Crusper: Perform Simple Tasks By Moving Mouse Cursor Over Screen Corners

Moving the cursor around and clicking programs and files to access them is quite convenient, but if you were looking for a rather quick way to perform simple computer tasks, then you should give Crusper a try. This application has been developed to use screen corners and mouse movements to perform common tasks, ranging from opening a program, file or folder to restarting or shutting down. The utility sits in the system tray and silently tracks every mouse movement, without hogging system performance too much. When you move the mouse to a corner of the screen, it immediately performs the specified task. Moreover, you can create a combination of screen corners, like the top left + bottom right, to perform more operations. Details to follow.Read More

WinUtilities Process Security – Find Endangering Process And Put It On Quarantine

Windows 7, unlike its predecessors, provides a great deal of information regarding currently active services and processes in Task Manager, but still devoid of many user and system processes related elements which would’ve helped users in troubleshooting program freezes and other generic exceptions. Using an advanced task manager becomes inevitable when your system starts responding in a weird way; locking down certain system services, unsharing those processes which are to be used by user apps, etc. WinUtilities Process Security is developed to give users more control over running system instances whilst a detailed info regarding memory and CPU is also provided along. Apart from CPU and Memory usage, you can keep tab on Virtual Memory Space Addressing table storage where address pointers are mapped with virtual memory addresses, and total and available Page File Usage.Read More

Launch System Admin & Windows Tools From System Tray With All-In-One Tray

All-In-One Tray is a portable application to launch Windows build-in tools and functions right from the system tray. It is built on very simple yet interesting idea of having all the shortcuts of important system elements - catering to generic system management and administration along with Windows build-in network tools, system controls, etc., in system tray, so users can launch them anytime without having to roam around and search through different locations. The application encompasses more 50 different Windows tools and functions which can be accessed from their respective menus and sub-menus, be it system tools & security tools, Maintenance tools, Device controls, utility manager, anything which you possibly need can be brought up through its application’s menu.Read More