Get A Wider, Grid-Like YouTube Layout & Hide Watched Videos [Chrome]

YouTube went through a design overhaul twice last year, and both times, the difference was significant. While there wasn’t much added in terms of features, the interface changes that were made both solved and created problems. With the design change in the Summer of 2012, extensions that let you black out the background were no longer needed since the darker interface provided an excellent alternative. With the design change at the end of 2012, extensions to center the YouTube layout were rolled out to 'fix' the new left-aligned design. These small interface problems aside, what YouTube consistently ignores is the addition of better or new features and does, at times, sacrifice viewing space for the sake of design and aesthetics. Better Tube is a Chrome Extension that helps you utilize wasted YouTube space to the maximum while you're signed in. It also makes it considerably easier to browse through your subscriptions feed by letting you weed out the videos you’ve watched or don’t care to see in the feed. Read More

Watch YouTube Videos In A Resizable, Floating Frame On Android

Floating apps are a great way to take extra advantage of your screen space. In addition to looking good, they are a great aid for multitasking and making use of the large screen real estate you get with an Android tablet. Previously, we have come across some very useful floating apps, such as Floating Audio, that lets you play audio and control the playback on top of any screen that you are working on and Floating Browser Flux!, a feature-rich Android browser that allows you to work with 10 tabs at any given time. Based on the same concept, Floating YouTube Popup Video is another similar app that provides you with the freedom to play YouTube videos outside the YouTube app and in a floating window accessible from anywhere in the OS. It lets you resize the floating window and position it anywhere on the screen, enabling you to watch videos while you reply to messages and emails or perform other tasks. More on the app after the jump. Read More

YouVue For Windows 8 Aggregates YouTube Music Videos By Genre & Shows Their Lyrics

Websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe and Dailymotion have achieved their popularity due to their ability to host thousands of videos uploaded by users and let others view and comment on them without having to pay anything. Other than a huge number of casual users, these websites are also used by major content providers like TV channels, blogs, musicians and educators to host demonstration videos, tutorials, music videos, news coverage and pretty much anything you can think of. Due to the huge number of music videos available on YouTube, a lot of people use it to listen to music. If most of your YouTube access revolves around viewing and listening to music videos, we have a Windows 8 and RT app that lets you avoid having to browse YouTube for music videos by providing you with an interface focused entirely on them. YouVue allows you to watch music videos from different genres and gives you access to top music charts from different countries. You can create playlists, add videos to a favorite list, and view your history to listen to a track again. Read More

Generate & Play YouTube Playlists Without Leaving The Current Page [Chrome]

YouTube channels and user-created playlists help you find videos similar to those of your interest, explore a particular type of video, or look for the best clips of a TV show or songs by a particular artist. In the event you can't find the right playlist or you'd just like to watch a larger selection of videos without investing time in searching for and creating a playlist of your own, YouTube™ ListPlayer is a Chrome extension that might prove to be of help. It lets you search for YouTube videos and creates a playlist of the results. You can move to the next or previous video, play a video out of order, and repeat or shuffle the ones in the playlist. All videos will be played in a tab that opens when you hit play, and not in a separate window or pop-up. The extension lets you save the playlists you create and resume playback later. Read More

Get “Now Playing” Notifications When YouTube Playlists Switch Videos [Chrome]

YouTube is great for finding videos but often, you aren't looking for just one or two of them to watch. For many users, the playlist feature provided by YouTube is a major reason why they visit the world's largest online video repository. These playlists can be of songs, TV series, tutorials, or just some videos on the same topic. They help group similar videos together and make it simple to queue them for playing. That’s all taken care of very well by the service itself, but what if you have queued up a playlist of some music videos for playback in the background, and would like to take a glimpse at the title each time a new video starts playing, without having to switch to the browser window or the YouTube tab for the purpose? Now Playing Pop-up for YouTube is a Chrome extension that provides desktop notifications for just that. The extension is straight-forward and has a singular purpose. The notification appears when the next video page loads, so the video doesn't even have to start buffering or playing for you to see the notification. Read More

Edit & Upload Videos To YouTube From iPhone With YouTube Capture

The official YouTube client for iOS, which was released a few months back, turned out to be quite similar to its Android counterpart. There were, however, a few glaring omissions for mysterious reasons, the most obvious one being the option to upload videos. The layout of the account page is similar to the Android app, but the Upload button is nowhere to be found. This mystery just got cleared up a few hours ago with the release of YouTube Capture for iPhone. Apparently, Google wants you to have a standalone app for uploading videos, but to be fair, YouTube Capture does have some extra goodies that make having the app worthwhile. You can enhance your videos and add background music to them. It is also possible to trim clips before uploading them, and there are options for managing your past uploads as well. Read More

Get A Video-Focused YouTube Layout That Resizes The Player With Window Size

YouTube's new design overhaul looks pretty neat, but its left-alignment is going to overshadow most of its positive changes. If you want to fix the orientation of the design, try this user script to realign YouTube to the center. If you've given up trying to like it altogether, try Unique Youtube Skin. It’s a script that completely changes YouTube’s layout. The change only effects individual video pages and not the front page or channel pages. It replaces the player with a larger one that takes up the entire left side of the page and resizes itself when according to the size of the window. The comments appear on the right with suggested videos below them. The search bar is repositioned to the top right above the comments. Read More

Preview Frames Of A YouTube Video Without Playing It [Chrome]

Ratings of a YouTube video tell you if it’s popular; they don’t necessarily tell you if a video is going to be interesting. Interest is obviously subjective to your taste and the ratings serve only to show you the general opinion for each video. To see if it’s something that would interest you, you have to watch it yourself. If you aren’t up for wasting time like that, give Youtube™ Preview a try. It’s a Chrome extension that lets you preview frames of a video without having to play it. When you move your mouse over a video’s thumbnail, it expands slightly to reveal a compact media player. Frames from the video are then played, giving you a glimpse of what’s going on in a video. There is no audio support, but the frames should be sufficient to help you determine whether a video would interest you (and save you from being rickrolled). The extension can prove to be particularly useful for videos that have not yet been rated, or ones that have roughly the same upvotes and downvotes. Read More

Center Align The New YouTube Design & Get Old Subscription Feed Back

YouTube’s just been given a design overhaul (again) and it’s a definite improvement on the old one. The bar on the left has been improved dramatically and the colors are now close to those you see on Gmail and across other Google services. The abundant black on each page has been replaced with a light grey. The downside to the redesign is that the black backdrop behind the video player is gone, so you’ll have to bring back those extensions for ‘turning off the lights’ like Cinetonic available for both Chrome and Firefox. Other changes to the design include the new expandable menu at the left that allows you to access video categories that you could previously access only from the front page. What’s highly unusual, though, is that the design is left-aligned, and not just a little to the left or a little heavier to the left. It’s pretty much clinging to the left and ruining the otherwise intelligent design. If you’d like to bring it back to being center-aligned, install the Youtube Center Aligned script for Chrome and Firefox. Read More

YouTube For iOS Goes Universal, Offers AirPlay Support & Other Improvements

Google’s YouTube app for iOS has generally received positive feedback from most users since it's release, and has emerged as a major improvement over the pre-iOS 6 native YouTube app by Apple. Until today though, iPad and iPhone 5 users could only run the YouTube app in letterbox view, as it wasn't optimized for the high screen resolution and aspect ratio of these devices. Things have finally taken a turn for the better and after a wait of exactly three months, Google has made the YouTube app universal. Even if you are on iPhone, there are some new things on offer. The app now supports AirPlay, lets users edit playlists from their device, and introduces improved voice input options. Read More

Add Better YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts In Chrome With tubeStop

Have you ever tried using YouTube’s built in keyboard shortcuts? Yes, it has keyboard shortcuts and we even listed them a while back, but YouTube’s shortcuts are nothing short of unproductive torture. It seems odd that Google didn’t think to give them a makeover while it was redesigning every single service it owned. The shortcuts are active only and only if you have the mouse positioned above the player, and even then, they aren't easy to manage. One of the main reasons why some websites don’t have great keyboard shortcut support is because the best and prime key combinations are already being used by the browser itself, and that leaves little room for web services. Nevertheless, with the amount of shortcut support Google has for Gmail, it makes one think the shortcuts for YouTube were an afterthought. tubeStop is a simple little Chrome extension that solves this problem. It adds full-fledged keyboard shortcut support; the kind that does not rely on the cursor to be positioned some place for it to be functional. You have your pause/play shortcut, volume control and switching between videos when you’re watching a playlist. Read More

PrimeTube Is A Great Windows 8 YouTube Player With Push Notification Support

Windows 8 gives us a huge library of apps to play with, but various official apps are still missing the action. To our disappointment, YouTube has remained one such application that is still absent from scene, and from what it seems, Google has no plans to announce it, whatsoever. There’s a whole variety of unofficial YouTube apps available at Windows Store, but none of them really steal the show. Nevertheless, until Google cooks its own official client, you can try giving PrimeTube a shot, which in all honesty, seems to be the best in business so far. Read More

Jasmine: A Beautiful YouTube Client For iOS 6 With Background Play

The official YouTube client for iPhone and iPad has been around in the App Store for a week now, and even many pre-iOS 6 users have switched to it, thanks to the app’s interface and features that give it a clear edge over the stock YouTube app in iOS 5. As good as the official app is, it is still far from perfect and can use a lot of improvements in many areas. That’s where the new Jasmine app comes into the scene. Jasmine is a feature-rich YouTube client with a gorgeous interface. The app offers options like uninterrupted background audio playback for any video, resuming playback where you left off, playlist management and spam filtering. Apart from these bonus features, Jasmine has everything that is available in the official YouTube client for iOS. Read More

Open YouTube Links In The New YouTube App For iPhone With YTOpener

The release of iOS 6 has spelled out the end of Apple’s partnership with Google, at least in terms of the stock YouTube app for iOS. While there is no pre-installed YouTube app in iOS 6, Google has already launched its own official YouTube client in the App Store. The new app is way better than its older counterpart, and has received positive feedback from most of its users. The interface is sleeker, there are more features, and the video player is about as good as the desktop version of the video streaming service. While there can be no denying the fact that the app sports all these awesome features, there are areas where iOS users are sure to miss having the stock YouTube app. Since the new YouTube app is a third-party one, no external links will open in it automatically, whether you receive them via SMS, email or some other means. You will need the help of the new Cydia tweak YTOpener to force that functionality in your jailbroken iPhone. Thanks to this tweak, all YouTube links you click on will be opened in the new YouTube app, rather than Safari (if you are on iOS 6) or the stock YouTube app (if you are still on an older iOS version). Read More

Google Launches Official YouTube App For iPhone & iPod touch [Review]

Apple recently caused an outrage by announcing that the stock YouTube app in iOS won’t be making its way to the next version of their mobile platform. Everyone knows that the reason behind this pointed omission is the fierce competition and the slew of lawsuits going on between Apple and Google. However, not even Apple can deny the importance of the world’s largest video streaming service, even if it is owned by Google. That is why Apple hinted that a standalone YouTube is expected to be released in the App Store before the launch of iOS 6, and the app has arrived just a day before Apple’s Fall event in Cupertino. The app appears to be a bit slower than the stock YouTube app for iOS, but apart from that, almost everything else about it has improved. The video player provides options that are more convenient, you can subscribe to channels with a single tap and the search bar now comes up with autosuggestions and voice search options. Read More

SVPtube: Copy URLs Of YouTube Videos To Stream Them On Your Favorite Media Player

YouTube has been cited as the most popular video streaming website on the internet. In fact, it is but a glimpse of what Web 3.0 might have to offer to the internet users. After having been widely acclaimed around the globe, time has taken us to a point where YouTube can not only be streamed on your desktop, but also, on Smartphones, Tablets, TVs, Laptops, Netbooks and Ultrabooks. While the videos are streamed and watched directly from within your web browser on Google’s own API, wouldn’t it have been better if you could use your favorite media player to watch those videos? In this way, not only you could customize the playback, but also, as flash streaming consumes more battery, your regular video player could save you the juice by using codecs and hardware acceleration. If something like this you’ve been looking for, then consider your wish granted, as SVPtube brings this concept to reality. It allows you to grab and stream YouTube videos directly on your regular media player. Good thing is, most of the major media players are supported, including KMPlayer, VLC and Media Player Classic, just to name a few. It simply does so by silently sitting on the system tray, and automatically triggers the media player should you copy a YouTube video’s URL to the clipboard. Does it fare well with Google’s integrated flash player? Let’s find out. Read More

Dunno Helps You Research Any Topic With Related Blogs, Images, Videos, Wikipedia Results & More

In many instances, a cursory Google search is enough to familiarize you with any topic, but there are cases when you want to know everything there is to know about your object of interest. For such thorough researches, you have to browse through Wikipedia, YouTube, images, and a lot of other sources related to the subject. Dunno is an app that saves you all this trouble by researching anything for you! All you have to do is define a keyword or phrase, and then leave Dunno to do its job. The app integrates information from all the most important resources around the web, and you can view all this accumulated data at your own leisure. Read on if you want to know more about this really helpful iOS and Mac app. Read More

YouRang Lets You Save Any YouTube Video As A Ringtone For Your WP7

Gone are the days when it was a headache trying to set up a custom ringtone on your Windows Phone 7 device. With the release of Mango, Microsoft made it really easy to download and use ringtones on WP7. However, you still have to look for a good ringtone on any of the available apps, and there is no guarantee that your favorite ringtone will be listed anywhere. YouRang solves this problem by automatically converting any YouTube video’s soundtrack to a ringtone! You don’t need to connect your phone to your computer or go through a lot of complicated steps; YouRang does all the work as soon as you specify a video’s name and choose the part of it that you want to use as a ringtone. More after the break. Read More

How To Backup & Restore Push Certificates On Hacktivated iPhone [Cydia]

As is apparent from our guide on enabling push notifications, iMessage and FaceTime on hacktivated iDevices, if your phone isn’t activated via iTunes, push notifications and some other features won’t work for you. While you can use our guide to get the vanishing features back, they will disappear once again as soon as you upgrade to a newer version of iOS. Not anymore! With Certificate Backup, you can create a backup of your push and YouTube certificates with complete ease. Not only that, this Cydia app comes with the option to let users inject the backed up certificates back into their jailbroken and hacktivated iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, thus saving you from having to perform all the complicated steps involved in getting push notifications up and running on a hacktivated device. Read More

Keyboard Shortcuts For Gmail, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook & YouTube [Web]

Who doesn’t love a nice, convenient hotkey? I personally think the only thing that can replace keyboard shortcuts (on PCs and Macs), could be the ability to transmit commands via brain signals, and that doesn’t appear to be happening any time soon. Keyboard shortcuts have transcended beyond desktop, and work on many websites and web apps, making it easier to navigate them. Almost all popular sites support keyboard shortcuts, and the following is a simple compilation of keyboard shortcuts for Gmail, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook, and YouTube, some of the most visited and used portals across the world wide web. Since they are shortcuts, there isn’t much of an opinion to have about them, but for what it’s worth, this list is arranged with respect to which site has the best to worst keyboard shortcuts. Read More