Bypass About:Config & Toggle Privacy Preferences From The Toolbar [Firefox]

Firefox isn’t just popular for it’s awesome web development tools but also because it gives users a lot of control over what they can customize. The About:config page is a frequented area for many Firefox users when they need to tweak something or turn Off a feature they do not like. Privacy Settings is a Firefox add-on that simplifies editing some of the most popular preferences found on the about:config page. The add-on provides toggle switches for privacy preferences related to safe browsing, data collection, media encryption, and more.

Install Privacy Settings and click the badge-like icon added to the toolbar. A long list of preferences that you can toggle opens up and changing their value requires you flipping the switch On or Off.

Privacy Settings Bypass About:Config & Toggle Privacy Preferences From The Toolbar [Firefox]View in gallery

The complete list of preferences that you can modify, with the preference names;

Google Safe Browsing:


Firefox stats collecting:


Usage statistics:


Encrypted Media Extensions (DRM):


Firefox Hello:


Pocket Integration


Search Suggestions:





The question here is, do you need this add-on? That really depends on how often you need to toggle the preferences listed above. The add-on does make it easier for novice users to change the value of a preference. Firefox power users will probably find this add-on to be utterly pointless since they’re likely to be more comfortable, and familiar, with the preferences themselves and with the about:config page.

Install Privacy Settings For Firefox

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