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How to Change the Default Font in Microsoft Word

The default font on Microsoft Word seems to suffice for many users. However, for nerdy users who don’t like to be limited to the default confines of an app, changing to a different font is the way to go, as there are many options to choose from in the app.

However, having to switch to your preferred font every time you create a new document can be a pain in the rear, especially if you use the app regularly.

Thankfully, you can set your favorite font to be the default font every time you create a new document on Word. Read on below for a step-by-step guide on how to change the default font on your Microsoft Word.


Changing Your Default Font in Ms-Word

Every setting you’ll need to tweak to change the default on Microsoft Word can be found in the font dialog box. And there are two ways to go about this, which you can follow with the steps below:

  • Open a new document and right-click anywhere on the text body
  • Select Font from the options that pop up
  • The other way to access Font is via the dialog box launcher in the Home tab. Navigate to the Home tab and click on the small arrow in the bottom-right corner of the Font section
  • Once in the Font dialog box, browse through the list of fonts
  • Next, choose your preferred font
  • In the accompanying box, you can change not only your preferred font but also the size, style, underline style, and color of the text written with the font
  • Once you’ve made your preferred changes, navigate to and click the Set as Default button to make the chosen font your default
  • Next, select the All Documents Based on Normal Template dialog
  • Lastly, click OK to save all changes made.

Now, all future documents created in Word will have your preset font as the default. Otherwise, it means you don’t have permission to edit a template file known as Normal.dotm. This file is responsible for storing the default formatting settings in Word, and deleting the file will allow a new one to be created and store your new formatting settings.

To modify the Word template file and allow changes to be made to it.

  • Ensure you don’t have any Word documents open
  • Open File Explorer from Desktop and type Normal.dotm into the provided search bar on the top-right pane
  • Windows will begin a search for the file. Once found, right-click on it and select Properties from the options
  • In the Properties window, go to the General tab and uncheck the Read-only checkbox next to the Attributes section
  • Click Save to save all changes made

Restart Windows, and you’ll be to make changes to the Normal.dotm file now. Alternatively, you can repeat the process above, and press Delete from the options that pop up when you right-click on the Normal.dotm file in File Explorer.

Final Note

Deleting the Normal.dotm file is the way to go if making changes to the default formatting settings in Word proves difficult. If this doesn’t resolve it still, you can consult your IT administrator for access to make changes to the file. Apart from the font, you can also change your background color in Microsoft Word 

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