Download FlightGear Flight Simulator For Free [Have Fun]

Once in a while everyone needs a break, if you are looking to play an interesting game, give Flight Gear a try. It is a free multi-platform opensource flight simulator that anyone can download and play. It looks more like Microsoft’s Flight Simulator because it allows you to fly various types of planes, helicopters, and even airships. The graphics are pretty impressive considering that it is an opensource game that was developed without a serious budget. It comes with a fully-functional 3D cockpit and various add-on support. You can add more planes, objects, cities, etc. You can perform a rescue operation, land/park a plane, refuel your plane during mid-flight, and much more. Just run the game, learn some basic controls, and you are good to go. Read More

Take Full Control Over Your Windows Desktop Icons With Iconoid

Do you want to change background color of the desktop icons, change the text color of the these icons, save and restore the positions of your desktop icons, or simply want to reduce the clutter on your desktop? Iconoid is a free tool for Windows that gives a user complete control over all his/her desktop icons. You can customize the color of your icons, hide them, select a background, position them easily, or do whatever you want. Read More

Momentum Writer Makes Writing Distraction-Free

For those of you looking for a way to write something without getting distracted, meet Momentum Writer. It is a free tool for Windows where you can create a new plain text document or open an existing one and start writing whatever you want without getting distracted.

It works on the principle of typewriter, once you have written something, there is no going back, you cannot make changes or edit any written text. But of course you can open the .txt file later using notepad and edit the mistake. Most writers are curious about the spelling mistakes or other small mistakes and sometimes leave their writing to correct these mistakes. When they continue writing again, most of their ideas vanish away because of distraction.

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Windows File Manager & Explorer With Tabbed Browsing

There are plenty of file managers out there, but none has the ability for tabbed browsing, except Nomad .NET. Just like there are tabs in web browsers which makes browsing much more easier and faster, Nomad .NET has full tabs support as well that allows a user to open multiple folders, thus allowing a much more faster overall experience. It supports threaded file operations, such as, delete, move, copy, etc. Read More

Dictionary .NET Adds Google Dictionary, Translate, Suggest, And Wikipedia Into One Tool

A few days back I covered a tool named Google Translate Client that translates any text to any other language instantly. But what if you want to translate a word and then find it’s meaning? Or perhaps, you simply want to research more about it on Wikipedia? Dictionary .NET is a free portable tool for Windows that is a combination of four important online services, Google Dictionary, Translate, Suggest, and Wikipedia. In other words, it is also a multilingual dictionary. After you have installed the tool, it will show an icon in the system tray. Right-click the system tray icon and select Options. Now under Dictionary+Translation, select the language that you commonly use to translate and click OK. Read More

Rise Sun – Turn Your Webcam Into Video Surveillance Security Camera System

Are you leaving your office or maybe planning to take a vacation. Security is something that everybody considers strongly. Instead of purchasing expensive video surveillance systems, you can now convert your webcam into a motion-sensing security camera without paying a buck. Rise Sun is a free webcam motion-detecting software for Windows that can turn your computer into a video surveillance system. The motion sensing is so accurate that I couldn’t resist trying it on myself. You can manually adjust the Sensor Sensitivity, Camera Performance, and Trigger Threshold. For the program to detect the motion more accurately, you will have to set the Trigger Threshold to medium. Note: Rise Sun for Windows has been discontinued. You can check out previously featured TeboCam and Forevid. Read More

Sleep Moon Xpress – Automation Software And Task Scheduler For Windows XP/Vista/7

Sleep Moon Xpress is a free advanced automation tool for Windows that is filled with various easy-to-use features that you won’t find in any other task scheduler. Unlike other task schedulers where you have to define the time&date, this tool can perform a task based on network bandwidth too. Suppose you want to Shutdown the computer when Download speed is less than 5kb/s or you want it to notify you or open a file when upload speed has crossed 40kb/s. In such situations, Sleep Moon Xpress can help. Read More

Professional Color Picker Tool (Select From 16 Million Colors) For Free

When it comes to picking a color, a tough choice has to be made. Every color gives a person different impression, to select the finest color is still a difficult task for many designers, artist, and, photographers. Whether you are looking forward to make a logo, a design for your client, or simply a graphic drawing, selecting the right color will definitely help. Read More

How To Initiate A Secure Yahoo Messenger Chat With Rocksyhoo

Yahoo! Messenger is a popular communication platform for many internet users. What they do not realize is that their communication is not secure, since the messenger does not use any type of encryption. Any computer sniffing tool can intercept and log the conversation that happens on Yahoo! Messenger. Rocksyhoo is a free anti-sniffer tool for Windows that provides encryption for Yahoo! Messenger. It does not prevent the sniffer from functioning but ensures that what sniffer reads is pure junk(unreadable text). According to the developer, “Rocksyhoo will encrypt each message before it is sent and will decrypt that message after it is received on the destination computer. Both users must have installed Rocksyhoo and use the same password established by agreement in private or by public key protocol.” Read More

Exclusive: How To Create A Computer Activity Monitoring Software For Free

Editor’s Notes: Sometimes it is better not to pay for a software. We at AddictiveTips do our best to find out ways to solve a problem for free without having to pay for a commercial software. One tool alone cannot quite accomplish a task, this is why we are going to use multiple tools to create our very own Computer Activity Monitoring Software. This method can be followed by almost everyone, since it does not require even a single line of code to be written. ;) By definition, a computer activity monitoring software means a tool that can monitor the activity without the person knowing that he is being watched. Auto Clicker Typer is not a monitoring tool, but we will convert it into one by making some clever modifications.

Installing and Setting Up Auto Clicker Typer

To begin, first install Auto Clicker Typer. Once done, open it and check the Record Cursor Movement checkbox. Read More

Google Translate Client Lets You Quickly Translate Any Text [Windows]

Google Translate is the most widely used translation service currently available for free. But translating a webpage, a paragraph, or a piece of text can still be a tiresome process. First you need to visit Google Translate website, copy/paste the text, at last choosing the language, and finally clicking Translate. Google Translate Client for Windows makes translation a piece-of-cake. It integrates itself into every Windows application, whether it be Firefox browser, Notepad, Microsoft Word, or Windows Live Writer. It is to date the best 3rd party Google Translate tool I have ever tried. Read More

Reader Poll: Should We Cover Ubuntu 9.04 or Windows 7 Tips?

It’s been a long time since I held my last reader’s poll. So you must be thinking, why you should vote? By voting, we will know better which type of tips our readers love. So today I am going to ask you, Ubuntu 9.04 or Windows 7?
UPDATE: I want more votes to decide properly, so if you are reading this please don't forget to vote.
I understand that most of you are from Windows background, but Ubuntu is one great OS too. You can do things on Ubuntu that is not possible on Windows, and vice versa. Both have their benefits. Before you vote, have a look as to what I think about both operating systems. Read More

Record Keyboard Activity And Mouse Movement/Clicks

Auto Clicker Typer is a free tool for Windows that records all keyboard and mouse activity and then let’s you reply it later. In my opinion, it can come handy if you have a friend fixing your computer and you are not near him, then what you can do is to start this tool before he begins the repair work and watch it later when is leaves. In this way you can know how he repaired the problem. ;)

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Quick Shutdown/Restart Windows With Desktop Shortcuts

Remember the tip we covered last year on speeding the Windows Shutdown process, it was too complicated for novice users and quite risky since it involves editing of registry. If you are an impatient person who can’t wait a minute for the Windows to shutdown properly, then you must be looking for a much easier way.

SuperFast Shutdown is a free tool for Windows that speeds up the Shutdown process, in fact it shuts down your system instantly. Although this tool is not new, the latest release has quite a number of bug fixes and improvements. It makes both Shutdown and Restart shortcuts on Desktop or/and Quick Launch.

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Analyze/Manage Processes, Auto Start Items, And System Modules In Windows

Do you want to manage the auto start items, the default manager in Windows which we have covered here is not enough. Recently, I needed to remove various startup entries that were not even listed in System Configuration Startup tab. When you uninstall a software, most of it’s system files are not removed, so how would you remove them? In most cases if you find a weird process consuming too much memory, how would you analyze it? Read More

Aml Maple Assists Users Who Have To Change Keyboard Layout Frequently

If you are one of those users who have to change the keyboard layout frequently because you work on different languages then you would know how hard it is to work in such an environment. Aml Maple is a simple tool for Windows that makes working with multiple keyboard layouts much more easier.

It assists you by telling you which document is in which specific language by showing a flag icon and/or a color caret. It will also show you the current active keyboard layout, thus, making switching btw keyboard layouts much more easier.

Note: You need to install Windows language pack to take full advantage of this tool.

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Compare Up To Four Columns Of Any Two Excel Data Sheets

Do you have any two Excel sheets full of data and would like to compare them? Ofcourse you can do this from within Excel, but it is a little complicated for most users. Compare2Lists is a free nifty little tool for Windows that allows you to compare up to 4 columns of any two data sheets.

First copy the data from your excel worksheet and paste it next to List 1, once done click the Paste icon next to it. Do the same for List 2 but with a different data with which you want to compare. When done, select the columns that you want to compare in both lists, you can compare up to 4 columns.

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Run A Program At Any Day Or Time With Rocket Launcher

So you are going out of the city and want a program to run automatically at any given day or time, or maybe you want it to run at 3am when you are asleep. Launching of an application at a specific day or time is a very useful feature that is sadly missing from all versions of Windows. We have covered a tool before that lets you launch multiple applications at any given time or date, but it is too complex for most users.

Rocket Launcher is a free simple-to-use task scheduler for Windows that lets you launch any system programs or applications at specific date and time easily. Just run the self-extracting wizard and the app will automatically launch when the process is complete.

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pulpTunes Converts Your Computer Into A Music Media Web Server for iTunes

After releasing beta and the release candidate, the final version of pulpTunes is out. It is a free cross-platform tool that is basically a web server for your iTunes desktop application. It allows you to access all your iTunes music collection from any web browser.

All you have to do is to load this tool and it will run silently in the system tray without disturbing any of your other work. It doesn't require you to run iTunes, the app itself will load the iTunes XML library. If you are using a router, you will be shown a message similar to the screenshot below.

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Search, Download, And Edit Movies/Games/Music Covers Instantly

Do you want to download, edit, or print a movie cover? DVDPrint is a free portable software for Windows that lets you search, download, edit, and print any type of covers, all from within a simple-to-use interface.

Just select the cover style, search for the name, and click Find in the right-sidebar. You will then be presented with some covers that you can download instantly. Click front or back, which is given under every cover result and it will load the website from where you can then download it straight to your desktop.

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