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Launch System Admin & Windows Tools From System Tray With All-In-One Tray

All-In-One Tray is a portable application to launch Windows build-in tools and functions right from the system tray. It is built on very simple yet interesting idea of having all the shortcuts of important system elements – catering to generic system management and administration along with Windows build-in network tools, system controls, etc., in system tray, so users can launch them anytime without having to roam around and search through different locations. The application encompasses more 50 different Windows tools and functions which can be accessed from their respective menus and sub-menus, be it system tools & security tools, Maintenance tools, Device controls, utility manager, anything which you possibly need can be brought up through its application’s menu.

Once the application is installed, it will sit in system tray, a click on its icon will bring up all the tools, which are grouped under specific categories. It is further possible to customize the list with your own frequently used locations/folders/applications/shortcuts. It also comes with an intuitive feature that lets you minimize opened windows into its menu, this way you can unclutter your task bar and save some space for only important application windows. To minimize an application in it, just use Windows + Q hotkey combination on active window, it will immediately minimize the application window into its main menu.

all-in-one -1

To customize the list and configure other application behaviors, click All-In-One Tray to bring up Options dialog, where you can configure basic settings and customize the user custom path sub-menu.

all-in-one - 4

All-In-One-Tray has made it easier to access various Windows tools, thus proving to be a real time-saver. It runs on Windows XP/Vista/7 while testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download All-In-One-Tray

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