Popular Windows Phone YouTube App Metrotube Comes To Windows 8 & RT

YouTube can be considered one of the biggest and most lucrative acquisitions by the company. The video streaming service has become so popular that most internet users hardly spend a day without browsing a few videos or YouTube channels, whether on mobile or desktop. Google however, has been quite dismissive when it comes to releasing a YouTube app on Windows 8, leaving video streaming fanatics on this very platform rely on third-party apps or the web version. We have covered a few Windows Store apps that provide a handsome YouTube experience without leaving the metro environment such as PrimeTube, YouVue and Your Tube 8. Metrotube – a renowned Windows Phone YouTube app – has now joined the party, and with its release, the YouTube experience on Windows 8 and Windows RT is finally setting its foot in the right direction.Read More

Hide Watched YouTube Videos, Disable Autoplay & Default To HD In Chrome

YouTube has been redesigned quite a few times; features have come and gone, and improved upon. With the service offering so much, it's hard to say there will ever be a design or layout that everyone likes, so those who aren't happy with the interface will either have to get used to it, or use an extension to tweak it. There's no shortage of extensions that tweak, improve, or clean up YouTube's interface, and YouTweak for YouTube is another one of those extensions for Chrome. It allows you to remove videos you've watched from appearing as suggestions or in search results, redirect the YouTube logo to point to any URL, disable YouTube's auto play feature, and have every video play in 720px resolution. Each one of these options can be enabled or disabled individually, giving you complete control over the extension.Read More

Batch-Upload Videos To YouTube & Dailymotion With AV Media Uploader

Most of us remain hooked with YouTube all day – at work, home and even on the road. About 71% percent of internet users spend time on this acclaimed service according to a report released back in 2011, and I am sure this staggering percentage has only risen by now. Those who aren't streaming a video are busy uploading one of their own instead. YouTube junkies who often require the need to upload more than one file at the same time would be aware that the world’s most popular streaming service doesn't allow uploading videos in batch. What you can do is open multiple upload tabs in your browser and then drag and drop each file in those tabs. But then again, you will still need to upload each file individually. AV Media Uploader can turn out to be really handy if you want to upload multiple videos to a few of the world's most popular video sharing services in one go. While it doesn't exactly upload multiple videos at the same time, it lets you make a queue of videos to upload a batch one after the other. In addition toYouTube, the app also supports Dailymotion and Make4fun.Read More

LookAway Player: iOS YouTube App With Galaxy S4’s Smart Pause Feature

Even if you aren’t a big fan of Android, there are a few features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 that you just have to admire. I am not just talking about all the technical details like its 1080p display or the Exynos 5 Octa 5410 processor, but the little things like Smart Pause and Drama Shot. After all, everyone who isn't a geek cares more about these novelty features, rather than the amount of RAM their phone packs. For those of you who aren't familiar with Smart Pause, it is a Galaxy S4 feature that makes the device track the user’s face and eye movement to automatically pause videos whenever their attention gets diverted from the screen. The S4 hasn't even arrived in the market yet, and iOS already has an app that comes with a perfect implementation of Smart Pause, albeit with a limited scope. Meet the YouTube client, LookAway Player. Read More

Search & Play Spotify, YouTube & SoundCloud Music From One Place With TuneCrawl

Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud are some of the common services I use when I need to listen to music. Each one offers something unique based on how I want to listen to music. Pandora knows what I like and I often discover new songs there, Spotify is great for when I need a playlist to match my taste, YouTube is good for music videos, and SoundCloud is my number one source for amazing remixes and song covers. TuneCrawl is a useful little web app for music lovers who, like me, use more than a single service to listen to songs. It lets you search for songs by artist name or by song title across three services: YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud, from a single place. The songs can be played directly on TuneCrawl via the respective service’s media player.Read More

How To Make YouTube Streaming Significantly Faster On Windows

I do not know about you, but in recent times, YouTube has been acting agonizingly slow across all my computers. I have a 1mbps connection, which should technically provide smooth streaming of 480p video, but it regularly has trouble even with 240p video. Thankfully, we have come across a very simple hack that will significantly improve your YouTube video-viewing experience. Check it out after the jump. Read More

Get Chrome Desktop Alerts For Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube

A while ago, we reviewed Chime - a Chrome extension that connects with your personal accounts on multiple social networks and gives you notifications for any activity. Chime stands out for two reasons: its gorgeous interface, and the multitude of services that it supports. The Notifications for everything is a Chrome extension that does something similar but supports fewer services and slightly greater customization. Chime kept a historical record of activity in your different account while The Notifications for everything is like the notification system that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube lack. You can select which of the four mentioned services you want to receive notifications for, start receiving desktop notifications for them or simply view them on the extension’s icon. Read More

OmniTube Shows Search Suggestions From YouTube In Chrome Omnibar

One of the things that keeps me hooked to Chrome over Firefox is the search suggestions I get when I start typing in the Omnibar. Firefox’s Awesome bar doesn't provide these live search results, and I'm too used to them to be comfortable without this feature. Google provides suggestions not only in the  Omnibar and Google's own search bar, but also when you type and search on YouTube. OmniTube is a Chrome extension that lets you search YouTube from the Omnibar, which is no big deal, but what sets it apart is that it also provides search suggestions as you type. This obviously lets you search faster, and at the same time, find popular searches submitted by other users. OmniTube does one more neat thing as well; not everyone who links to a YouTube video adds anchor text to describe it, and some simply add the link instead, which gives no indication as to what the video is about. OmniTube replaces simple YouTube links with their proper titles as they appear on YouTube. Read More

Gather & Play Music From Multiple Sources Under One Roof With Songdrop

We listen to music from a lot of different sources; SoundCloud, Grooveshark, Pandora, YouTube, Last.fm, the list just goes on and one. At times, the services we use decide to play nice with each other and allow us to transfer our preferences from one to the other. At other times, we can use apps to help us connect these services and consolidate our listening experience in just one service. Songdrop is one such web service that acts as a song aggregator. It allows you to add songs to groups, which the service calls Mixes, from any website. There is a small catch though: you can drop a song (add it to the service) only from the song's own page. In addition to creating your own mixes, you can search other users’ mixes too and if you like the songs they have, you can drop them into your own collection. The service also has a dedicated Chrome extension, while users of other browsers can use the service’s bookmarklet to add songs.Read More

View Song Lyrics On YouTube & Grooveshark From Nine Sources

A lot of desktop music players support on-screen lyrics, but if you mostly listen to music on YouTube or Grooveshark, you might have little or no options for viewing song lyrics. On YouTube, channels add lyrics to within the song video's description or, at times, within the video itself, but it’s rare. YouTube Lyrics is an extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer that displays lyrics for the current song playing in YouTube or Grooveshark in a small popup within the respective tab. The extension searches and loads lyrics from one of nine sources that you can manage from its options page.Read More

Access, Manage & Share Cloud & Social Media Content With CloudKafe

A decade ago, no one probably thought that cloud computing and social network applications would dominate our lives in such a short span of time. Though with so many such services and products at your disposal from the likes of Dropbox, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and many more, it can become quite difficult to keep a track of all of them in their separate apps. Thankfully, we've seen several apps for many platforms that let you manage them all from one interface, and CloudKafe is the latest to join that club. This web app allows to access, manage and share your content from many major cloud, social networking and image sharing sites and applications from a single window with ease.Read More

Use Hand Gestures To Control YouTube, Netflix, Pandora & Grooveshark In Chrome With Flutter

Flutter is an amazing app available for Mac and Windows that lets you control iTunes, Windows Media Player, Spotify, Powerpoint, Netflix and more by using your webcam and hand gestures. We have previously reviewed both Flutter for Mac and Flutter for Windows, and if you aren’t using this app, you’re missing out on a great ninja-like way to change whatever music you’re playing without even touching your computer. The Flutter desktop app controls desktop apps for the aforementioned services but for those of you who listen to music or watch videos in your browser, there is the Flutter Chrome extension. To use the extension, you must have the Flutter desktop app already installed. The extension allows the app to control YouTube, Grooveshark, Netflix, and Pandora regardless of which tab or window they are open in.Read More

Your Tube 8 Is A Simple YouTube App For Windows 8 With Better Search

Each day people from all walks of life upload thousands of videos on YouTube and other video hosting websites such as Vimeo and DailyMotion. Many individuals do it solely to share their videos with others, while professionals and organizations do it to promote their content or make money from ads. YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet and while Android and iOS have had their own official YouTube apps - complete with viewing, commenting and uploading features - for a long time, Windows 8 users have still been waiting for a dedicated YouTube client. Meanwhile, third-party solutions are being developed that allow you to view YouTube videos on your Windows 8 or RT device in Modern UI. Your Tube 8 is one such app that lets you browse YouTube videos and watch them from your Windows 8 or RT device without having to open the YouTube website in your browser. You can watch videos in small or full screen window, change the quality and share them with others. Moreover, you can filter videos according to different categories and types, and search for a particular one from the massive database.Read More

Toogles Is A Cleaner Alternative YouTube Interface With Better Search

YouTube’s been redesigned twice in the last year. It definitely has an improved interface now, but it’s not exactly what you would call clean. There are video suggestions, ads, promotional backgrounds, comments, likes, share buttons, and the video player itself, making it all look quite busy. Toogles is an alternative web interface for YouTube that takes a different approach to presenting videos hosted on it. Popular videos all appear on the front page of Toogles, and a sidebar on the left takes care of search filters and video categories that you can switch between. When played, a video is given maximum space on a page, with its description and number of views appearing on the left in one tab, and related videos in another. The page resizes automatically when the window is resized, ensuring that the video player continues to get maximum space. The share functions are hidden behind a small button in the video’s title bar that appears when you move your mouse over the player. The left bar can be collapsed to give the video player even more space.Read More

Discover New YouTube Song Videos On Android & iOS With Music Monster

Blending the concept of online music discovery and social music sharing, Music Monster is a feature-rich Android and iOS app that comes loaded with tons of interesting features. The app fetches the best, popular and trending music videos and video playlists featured on YouTube, and lets you create custom audio playlists out of them and the local tracks of your choice. One of the high points of Music Monster is its various music exploration tools that allow users to browse tracks by genre, nationality, artist, most & recently listened, season, top YouTube playlists, rankings and those that other Music Monster you’re following are listening to. Besides searching for tracks and managing custom playlists, you can comment on and like posts by other users, and keep a close tab on your own activities on the Music Monster network in a number of ways. Videos can be played in a fullscreen view or in the background like regular audio tracks.Read More

Watch YouTube Videos In A Floating Window On Social Sites [Chrome]

YouTube videos are shared across many social networks; Google+, Facebook, and Twitter being the most popular. Most social sites will allow you to view a YouTube video within your feed. It’s pretty much the same as viewing a YouTube video that’s been embedded on a website. The only difference is that you can’t go through the rest of the feed if you want to watch the video. ViewTube - YouTube™ for Social Sites is a Chrome extension that opens YouTube videos in a floating window within the same tab, allowing you scroll up and down the page without blocking the video from view. The window itself has more features than you normally have when viewing a shared YouTube video. For instance, you can see the full list of related videos, videos by the same channel, its comments and description. The window has two viewing sizes and a lights out option that dims the rest of the page.Read More

Have Chrome Remember Playback Position For YouTube Videos With Video Resumer

Last year, we covered a Firefox add-on called ResumeLater that allowed you to pause a YouTube video and resume it from the same point even after restarting the browser. Think of it as dog earring the page of a book. Video Resumer is a Chrome extension that does the same thing but it is far more convenient to use. The Firefox extension required you to manually save the point to resume playback from. Video Resumer works in the background and you will never know it’s there. You can watch videos at your leisure and close them without a second thought. When you next open that same videos, it will load from where you left off.Read More

Control YouTube & Vimeo Playback In Chrome From iOS Or Android

Being able to play videos on your computer's large screen while controlling their playback from your phone or tablet can be a great convenience, especially if you have a desktop PC and you want to relax on your couch or bed while watching the videos. YouTube Couch Mode is a Chrome extension that works with the de Mobo app for iOS and Android (free on both platforms) to deliver just that, by turning your smartphone or tablet into a remote control for YouTube. It lets you search for YouTube videos, play one of the related videos, go to the next/previous video in the channel, toggle full screen mode, and increase/decrease the volume. YouTube Couch Mode works on Vimeo as well, and its smartphone app has a link that will open Vimeo in your browser.Read More

Get A Wider, Grid-Like YouTube Layout & Hide Watched Videos [Chrome]

YouTube went through a design overhaul twice last year, and both times, the difference was significant. While there wasn’t much added in terms of features, the interface changes that were made both solved and created problems. With the design change in the Summer of 2012, extensions that let you black out the background were no longer needed since the darker interface provided an excellent alternative. With the design change at the end of 2012, extensions to center the YouTube layout were rolled out to 'fix' the new left-aligned design. These small interface problems aside, what YouTube consistently ignores is the addition of better or new features and does, at times, sacrifice viewing space for the sake of design and aesthetics. Better Tube is a Chrome Extension that helps you utilize wasted YouTube space to the maximum while you're signed in. It also makes it considerably easier to browse through your subscriptions feed by letting you weed out the videos you’ve watched or don’t care to see in the feed.Read More

Watch YouTube Videos In A Resizable, Floating Frame On Android

Floating apps are a great way to take extra advantage of your screen space. In addition to looking good, they are a great aid for multitasking and making use of the large screen real estate you get with an Android tablet. Previously, we have come across some very useful floating apps, such as Floating Audio, that lets you play audio and control the playback on top of any screen that you are working on and Floating Browser Flux!, a feature-rich Android browser that allows you to work with 10 tabs at any given time. Based on the same concept, Floating YouTube Popup Video is another similar app that provides you with the freedom to play YouTube videos outside the YouTube app and in a floating window accessible from anywhere in the OS. It lets you resize the floating window and position it anywhere on the screen, enabling you to watch videos while you reply to messages and emails or perform other tasks. More on the app after the jump.Read More