps tab. All 3 date and time meta information – Created, Last modified, and Last accessed are lined up with both date and time input panes to edit them.

timestamps 4

After you’ve changed the date and time attributes, click Touch to save the changes. SKTimeStamp can easily change the date and time attributes of multiple selected files. Just follow the same method as mentioned above for a set of files to keep file created, modified or accessed date/time information constant across all the files. It works on all versions of Windows and is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions.

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